Yellow is the cancer of the game

Published 07.07.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 331

Mosts artists dont even use this color

In Counter strike (Global offensive edition) teams are composed of five players in competitive mode.
To allow quick callouts without needing to learn your teammates names each player is assigned a random color ranging from yellow to purple with orange green and blue in-between.
Colors are assigned completely randomly but somehow without fail every time yellow is the worst player on the team.
Usually yellow not only doesn’t have a microphone, but he can’t speak English at all.
It’s his first game of the week and he’s drunk.
Yellow is prepared to rush out long on a save, and really didn’t think anyone would be watching that.
Essentially yellow is everything wrong with the game.
Because yellow is always the worst player every time and colors are given out randomly a few theories have emerged on how this could happen.
One is that the fear of being chosen as yellow haunts people so much that they quickly clam up and are unable to move.
Another is that the color yellow takes control of the players actions making it impossible for them to resist failure.
As compelling as it may seem, even while being yellow losing is usually the worst option.
Yellow players will often find that it was their teams fault that they missed the shot on the guy who was planting or that the entire enemy team is hacking because they tried spraying through a smoke and got shot.
Yellow is the reason that people quit counter strike forever, and for crime worldwide.
Without yellow, everyone on every team would win every game.

Bees are 50% yellow, and I don't like bees

Yellow doesn’t just have himself to blame, he has an arsenal of faulty game mechanics, broken guns, and enemies that have no reason at all to be watching that.
Without careful analysis of the round, it might be hard to tell that it was yellow’s fault that you lost the round, with his claims being something along the lines of “blue flashed me, and I panicked and killed two teammates because of it” without blue ever throwing a flash at all.
Yellow is prepared to go afk, and still claim that he was watching b the whole round and that is was impossible that they rotated through tree room.
Yellow is the essence of evil.

WW1 was based off of yellow

To combat yellow the team that created Counter strike (Global offensive edition) called V.
(Villains At Literally Virtually Everything) designed a “vote kick system” that allows players to vote off a teammate if they dislike this man strongly enough, but unfortunately for them, they need 4 votes, but can only ever reach 3.
This is where green comes in.
Green is the top frag and everyone loves him.
“How did green just win that 1v4 with only a deagle and 15 seconds left?” Green is prepared to get 40 kills and then say, “Nice try guys, we’ll get em next time” in a game that you got 15 – 0’ed.
Green loves to play the game and will decide for the team, “Hey, yellows trying his hardest, let’s just keep going at them, and win the next round.
” Green even though we love him, will not kick yellow.

Pineapple might be the only good yellow thing. Lemons aren't good.

Back to yellow, it’s his fault and we hate him.
Keep in mind for the next game you lose, you didn’t get flanked, yellow wasn’t watching the flank.
You didn’t not realize he was under heaven, yellow cleared under heaven, but wanted to knife.
Your only hope once a teammate is assigned the color yellow is to disconnect, uninstall, and burn your pc.
Yellow’s sole purpose in life is to make you lose and give you cancer.