righT.GUI V3 / F.A.Q. Installation/Customization

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Q: Does VAC ban for this?A: No.
VAC never bans for custom HUD and GUI.
Q: Is it allowed to play MatchMaking with GUI?A: Yes.
Q: Is it legal on ESEA league?A: I asked ESEAnews about it on reddit, and there is his answer.
Q: Is it legal on CEVO league?A: Yes.
Thanks to user Grasseh, He got answer.
Q: Will be there bomb timer?A: No.
I'm against it, because it looks like kind of cheat.
Q: How can I understand that I have vest with helmet or only vest?A: Armor icon will be colored if you buy vest+helmet.
If there is only vest, icon will be grey colored.
Q: Is there still bug that shows enemy's health in first rounds?A: No, it's fixed already.
Q: What is MovieMaking mode?A: This is special mode for moviemakers that hides all HUD panels except deathnotice, crosshair and damage markers.
Q: How to hide chat in MovieMaking mode?A: Press “Y” or “U” to hide chat.
Press "ESC" or "ENTER" to show it again.
Q: Is it compatible with all values of HUD scaling?A: Yes, all parts of GUI support "hud_scaling" and "safezone" commands.
Q: Is this version of GUI for 4:3 aspect ratio or 16:10/16:9?A: GUI support all aspect ratios.
It was successfully tested on 4:3 and 16:9.
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How to install

Install GUI to Counter-Strike Global Offensive folder, example: .
steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive

How to edit favorite buttons

righT_fav_name1 "any text here" (That's how your first favorite button will be named.
Same for righT_fav_name2 and till righT_fav_name6) righT_fav_cmd1 "any cmd here; another cmd here if needed" (Console command for first favorite button.
Same for righT_fav_cmd2 and till righT_fav_cmd6)

Scoreboard V3

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How to uninstall

DONT USE UNINSTALLER! Just do next: Go to Steam folder.
Right click on CS:GO >> Properties >> Verify integrity of game cache.
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Download link: http://csgo.