how to pick shoes for surfing

Published 10.08.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 35

Do I need to wear shoes for surfing?

Shoes are good for surfing because without them you'll get painful blisters on your feet! With shoes: ☆ Protects your feet ☆ Provides in air balance support ☆ Can flex on your friends Without shoes: ☆ You will slip more often ☆ No balance support ☆ Blisters Cinque Terre

What shoes should I wear for surfing?

When surfing, you should wear what you prefer but mostly lighter shoes.
Recommended types of foot wear: ☆ Skate shoes ☆ Designer shoes (Gucci or Balenciaga) ☆ Crocs NOT recommended types of foot wear: ☆ Timbs (heavy and too big) ☆ Slides (Not able to support your feet) Just like bhopping, boots prevent you from moving fast and weigh you down.
In Surf, you only want to be wearing light shoes so that you'll fly through the air faster.
As for slides, those are illegal.
Cinque Terre

What about socks?

Just like bhopping, socks are the most important factor in surfing.
If you don't wear socks you can't wear shoes without discomfort.
Recommended socks to wear: ☆ OFF-WHITE socks ☆ Gucci socks ☆ Crew socks ☆ Short socks ☆ Knee-Thigh socks Cinque Terre


In conclusion, you always need proper shoes for surfing or else you'll injure yourself.
If you don't wear shoes then you're probably some smelly foot dirty toe'd walmart employee.
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