Trust Factor Explained

Published 23.10.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 217

What is trust factor?

Trust factor is a system valve/csgo created to match you up with people who have the same game beliefs.
Usually based off their account, steam level, number of games, game hours, prime status, how old your account is, and how many reports you receive and for what.
By those methods they use to match you with people who are like you, reported all the time for cheating if you are cheating or reported a ton for being a smurf they can check your games and smurfs usually have one game only or only a few games.
Hackers usually use newer accounts or accounts that have ghosted for years which they bought from a website most likely.
If you tend to go AFK mess around and grief you will match with other people who are reported for griefing as well.
It's their system of trying to make your game more clean with the people who play csgo the same way you do because overwatch system only catches blatant like spinbotters, And they are too lazy to try to catch the smaller cheaters and griefers.
The system was a good idea but they made too many flaws in the system, like being reported out of random because you accidentally end up on a team of a cheater or something like that or you are just too good for that level or you even had just a really good game and you are reported for cheating and you suffer because of that the long way.
The trust factor system the way I view it is 3 categories, green meaning you are a clean player, yellow means you are kind of not trusted and you could be doing something that gives you negative trust factor, and red means you are a blatant cheater, griefer, or smurf.
You can find your trust factor section by what it says when you try to que with someone, it will notify the other players on your team saying something like "it will affect your trust factor match" meaning you are yellow.
If it states something like "it will significantly affect your trust factor match".
It means you are a red player.

Now what?

After you find your trust factor level there's many things you can do to help increase it.
-Stop doing whatever you are doing (LOL) -If you aren't prime yet, becoming prime makes it rise a bunch.
-Increase your game hours.
Play more or idle.
-Steam level increase from card bots & steam games.
There's many bots that do this cheaply.
-Trade commendations, You can send up to three per day make them count.
-Stop playing with blatant cheaters or griefers.
When people report them you are sometimes reported as well.
-Try to play with your own matchmaking rank, just being a higher rank can often get people reported for cheating because they are "just too good for this rank.
" -Don't be toxic, when losing don't start throwing.
Try your best & ignore the haters.
-Don't hide your profile and get a fancy looking background they are pretty cheap.
-Be part of the community.
Comment on some guides, Make a guide, like some artwork.
(it proves you are actually part of the community and is proven to increase it over-time) Don't upload toxic or things that are gonna be banned like nudity or racism.
-If you don't have a mic get one, doing call outs is very important and being without one just irritates your team a bad way to start off the game.
-Overwatch if you aren't overwatch you need if I recall 350 hours, gold nova 1+, and to win atleast 150 mm games.
Doing overwatch cases is proven to help your trust factor a bit.
Do a few a day to get the best benefits.
I know a lot of guides say you should get some decent skins which basically says hey i'm not a cheater i'm not dumb and losing hundreds of dollars.
But in the real truth i'd say spend no more than 20$.
I've personally seen a ton of salty people just report you hoping you get banned even if you aren't cheating or griefing.
Sad part of the truth but: After you receive a bad trust factor its almost impossible to increase it, it takes weeks to even months to increase it.
If all fails your best shot is just to buy a new account a lot easier and faster than messing with a trust factor locked in the red.
You can get new accounts non prime as low as like 2-3$ and for prime around like 10-15$.

Add me!

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My main account is ranked LEM and I have a few lower accounts in the silver.
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