What I Learned From 2,000 Hours | Some Tips And Tricks

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A Quick Intro

So you clicked on my guide? Thank you! Hopefully this guide helps you step up your game and rank up! If you enjoy this guide and it helps you out please share it with your friends! PS: Yes i have 700 hours on this account but i have 1000+ on my other, Linked in my bio :)

Grasping The Basics

This section is for brand new players who don't really know much about the game and how it works.
Sit back, relax and learn! Weapon BasicsSo the first thing people notice in a new player is the lack of knowledge of how the guns in the game work, this is fine as CSGO's guns are quite different to those in, say, Call Of Duty.
For those who dont know, the guns in CSGO have the same spray pattern every time.
It's up to you to learn the spray patterns.
Hop into an aim map through the workshop and just practice your spray pattern, I know it feels weird to say but you can actually feel the spray.
Remember not every situation requires you to spray your entire clip, at medium to long distances you should tap, or burst, fire for some more accurate shots.
The more you play the more you will be aware of what situation requires a spray or a burst.
The big thing i notice in lower teir players is them moving whilst shooting, if you move whilst you shoot your accuracy will be hugely decreased.
So remember do not move whilst shooting.
Movement BasicsAnother very big thing i see in new players is their movement, this is a very big part of the game as you must have good movement to get out of different situations.
The first thing you want to look at is your sensitivity.
This may seem like its unimportant to a new player but trust me, it's a huge part of getting better.
The default sensitivity is pretty high and therefore you may be losing accuracy and over stepping your target.
Also if you are not using a good sensitivity for you, Your movement will be thrown out of whack.
A good rule of thumb to go by is your character should do a 180 degree turn from one end of your mousepad to the other.
Also turn off mouse acceleration and turn on raw input.
This just gives you that little extra control over your character.
Secondly you want to go ahead and jump into a surf or bhop community server.
These are great, other than being fun they also help you improve your movement and control over your character, the more you use these servers the more comfortable you will feel in game.
Lastly in this basics section i want to talk about crosshair placement, this is essential for your survival in surprise situations, you must have your crosshair at head level at all times, it takes a little while to get used to where that is but with some practice it will start to come naturaly.
This helps you react to and kill someone faster as you do not have to move your mouse as far to find the head meaning there is less time for you to die! Crosshair BasicsSo in the last paragraph i talked about crosshair placement but here i want to talk about the crosshair itself.
It is important that you find a crosshair that suits you.
As the default crosshair isn't very good and neither is the valve way of customising it, I recommend the "Crashz Corsshair Generator" map as it gives an easy way for you to change and customise your crosshair, as well as giving you a plethera of pro crosshairs to use instantly, and, dont worry any crosshair you make in the map will save after you quit out so your personal crosshair will still be there every time you load up the game.
Finding a good crosshair is important as peoples eyes work differently and need different colours and sizes for them to react properly.
Find one that doesn't strain your eyes and you can clearly see any enemy behind! Basic EconomyIn your competetive and casual game mode you need to understand and keep track of yours and your teammates money, If you dont have a lot of money in the late side of the half you can find yourself in a pretty sticky situation going into the final rounds.
You do not have to buy a gun every round you can save your money for the next round! This will be continued in the next section.
So That Is The Very BasicsNow that you have read the basics of the game, if there was anything in there that you didn't know, go away now and practice it and come back when it is sorted, as we are now going to go into a more intermediate level of game mechanics.

Intermediate Level Play

So What Now?That is what i found myself asking after watching hundreds of begginer guides on YouTube, once i had reached Master Guardian 1 These basic tips stopped applying to my gameplay as they just weren't suited to a higher skill set.
This is where i tried to seek out a more advanced guide to the game but i couldn't find many.
There is one very good youtube channel for this and it is The WarOwl.
This is where i learned the next couple things in this section.
Good Utility UsageThis right here is a big one, utility usage at times can make or break a round.
One missed smoke could cost the lives of two or three teammates and ultimately lose you the round.
This is why it is a good idea to learn how the grenades work and how you can utilise them to yours and your teammates advantage.
You should go into an offline with bots game, give yourself unlimitid grenades and just throw them.
Watch how the grenades fly, bounce, skim and time how long they take to blow up or to dissipate, just get a really good feel of how the grenades in the game work.
Again The WarOwl is a good channel to learn this on.
Once you have done this you need to learn actual smoke spots, pop flashes, common places to molotov etc.
There is only so much i can put into a guide without making a video or being in the game with you so you are going to have to figure it out on your own, but if you have come this far i doubt you will find this hard.
Movement AdvancedSo we skimmed over movement in the previous section but here we are going to go into a bit more depth over it.
First things first lets talk about some hard jumps.
Some of these jumps can completely throw off your opponents and give you those crucial extra seconds in a rotate.
Jumps such as those from mirage window to short or from cobblestone long to tree are quite hard and need some practice to master them.
I would recommend learning these as soon as you hit master guardian as these are very impactful at that level and will get you some fast kills for a retake or a site execute.
The earlier you begin to learn them the faster you will master them and they will give you a huge advantage.
There are many maps on the workshop for you to learn these jumps and others around different maps and i would suggest seeking one of those out.
Secondly lets talk about counter strafing.
This is especially usefull in pistol rounds and in close up encounters.
This requires a little more detail before we start so listen up.
When you stop moving, as we discussed before, your accuracy is 100%, granted you are tapping within the recoil reset, so if you press A or D to move your accuracy decreases BUT if you tap the oppisite key as you are moving there is a brief period when you stop moving completely.
If you shoot in this brief period you get 100% accuracy as if you were never moving at all.
This is how counter strafing works.
First of all it makes it harder for your enemy to hit you as you are moving left and right constantly.
But it also allows you to fire back whilst not being hit.
This is an amazing mechanic and will help you out massively in many different situations.
As long as your crosshair placement is on point you're good to go.
This mechanic is used by top teir players and pros so if you learn it at an intermediate level you are likely to dominate your opponents.
Finally before i strike off this segment we should talk about angles or lines of sight if you will.
There are many common angles to play which are great but these get prefired commonly.
This means holding an "off angle" or and angle that isn't particularly common means you can catch your enemies off guard as they try to prefire a different angle.
It will take some practice to make a decision of where you can make an off angle but it will soon come naturally.
Game SenseSo all throughout this guide i have said that it will "come with practice".
But what does this actually mean? This is a skill that is most commonly reffered to as "Game sense".
Game sense is great to have and just like everything else you will acquire this over time.
But unlike everything else you can not be taught game sense.
I can't teach it to you and neither can pro's.
It is a skill that comes purely with playing and making mistakes.
Your game sense is how you think and react to different situations and the reason this can't be taught by anyone is because people react differently to the same thing.
Me and you could act differently to the exact same situation and still come out with the same result but a better game sense can make it easier for you to "read" or predict your opponents next move.
As i said this can't be taught so this one is up to you.
Economy ContinuedSo we went over the very basics of the economy system in the last section but now we are going to go through some more intermediate strats for you to use in your games.
For example if you lose pistol round you can do one of two things.
Save completely and don't buy anything to save money Buy armour and a deagle and try to reset the opposing team If you decide to do number two remember that you have to hit your shots as the opposing team will likely buy smg's on round two.
If you manage to win you will reset your opponents and be able to win the next round or two.
If you lose you will have no money and you are probably going to forfeit the next two rounds especially on CT side.
The second option is definitely high risk high reward.
Where are option one is low risk low reward so it's entirely up to you.
It is best if you always buy with your team even if what other people are buying doesn't seem right to you.
There is nothing worse than having more money than all of your teamates on last round and you have to try and hero AK into B site.
Buy with your team and make sure your team buys with you.
I could outline all the different strats for buying that my team and i have come up with in the past but it is best that you try to figure it out yourself as it will give you the hang of making these decisions fast and in a stressful environment.
Watching Pro GameplayThis is going to be the last segment of this section.
This is very commonly thought as of just entertainment but if you watch and more importnantly study how pros play you will pick up many aspects of their game and will end up playing better in the long run.
You will pick up little things like angles, pop flashes and even site executes from just watching pros play.
You can go far if you think whilst you play and try to replicate the way pros do things.

High Level Play

Only Play One Map Lmao ========================================================================== All Jokes aside you don't really need a guide for high level play as if you get there you allready know what you need to do to get better.
I just recommend watching your own demos and trying to improve yourself that way.
Honestly it works.

The Psychological Side

Keeping Your Head In The GameRanking up is a great feeling untill you hop into your next match and get completely destroyed by people in that rank.
This can get a lot of peoples morales down and i have seen people quit the game over it but this is the wrong way of thinking.
People are always going to be better than you no matter what and you need to remember that when you are playing.
If you are losing (and you are playing prime) this is a higher possibility of the other team just being better or more mechanically skilled than them being hackers and cheating.
This is someting i see a lot of in match making.
People get too angry over losing, i admit i have done it myself in the past.
But there are a few things i do to keep my head in the game.
As getting tilted really hinders your gameplay and then you start losing more.
Here is a list of a few things you can do to calm down.
Close your eyes and breathe for a few seconds Mute anyone being toxic in chat Think about why you are feeling mad Listen to some music in freeze time Just employing one of these things can significantly help you with calming down and you can lead your team to victory through the hardships.
Dealing With bad TeammatesThis is something that i myself struggeld with in the past, and still do sometimes whoops, but dealing with bad teammates is a big issue within counter strike especially if you can only solo queue.
The best way to deal with them is to not fight back.
If someone on your team is being toxic don't respond and just calmly try to keep your comms to callouts and strats only.
When the person that is being toxic realises that no one is bothered about what they have to say, they usually stop.
If the worst happens and that toxic player doesn't stop being toxic then just mute that person and continue playing your game.
Remember team killing should never be an option.
If the person on your team is just lacking skill and is losing rounds for you, try to refrain from the obvious "Facking Idiot Noob" comment and try to help them out.
If you spot something they seem to be struggling with point it out to them and try to help them understand what they are doing wrong.
If that person then becomes toxic either refer to the paragraph above or resort to a kick because come on, a bot is better than that.
Know When To StopAnother thing is losing game after game after game.
If you carry on you are bound to lose more games.
If you find yourself losing consecutive games in the same day, Have a break for the day and come back tomorrow.
Hopefully you can come back to the game refreshed and ready to start killing again!

Playing As And In A Team

Finding A TeamBack when i played for a team finding one was hard.
That's why i made one with my friends from school, which by the way was a great idea, but these days it is so much easier to find a team with websites dedicated to it.
In order to find a team you must think about what role you are best as.
Are you good at awping? rifling? strat calling? all of this must be considered before you start looking.
Playing Well As A TeamIn order to play well as a team you must have chemistry.
You will not play well in a team of people you hate or dislike.
You have to make friends wiht your teammates, this applies to matchmaking as well as amature teams, you must be a friendly person (and good at the game) for it to work.
There is nothing better than the feeling of your team having good chemistry and communication especially when you win a round without anyone dead on an eco because you can communicate.
You must be able to trust each other.
Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The FireDon't get put down if you are kicked off a team, roster changes always happen no matter what level of play you are at.
Even the pros get benched sometimes.
If you get kicked off, ask why, start working towards making yourself a better player and join another team, who knows you might destroy your old team in a scrim! Just remember that you will always have options ahead of you and when one door closes another opens somewhere else.
Don't be afraid of putting yourself out there!

The Last Thing To Remember

Have Fun.
I know this guide has been pretty serious so far but really, just have fun.
Counter Strike is a game.
Nothing more, nothing less.
The only way you will like playing the game and getting better is to have fun with it.
Find some friends to play with or make some new ones! But remember to have fun.
Now get out there and start winning some games! (and probably losing some too)

Closing Remarks

Thank YouIf you have made it this far, thank you.
If you notice any mistakes please outline them in the comments as well as things you want me to go over in more depth.
I hope all goes well for you in the future and that this guide really has helped you get better as a player.
I needed one of these when i started playing and today, at the time of writing this, i thought it would be a good idea to give back to the community that has given me years of fun experiences.
I hope you enjoyed, see you in the next one!


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