Trust Factor Improvement (No BS)

Published 25.06.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 28

Why you should listen to me.

This account is a Gold Nova.
I am smurfing from Global Elite so obviously.
I get reported.
A lot.
I can't play a single game where someone doesn't accuse me of cheating and report me.
Obviously this wreaks havoc on my Trust Factor.
So I've found the thing that DOES work, why it works, and why everything else DOES NOT work.

The ONE confirmed thing that actually improves Trust Factor.

Hours, Hours, Hours.
The only thing that I've found to improve trust factor is putting hours into CS:GO and other games on Steam.
*(If you get banned than all of those house are negated to your Trust Factor.
)* If you're like me than that game can not be CS:GO because you get reported faster than hours in it better your trust.
I recommend playing games such as Rainbow Six, Garry's Mod, PlayerUnknown's, Warframe, etc.
if you're into First Person games.


- Commends.
It's widely spread that commends improve trust factor.
I went out and got over 200 commends of each stat.
It did not improve my trust factor.
This may have originally improved trust factor but now that commend bots are so easy to get and use that Valve has clearly removed the feature.
- Owning Other Games.
Valve doesn't care how many games you own.
You have to play them.
This isn't helpful.
If they're family shared then you can launch them through Family Sharing and improve your Trust Factor.
- Steam Level.
My other account is Steam Level 70.
Improving the Steam level did not improve my trust-factor enough to make a different if it did at all.
Waste of 25$.
Mind that CS:GO has no built systems to check your Steam-level.
Otherwise you could find a way to output it.
You can't though.
- Having a high dollar value account.
Prices of things are determined by the community.
Valve doesn't care what you have in your inventory.
They don't calculate it because they literally can't.
Prices are posted and changed by the community.
Valve doesn't screw with that.
And what is on Steam Community Market is not the necessarily the 2.
5-key ratio.
- Making a guide / rating one.
"Hey! This helps! Rate my gui-" Just kidding, I don't care.
I'm not going to lie to you.
This isn't helpful.
Don't waste your time writing a guide or rating mine.
It won't improve your trust factor.
Anyone who says it does is either uneducated or baiting rates.
- Buying Prime Again - Useless.
If you don't want prime, buying it will not boost your trust factor.
But it will lessen the chances that you're going to be fighting a cheater.
Trust Factor is a mix of your Hours/Wins/Reports.
Nothing else affects it.

Things that negatively impact your Trust Factor. (Mostly Speculated)

- Player Reports.
Obviously)This is the main reason that my Trust Factor keeps dropping.
- Account BansObviously having cheated on other games or being banned in general doesn't show well.
- Team Damage/KillingObviously shooting your team-mates isn't usually intention for most players but sometimes it is.
Thus, it has a minor - CS HoursA small amount of hours on CS usually indicates a new account and likely a smurf.
Hence: Provided with a low-trust factor.
- Abandoning MatchesObviously leaving your team alone isn't a great show of faith.
- Being KickedIf your team keeps voting to kick you off than it's not likely to show well on your person.


What works: https://support.
php?ref=5966-WKLC-4172 As well as personal experience.
What doesn't work: Personal experience.