What to do when your account was hacked

Published 27.07.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 34

Short introduction

Hello everyone! I'm HaDe - the owner of the anti-scam group "ScammerProtection" and today I wanted to share four simple steps to regain your account security in case you've recently been hacked.
I think that this topic needs to be adresses since phishing scams are easily the most dangerous and frequent scam nowadays with all those fake "free money" or "tournament" sites stranger people try to send you with the intention to compromise your account.
The following four steps will be fairly easy to apply and you will only need a few minutes to do them.

Deauthorizing other devices

The first step is a very easy one which I'd recommend to everyone since it basically just takes one click to assure that no other devices are signed into your account.
If you're feeling paranoid you can pretty much do this once a week or as much as you want.
There is no downside to it! To do that, go to this page and click on the button which says "Deauthorize all other devices" https://store.
com/twofactor/manage This was pretty much the first step.
Congratulations, you've just made your account status a bit more secure, let's keep going!

Revoking your API key

In some cases when a scammer got into your account, he'll make sure to grab your API key to use it for malicious actions in future such as compromising a trade offer of yours to modify it and steal all your items.
Yet again, this safety measure only takes you a single click.
Just go to this page and click the button which says "Revoke My Steam Web API Key" https://steamcommunity.
com/dev/apikey You're halfway through.
Let's keep moving!

Changing your password (if not done already)

If you've lost access to your account and regained it via a Steam support ticket they probably already asked you to set a new password to your account but if you haven't done it yet, do it now by clicking this link and heading to the button which says "Change my password" https://store.
com/account/ Make sure that your new password is a completely different one compared to your old one.
I would also recommend you to use a password generator to make it as complex as possible and you should totally stay away from personal passwords which can be guessed from people that know you (that means that you should definitely avoid using stuff like your family name combined with your birth date as a password).

Optional steps for extra security

This section has a bit less to do with your Steam account but is super important for general security against online fraud.
Check if your email has been exposed in an act of online fraud where a certain database of a website got hacked: https://haveibeenpwned.
com/ Just enter your email and check if it has been part of a "data breach" If thats the case someone might have gotten that email in an act of data fraud but most of the time they will need more than just the email to harm anyone.
Run an anti-virus scan on your device to get rid of any potential spyware which might be active on your device.

Some final words

Thanks for reading my first guide on Steam! I hope that I was able to help you when it came to improving your account security and teaching you something new! I would like to invite you to join my Steam group if you'd like to stay up to date regarding fraud related news on Steam such as new scam methods, data breaches, security advice and more! You can join here: https://steamcommunity.
com/groups/scammerprotection If you have any additional questions, improvements or feedback regarding this guide, you can add me on Steam.
Make sure to leave a comment on my profile so I can know that you came from this guide! Take care everyone and have a great day!