XP system observations

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This guide is extremely informal.
It is observations and guesses.
If you know something to not be true, please tell us in the comments.
I want to start off about what we know and add onto it, and I need the communites help to make that happen.

Base XP/Regular Multiplier

When you join a game of CS:GO, You can join one of 5 games: Deathmatch Arms Race Demolition Casual Competitive[/b] [/list] Each of these game modes, aside from competitive, looks at your score, and how well you personnally performed, and depending on the game mode, you will get a multiplier for that score.
Deathmatch Multiplier is 0.
2 Arms Race Mulitplier is 1.
5 Demolition Multiplier is 3 Casual Multiplier is 4[/b] [/list] Competitive Competitive is solely based on rounds won.
The multiplier for rounds won is 30.
So a won game at 16 rounds will give you 480 XP without bonus.
Cinque Terre

Weekly XP/Drops/Reduced Multiplier

The whole idea around this section is that you have a limit per week.
So we don't know any exact numbers (mostly because we think it changes depending on level), but you have a limited abount of weekly bonus XP.
It resets Tuesday nights when steam is down for maintenence.
Once you play enough in a week, the bonus will no longer be there.
The same goes for drops.
You only get one drop per 7 days.
So when you level up, if it is the first time you have leveled up since tuesday night, you will get a drop with it.
Now if you play enough you run out of regular multiplier, which then makes you change to reduced multiplier and it is nearly impossible to get any XP out of that.

Extra Notes

you can rank up to 40 once you hit 40, you can stay, or trade out all levels for a profile display item.