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How to change your crosshair! [For beginners]

Made small video for beginners to show how they can change crosshair!
Published 13.10.2019

Steam friendlist group invite

This guide is a tutorial how to invite your entire friendlist into your group!Its free and still working in 2019. I will update it if its necessary...
Published 13.10.2019

playing servers while waiting for mm

Pretty easy simple way. Just go the community server you wish to join a surf server, warm up, or whatever it may be. Copy the IP. Start the que for...
Published 13.10.2019

How to check if a sign in through Steam login page is a scam

A guide showing you how to use the Google Chrome developer console, to check the real domain name of a website.
Published 13.10.2019

An Advanced Guide in the World of Trading

Created by Transfer. Finally the time has come to release my forever pending advanced guide. If you appreciated the guide then be sure to Like, Fav...
Published 13.10.2019

Insane Smokes from TETRIS

In this guide I will show you 5 Insane smokes from Tetris (de_mirage)
Published 12.10.2019

Nova Shotgun

How to use the nova shotgun :)
Published 10.10.2019

removed demo maps vet achievement

There's a short guide on how to get a few demolition map achievements since I saw alot of topics about them missing in Demolition maps select.
Published 10.10.2019