csgo console commands

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Enable the developer console

Uno - Open the options menu 二 - Open "Game Settings" Three - Toggle "Enable Developer Console(~)"

Server Commands (and bot commands)

Only works with sv_cheats 1 <==== do this noclip fly around the map with god mode god gives you godmode sv_infinite_ammo 1 0/1/2 sv_showimpacts 1 1/2/3 *Added sv_showbullethits feature to visualize server-confirmed hits and near-misses on listen servers* sv_showplayerhitboxes 1 sv_grenade_trajectory 1 mp_warmuptime 999999999 gives you a unlimited time if you do it during warm up mp_warmup_end mp_startmoney 9999 mp_maxrounds 9999 mp_buytime 9999 mp_roundtime_defuse 60 <=== this one changes the round time to an hour mp_freezetime 9999 <==== changes warm up time mp_limitteams 1 mp_autoteambalance 1 mp_restartgame 1 impulse 101 gives you max money bot_add_ct bot_add_t bot_kick {bot name} bot_kill {bot name} bot_dont_shoot {bot name} bind "KEY" "bot_place" bot_add : adds a bot to the team with player disavantage (bot name is optional) bot_add_ct: adds a bot to ct team (bot name is optional) bot_add_t: adds a bot to t team (bot name is optional) bot_kick: if bot name isn't specified, it kicks all bots bot_kill: if bot name isn't specified, kills all bots bot_dont_shoot: if bot name isn't specified, all bots won't shoot bind thing moves bots around good for practice modes and stuff https://www.


net_graph 1 shows you fps, ping.
(net_graphpos 1/2/3, net_graphproportionalfont 0/1) cl_showfps 1 shows only fps cl_showpos 1 cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1 r_cleardecals clears all player-given decals on the map (blood, bullets.
) +cl_show_team_equipment shows the team's equipment

Movement related (and how to avoid getting auto kicked when you afk)

Heads up though teammates can still kick you.
But valve's game can't.
Unless theres an update after this guide is finished then I lied.
My bad.
Commands: +jump +duck +forward +lookup +lookdown +left (great for afk) +back +right (great for afk) +attack +attack2 +reload drop +jump - makes you jump +duck - makes you crouch +forward - makes you go forward +lookup - makes you look up +lookdown - makes you look down +left - makes you move left +back - makes you move backwards +right - makes you move right +attack - makes you use your primary +attack2 - makes you use your secondary attack +reload - makes you reload drop - drops your weapon To stop any of these you may use - instead of a + on the start.

Binds and auto buy binds and stuff.

Make your binds here or just google "csgo weapon binds" for buying stuff faster.
html#/ I think you have to set up an autoexec or something if you want those binds again everytime you start up a game.
I'm too lazy to do an autoexec so like hell I'm gonna make a guide on something I'm too lazy to do.
Here is a vid covering binds and autoexec and other stuff.
Commands: bind <key> <commands> alias <name> <commands> bind - binds a key on the keyboard or mouse to an action.
Example: bind f3 "noclip" alias - with this commands you can make your own commands by combining other commands.
Example: alias training "sv_cheats 1;sv_infiniteammo 2;give weapon_flashbang;give weapon_hegrenade;give weapon_smokegranade;give weapon_ak47" With this alias, every time you type "training" on the console, it will execute all the commands listed.
Note: Commands aren't the only thing you can use bind on, it also works with aliases.

practice coms

com/watch?v=RZFKcy__VTw CONSOLE COMMANDS ALL BOTS VS YOU bot_kick mp_autoteambalance 0 mp_limitteams 0 bot_add_t (If you're CT) bot_add_ct (If you're T) - repeat 10 times BOTS KNIVES ONLY bot_knives_only SLOW MOTION host_timescale 0.
8 (Slow motion) host_timescale 1 (Normal speed) host_timescale 1.
2 (Faster) .
you get the idea bot_stop 1 bot_place

give weapon_xxx

RIFLES M4A4 - "give weapon_m4a1" M4A1-S "give weapon_m4a1_silencer" Ak47 - "give weapon_ak47" Aug - "give weapon_aug" AWP - "give weapon_awp" Famas - "give weapon_famas" gs3sg1 - "give weapon_gs3sg1" Galil - "give weapon_galilar" Scar - "give weapon_scar20" Sg556 - "give weapon_sg556" SSG 08 - "give weapon_ssg08" SMGs PP-Bizon - "give weapon_bizon" Mac-10 - "give weapon_mac10" MP7 - "give weapon_mp7" MP9 - "give weapon_mp9" P90 - "give weapon_p90" UMP-45 - "give weapon_ump45" HEAVY M249 - "give weapon_m249" Mag7 - "give weapon_mag7" Negev - "give weapon_negev" Nova - "give weapon_nova" Sawed-off - "give weapon_sawedoff" XM1014 - "give weapon_xm1014" PISTOLS USP - "give weapon_usp_silencer" Desert eagle - "give weapon_deagle" Dual Barettas - "give weapon_elite" Fiveseven - "give weapon_fiveseven" Glock - "give weapon_glock" P2000 - "give weapon_hkp2000" P250 - "give weapon_p250" Zeus - "give weapon_taser" Tec9 - "give weapon_tec9" cz75-Auto - "give weapon_cz75a" GRENADES Flasbang - "give weapon_flashbang" Decoy - "give weapon_decoy" He granade - "give weapon_hegrenade" Incgrenade (ct molotov) - "give weapon_incgrenade" Molotov - "give weapon_molotov" Smoke - "give weapon_smokegrenade" KNIFES (you can not pick this sht up so it is useless) Bayonet - "give weapon_bayonet" Flip knife - "give weapon_knife_flip" Gut Knife - "give weapon_knife_gut" Karambit - "give weapon_knife_karambit" M9 Bayonet - "give weapon_knife_m9_bayonet" Huntsman - "give weapon_knife_tactical" Butterfly - "give weapon_knife_butterfly"

OH NO multiple people trying to play from same connection and it doesn't work!

Use this.