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Getting Started

For this guide you will need the following:Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Notepad++ (Optional) - Download[notepad-plus-plus.
org] Skins/Knife/Stickers to Change - Required (Best Factory New) Cinque Terre

How to Edit

How to find the file to editOpen your Steam Library, right-click 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' and click 'Properties' then click the tab 'Local files' and 'Browse local files.
' Here you locate to the 'csgo' folder, 'scrpts' > 'items' and here you find the file we will be editing; 'items_game' It will be best to create a backup file at this point.
Now Open this in Notepad or Notepad++ (Preferred).

Changing Vanilla Knife

Now you should have the 'items_game' file open (if not, follow the section above).
Knife Table Knife Karambit models/weapons/v_knife_karam.
mdl M9 Bayonet models/weapons/v_knife_m9_bay.
mdl Bayonet models/weapons/v_knife_bayonet.
mdl Butterfly models/weapons/v_knife_butterfly.
mdl Bowie models/weapons/v_knife_survival_bowie.
mdl Huntsman models/weapons/v_knife_tactical.
mdl Flip models/weapons/v_knife_flip.
mdl Gut models/weapons/v_knife_gut.
mdl Shadow Daggers models/weapons/v_knife_push.
mdl Falchion models/weapons/v_knife_falchion_advanced­.
mdl Ursus models/weapons/v_knife_ursus.
mdl Navaja models/weapons/v_knife_gypsy_jackknife.
mdl Stiletto models/weapons/v_knife_stiletto.
mdl Talon models/weapons/v_knife_widowmaker.
mdl Changing CT DefaultUse Ctrl+F and type in the search bar "weapon_knife" so you come to this section: Replace both lines of script in the red box with your chosen knife.
REMEMBER to change your second line of code from 'v' to 'w'.
Changing T DefaultRepeat the steps for Changing CT Default with the changes of searching "weapon_knife_t" Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Searching for Desired/Your Skins's Script ID

You can find your skins and the skins you want to change yourself, don't know how? Search for the case/collection your skin is from or your desired skin is from in the items_game file and look in there.
Example if you don't know the script ID for a safari mesh AWP, look what collection/case it is from either through it's description on market or search with Google.
As I know it is from the Lake Collection I can now use my Collection and Cases Section of the guide for the Lake Collection ID which is set_lake.
Now search that in the file where I find that the AWP is there under "[sp_mesh_tan]weapon_awp" which shows the skin inside the [ ] - sp_mesh_tan so i now know what skin's script ID that I want, I can now search it to get it's Script Section.
Say i have a Dragon Lore that I want to change to this Safari Mesh skin we have so i now search for that the exact same way to find it as "cu_medieval_dragon_awp" where I paste the Safari Mesh's script section under here.
Save the file and launch CSGO, if it the 'Dragon Lore' is still a Dragon Lore but shows "Safari Mesh" under it, then it has worked, click 'inspect' or go straight into an offline game to see your brand new sparkling Safari Mesh!

Changing Skins/Knife Skins

To start off, I will show you the process off how i changed my AWP | Worm God (Factory New) to a Dragon Lore and Medusa, changed the Stattrak™ PP-Bizon | Cobalt Halftone (Minimal Wear) to Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire and how i changed my Karambit | Doppler from Phase 2 to Sapphire and Marble Fade.
You CANNOT change the skin of the default weapons! Normal Skin ChangingThe first thing you will need to do for this process is to fnd out your skin script IDs (These are set out in the tables below).
Skins do not always have the same Script ID as they are called in-game, Worm God is a good example for this as it's script ID is "aq_awp_twine" I chose this as mine has a nice float to it and it looks great as changed to the rare skins as Dragon Lore or Medusa etc.
What you will need to do now is search for the skin you want to change eg.
Dragon Lore ("cu_medieval_dragon_awp") and copy this part of it's scripting: And now search for the skin you have that you want to look like the Dragon Lore: It is the same process for changing all skins.
And now the Outcome: Original: Results: Cross Skin ChangingCross Skin Changing is basically the same as just normal Skin changing except when Cross Skin Changing skins from other weapons, example - Howl onto an M4A1-S skin - doesn't work very well like most of them, but their are some skins that do work pretty well such as Dopplers, mainly Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire but you can try with others too.
Outcome: Original: Results: Knife Skin ChangingRequired: A knife with a skin on it, vanilla cannot be used.
Knife skin changing works the same way as the others, find the skin you want to change to and apply it's script to your current knife's skin script.
Outcome: Original: Results: Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Knife Skins Table

Skin Damascus Steel “aq_damascus” Marble Fade “am_marble_fade” Tiger Tooth “an_tiger_orange” Night “so_night” Fade “aa_fade” Crimson Web “hy_webs” Safari Mesh “sp_mesh_tan” Forest DDPAT “hy_ddpat” Boreal Forest “hy_forest_boreal” Stainless Steel “aq_steel” Scorched “sp_dapple” Urban Masked “sp_tape_urban” Ultraviolet “so_purple” Slaughter “am_zebra” Case Hardened “aq_oiled” Stained “aq_forced” Blue Steel “aq_blued” Want a Doppler Skin? Check the section below.

Doppler Knife Skins

The Dopplers are not hard to find as you can just search by phase or Emerald, Ruby etc.
But here is a table anyway: Doppler Type Phase 1 "am_doppler_phase1" Phase 2 "am_doppler_phase2" Phase 3 "am_doppler_phase3" Phase 4 "am_doppler_phase4" Ruby "am_ruby_marbleized" Sapphire "am_sapphire_marbleized" Blackpearl "am_blackpearl_marbleized" Gamma Phase 1 "am_gamma_doppler_phase1" Gamma Phase 2 "am_gamma_doppler_phase2" Gamma Phase 3 "am_gamma_doppler_phase3" Gamma Phase 4 "am_gamma_doppler_phase4" Emerald "am_emerald_marbleized" Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Changing Stickers

Changing Stickers works just the same as changing skins, even if the sticker is already applied to the skin.
WARNING! Applying the sticker after changing it will be applying your original sticker, not the new sticker you have set it too.
DO NOT go wasting money on stickers just for this, there is not really much point.
I will leave you to find out the Stickers by yourself, it is not too hard but you can find most by typing the name, eg.
'Howling' can find you the sticker as it shows the Graffiti, the M4 Skin and the Sticker which will be obvious which one is the sticker, "comm01_howling_dawn".
I changed a 'The Awper' sticker to the 'Howling Dawn' Sticker for this example: Cinque Terre

Changing Glove Skins

As of yet I have not found a way to change default gloves but, I believe the way to change glove skins is by changing the .
mdl script ID like normal/knife skins.
If anyone finds a way to change default glove skins, I would appreciate to be notified about it to add to the guide.

Collections and Cases

Click on Collection/Case name to view Skin Screenshots.
Collection Dust "set_dust" Aztec "set_aztec" Vertigo "set_vertigo" Inferno "set_inferno" Militia "set_militia" Nuke "set_nuke" Office "set_office" Assault "set_assault" Dust 2 "set_dust_2" Train "set_train" Mirage "set_mirage" Italy "set_italy" Lake "set_lake" Safehouse "set_safehouse" Bank "set_bank" Overpass "set_overpass" Cobblestone "set_cobblestone" Baggage "set_baggage" Cache "set_cache" Gods and Monsters "set_gods_and_monsters" Chop Shop "set_chopshop" Rising Sun "set_kimono" Alpha "set_bravo_ii" 2018 Inferno "set_inferno_2" 2018 Nuke "set_nuke_2" Blacksite "set_blacksite" Cases Bravo "set_bravo_i" CS:GO Weapon Case "set_weapons_i" CS:GO Weapon Case 2 "set_weapons_ii" CS:GO Weapon Case 3 "set_weapons_iii" 2013 eSports "set_esports" eSports 2013 Winter "set__esports_ii" eSports 2014 Summer "set_esports_iii" Winter Offensive "set_community_1" Phoenix "set_community_2" Huntsman "set_community_3" Breakout "set_community_4" Vanguard "set_community_5" Chroma "set_community_6" Chroma 2 "set_community_7" Falchion "set_community_8" Shadow "set_community_9" Revolver "set_community_10" Wildfire "set_community_11" Chroma 3 "set_community_12" Gamma "set_community_13" Gamma 2 "set_gamma_2" Glove "set_community_15" Spectrum "set_community_16" Hydra "set_community_17" Spectrum 2 "set_community_18" Clutch "set_community_19" Horizon "set_community_20" Danger Zone "set_community_21"

Music Kits

Follow this section will NOT change the music produced by the Kit, just the appearance.
Step 1: Find a Music Kit you like the appearance of.
'Feed Me'.
Do this by locating the name in the 'Items_game' file.
Copy the section highlighted in the above picture.
(Same section for each Music Kit).
Step 2: Find the Music Kit you already own (The Kit you are changing the appearance of).
For example, I am changing the appearance of the Hotline Miami Music Kit.
Replace the boxed area with the previous copied area from Step 1.
Result: Once pasted, save the 'Items_game' file and Launch CS:GO.
If you followed correctly, the appearance of your Music Kit would have changed.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


Leave a comment on this guide if I missed anything or if you would like anything putting in.
Hope you find this guide helpful and fun to mess around with! You can get your friends to do this too and have great fun in private matches.
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Cinque Terre