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I have created this guide to help "young traders" with some tips by sharing some of my trading knowledge.
First of all this guide will provide some tips about "market transactions", "analysing graphics","short and long term investments", "trading tips/advices", "quick selling-system" and "skins evaluation".
All of these have a big impact in CS:GO economy and society, so i hope to give to my readers a good contribution to help them to improve their knowledge about trading,etc.

"Market Transactions"

"Market Transactions" It´s simply all sort of item sells or buys that you do on market.
Their are some tips that might help you on getting items less expesive at the market.
Tips: During certain hours of the day items are more/less expesive due of the diferent day time of each country.
How this help you? Simply because the more people are online the lowest probability will you get to see the prices go down at market, which is a bad thing in order to avoid this situations try to buy items in the morning when ussualy are less people online at steam.
Pros: You may get skins slightly cheaper then they are when their are less people online because their are more buys going on then sellings.
Cons: Steam community market is inconsistent it can be cheaper now but even more cheaper after 5 minutes or more expensive.
Ex: AWP |Asiimov battle-scarred (at market) Note: these are just predictions but they are real.
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"Analysing Graphics"

"Analysing Graphics"Is the method that people utilize to make a prediction when the prices will go up or down by analysing any sort of item during a short or long period of time.
Ex: Ak| redline field-tested (at market) * Note: this is just an example but they are real.
*As you can see this graphic show us during a month (August 8- september 7) the different prices that this item was sold.
tips: By analysing the lowest and highest price that was sold you can get the estimated price for that item during that month.
(in this example is (5.
80)/2=4,65€) Pros: this may help you to know how will be the following months prices.
Cons: Steam market is inconsistent, prices may change due of CS:GO updates, they can highly increase or decrease, this method is not 100% accurate.
Golden Advice:http://csgo.
com/ Cinque Terre

"short and long term investements"

"short and long term investments"I call short term investments to buying keys at CS:GO, because with keys you can easily get items from lower prices then they usually are sold on market, keys are fast and easy trading items.
Pros: CS:GO keys are easy to trade, you can get some profit of it.
Cons: Buying keys on CS:GO gives you 7 days trade ban (keys are not tradable during 7 days).
Otherwise long term investments are items that would not be droppable or possible to buy again on CS:GO and their price will increase (like team capsules or team stickers).
Pros: you can get high profit from these method and they are relatively cheap.
Cons: Time is a precious thing in order to get a good profit may take some time but do get even more profit will get even more time.
Golden Rule: Patience is the key factor of these methods.
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"Quick-Selling items"

"Quick-Selling items"Is a method that many people uses to buy CS:GO items cheaper then they value at community market in order to get some profit of it.
Pros: this method is very good to get some profit by getting skins cheaper than they value.
Cons: This method may take some time becuase there are many people doing this already, the more cheap you want to get items the less probability will you have to get fast items.
Golden Advice: Use Auto-Bump from http://csgolounge.
com/ Cinque TerreCinque Terre

"Skin evaluation"

"Skin evaluation"Tier 1: Collectors items (+1000$ skins) Tier 2: Items unavailable at market (400+/-1000$ skins) Tier 3: Items available at market (-400$ skins)Ex: Tier 1: M9 Bayonet Crimson web Stat-Trak Factory New Tier 2: Karambit Case Hardened Minimal Wear Ocean blue Pattern Tier 3:Bayonet Slaughter Minimal Wear Golden Advice: Visit other Guides to get more information about patterns, prices or values Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

"Trading Tips/Advices"

"Trading Advices"First of all before reading this think, if u are a good trader or not and try to solve your problems.
Trading Aspects Be patient, if u are not patient you can quit trying to trade because you will lose money.
Be responsable, do not waste money in something that is hard to trade.
Be kind an respect the others, thats the key for being a good trader.
Do not be rude with others because you did not get what you wanted thats a bad influence because you will get frustrated and in any opportunity you will trade your item and lose money.
Be smart do not get low balled or affected by other people about how to trade.
Follow your own steps trade always to get the maximum profit you can get from a trade.
Do not get to many items, even if u get a good profit of it because you will probably get many time to trade them all (1:1 trades are the best option).
In quick-buying skins try to get items from 75-80% of market price in order to get some profit.
At last to help you use these following sites to help you in your journey!Usefull Web sites: CSGOLounge[csgolounge.
com] ; SteamAnalyst[csgo.
com] ; {LINK REMOVED} CSGOstash; CSGO.
exchange] Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

"Guide Review"

First of all thank you for reading this guide, I hope this could help you.
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