Withdraw Skins

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You're trying to withdraw your skins from your favorite cs:go gambling site, but you get the message "Your escrow is not enabled or 7 days not up".
What does this mean? It is a poorly worded sentence that can be misleading, especially to non-native English speakers.
What it means is that in order to withdraw your skins from the site, you must use mobile authentication with the Steam app.
If you get the error message when withdrawing skins, you either are not using mobile authentication or you have enabled it but have not waited the 7 days since enabling.

Get Rid of Error

My previous guide has all of the info you could possibly want on mobile authentication and escrow.
1) Read the guide here: http://steamcommunity.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=562532251 2) Then download the Steam mobile app for iOS[itunes.
com] , Android[play.
com] , or Windows Phone[www.
com] 3) Enable mobile authentication in the Steam Guard tab; Setup Guide 4) Wait EXACTLY 168 hours (7days)


Are you ready to withdraw your skins? Make sure everything is checked on the checklist: [ ] Steam Mobile App DOWNLOADED [ ] Steam Mobile Authentication ENABLED [ ] Waited EXACTLY 168 hours (7 days)

Withdraw Skins

If you have completed the above checklist, you are ready to successfully withdraw your skins!


1) i waited more than 7 days but i still got this message:"Your escrow is not enabled or 7 days not up" ! What i'm suppose to do now ? Thx for the help :D You haven't enabled mobile authentication yet.
Follow the guide! You did enable mobile authentication, but you haven't waited the full 168 hours after enabling it.
Don't argue and say that you did, because you're wrong.
2) How can I check if I have waited the full 168 hours (7 days)? For some users, going to the community market in Steam will show either the date they enabled mobile authentication or the time remaining on the 7 day cooldown.
If it shows neither, you're out of luck and just have to wait until it starts working.
You can double check if it is up by sending a trade offer to a stranger.
If it says that there will be a 15 day hold on the trade when you send it, then you have either not waited the full 168 hours or you did not setup mobile authentication in the Steam app.
Here is my trade offer link so you can test it: https://steamcommunity.
com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=50717057&token=4HZ45kY13) Is this just for [InsertWebsiteHere]? This should allow you to trade, deposit, and withdraw from any site.
This will work with any aspect of Steam.
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Because I can.

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