Way to complete 2 hostage achievements after the update

Published 23.03.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 115


maybe you have some trouble with 2 achievements after the update with the new hostage mode.
The question is how to do these achievements after the update!? Wondering,how to do the "Good Shepherd" (Rescue all hostages in a single round) or the "Freed With Speed" (Rescue all hostages within 90 seconds) if you can only pick up 1 hostage and you can win the round with 1 hostage rescued?! It's pretty easy,i will show you: 1.
Load a map.
(office,italy etc.
) 2.
Open up the console 3.
Type in the console: mp_hostages_max 1 4.
Rescue the hostage,and you can easily unlock these achievements (If you want more easier,just kick all of the bots then add only 1 bot) Good luck!Hope it helps.