Warming Up Before you Warm Up in CS:GO

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Your Gun Hand-Control Hand

Bad aim is unforgiving, and sometimes it's not that you suck, it's because your mouse hand is probably not fine tuned! But maybe your aim just sucks, and you need control over your movement.
These stretches will do the trick! Tip: Make sure to gently crack your knuckles and joints to help loosen your fingers for maximum comfort and mobility.
Stretch for your hands: 1.
Lock elbow, arm is straight in front of you 2.
Lift up your hand, and pull back gently until you feel a stretch 3.
Hold the stretch for at least 15 seconds 4.
Repeat dropping hand and stretching this way.
Repeat 1-4 with other hand.
Your hand does not have any muscles, so stretching near the wrist helps.
NOTE: THIS STRETCH CAN BE USED WHEN DRAWING Some joint exercises: Rotate your wrist until satisfying knuckle cracks.
Rotate your fingers very subtly.
Hold thumbs at the thick "meaty part" hand and push for loud and great cracks.
These exercises help relieve the gas between joints, helping to achive ^maximum comfort and mobitity.
To prevent cramps, try exercises to help reduce cramps: Provided Link: Linkstuff[www.
com] Cinque Terre


Before warming up on any death-match, aim map, or casual match, your gun hand needs to be fine tuned to be the most accurate! And when your body is feeling sucky, you will suck at the game! This guide will teach you stretches and tips to help you play like a Global Elite (or at least makes your feel like one).
^^ If you hadn't read the guide description.
My Input:IN THE LONG RUN: stretching, good posture, and popping joints help prevent pulling of muscles, cramps, scoliosis, and anything else similar.
This may not improve game play straight away, but this will help you play better and become better much more quickly.
I urge players to daily practice these stretches and exercises.
I advise players to reference to this guide when warming up, so bookmarking or favoring would be the ideal way to refer to this guide.

The Tuning of Senses:

Having your ear painfully blasted with gunshots sucks, and having your eye act like Casey Neistat's 50 broken cameras also is terrible.
You need to tune your senses! Train your eyes! 1.
Take a minute to stare at anything green (not on the screen), like a tree, or a patch of grass.
Take of glasses (if you have any) and put your finger in front of your face.
Stare at the wall behind the finger for at least a minute.
This improves eye vision (not dramatically, but it helps in the long run).
Chinese Flipping eye exercises! Yep, this helps reduce eye strain.
Your ears? Nothing really I know, but you need get better headphones and download a headphone enhancing program! I advise Razor's headphone enhancer, or, for mac users, I advise Hajo Headphone Enhancer (BOTH OF THESE ARE FRRRREEEEEE).
Cinque Terre

My Body - Young and Giant

If your body is hurting, your daily frag amount will be hurting! Take these tips so your don't bottem frag again! How to: Crack Joints in your back by streching and freaking out.
Stretch your neck to crack your neck bubbles out.
Rotate the heck out of your shoulders.
PROTIP: Try to stand up straight as much as you can.
It help you prevent and stress in your joints.
Keep your body alive! Drink plenty of water, and eat something to keep your nourished.
Go to the bathroom before you play to help reduce any extra stress.
In games, keep calm to reduce stress to prevent emotions from messing up your cognitive focus! Small doses of caffiene help to keep you alert, just make sure you don't consume too much.
Cinque Terre

More Info For People Still Reading.

Things to know: After hours of playing, your body will start to run at the speed of a Mac.
Breaks are strongly advised, and many tips suggested should be repeated during these times of rest.
Make sure you actually warm up after your warm up, nobody likes to play matchmaking with a toaster-brained individual.
You can use these tips to help with people who do art or for everyday people who use the computer a whole lot.
also, don't forget to warm up.

Wrapping Up:

If you would use any of this guide's content, please mention this guide or my Steam profile.
Thanks for Reading! Favorite and share to help spread the knowledge (But what's more important, is my new lamborghini - Tai Lopez 2057)


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