how to bhop

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step 1: Binds

To be able to hit bhops consistently you should type either bind "MWHEELUP" "+jump" or bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+jump" into your console.
If you don't know what the console is you should probably not try this.
Most people use bind "MWHEELUP" "+jump" but its probably a matter of taste.
This command allows you to jump with the mousewheel which, as I already mentioned, helps you to hit your jumps consistent.
Using this bind might be a bit weird at the beginning, but you will realize that it's not even that hard after you played a few games.
By the way, you'll hear a bit about velocity during this guide.
Velocity is basically a unit that defines how fast you are ingame.
You can check the velocity with the console command cl_showpos 1.

step 2: What you always need to keep in mind


step 3: How you bhop

I heard a lot of people saying bhopping isn't possible anymore but they're wrong.
With adding the stamina system to csgo you can't really bhop that fast anymore + you can't hit a lot of perfect jumps, which makes bhopping extremely inconsistent.
(5+ hops are actually pretty good nowadays for a lot of people) Your velocity should be at around 270-300+ to make the bhop useful because the velocity while running with a knife is 250.
Now imagine you hit 20 bhops in a row with a velocity of 240-250.
I guess its self-explanatory that this would help you to get to a specific position faster than everyone else around.
The problem is that the difference is not as big as some might think.
Mostly not even 1 or 2 seconds.
The reason why you can't go faster than ~270-300 velocity is because, you will automatically get slowed down when your velocity is over 300.
Here's a video of a me bhopping + the keys that I press.
As you can see I already start scrolling my mousewheel before I land.
This helps me to hit the jump better.
This isn't really possbile if you would jump with space, and yeah.
I know that this example is not insanely good fukk off

step 4: Practising your hops

There are two good methods to practise: 1.
create a server without bots and JUST JUMP 2.
join a bhop server and try to finish some maps in LEGIT MODE to get the basic idea of the keys you have to press 3.
play some modes that include several different movement skills - HnS: a mode where terrorists have to try and outplay counter-terrorists to not get stabbed Type connect 213.
34:5002 in your console to join the best HnS server out there - KZ (Kreedz): a mode where you have to play yourself through maps that are build up like a parkour Here are possible servers to join [www.
com] It might be hard at the beginning, but the more you practise, the better you will get.


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