Trade for Profit in CS:GO

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10 Tips for Trading

Here are 10 Tips to become a good Trader: 1.
Never overpay for Crimson Web or Case Hardened Knives, unless you want them really bad as a playskin 2.
Never overpay for a knife you like, you will probably get the same knife from another person with their overpay 3.
Let people offer you, dont send any overpay offers for nice knives, others will send overpay to you! 4.
Never do quicksells for your dream item! You will get it cheaper! Maybe you have to pay 5% more but still better than 15% more.
Leave a +rep to the other trader if you got him as a friend he will do the same for you.
It looks good on your profile and maybe attracts some more traders.
If you get a pretty good offer but still too less send a offer back and make him overpay some € more.
Just the amount that will make you happy.
He is interested in your item so the chance that he will accept is pretty big.
Don't judge other traders on csgolounge, you will get many -rep there (same as me) 8.
Take New Knives or Stattrak Knives just with a good amount of overpay! You will get them away quite hard and you have to overpay in most of the cases.
Before you start trading, go on csgolounge and purchase some things: 3-4x 30min autobump (refresh your trade every 30 min) you will get offers at night.
You will get 5+ times more offers than normal! Purchase some additional trades on lounge (more trade adverts) same with this.
Never accept friend requests with: Private Profile Private Inventory Empty Inventory Big blue Infobox which says opskins trader or something else.
These people are SCAMMERS, report them.

Trading with csgolounge

Option 1 csgolounge Trader This option is mainly for people who cant spend that much time for trading.
Most of the time you will advertise trades on csgolounge.
com and check tradeoffers.
What do you need to become a csgolounge trader? I made a Video about how to trade on csgolounge.
com CLICK HERE If you want to make real profit, you need to purchase some things from csgolounge.
com first.
Get some "30 min Auto Bumps" on the site.
Each of them cost 75 cents but you need around 2-3x autobump and probably some "Additional Trades" it increases your trades on lounge, normally you can make 6 trades.
Purchases will have lifetime period.
Lounge says 1 month but its Lifetime.
You can abuse the system and auto bump every trade.
If you want to learn more about Auto Bump abuse, watch my other video CLICK HERE Advertise the right trades on lounge.
Write float, Key price (explained at the end of the Guide) and a screenshot to each item in the trade advertisement (As shown in my Video " How To Trade on csgolounge.
com ").

Trading with

Option 2 cs.
money Trader This option is for people who spend a long time at their Computer.
What do you need to become a cs.
money Trader? First you have to learn cs.
Its an autotrade site, it sends your selected Tradeoffers, if your Items are worth more.
But watch out: On each Trade on this site you will lose around 5% of your money.
You may think: How I can make profit now, if the site steels 5% of my money on every Trade? Well, there are some stupid people out there, who trade skins to this site, which are overpriced such as Phase 2 Dopplers or Low float stuff.
To make profit at this method you simply snipe Skins from this site, which are overmarket.
I recommend Phase 2 Dopplers and Lowfloat Crimson Web Knives which are Minimal Wear.
You have to understand the Float System first.
Pick Knives which have got a 0.
09 Float and Trade them on csgolounge.
com for profit.

Trading with Keys

- Keys are the 'currency' at trading.
- Keys are very price stayable! - They are used to buy or sell items.
- They are used to get 'quicksells' (85% of the market price) - Most high tier items are priced in Keys • If you want to get Keys for your item, you probably have to overpay.
• Same if you want an item for your Keys, the other one has to overpay - If you want to get your Key price, do: Your item (€) / 2.
5 = Key amount (€) Your item ($) / 2.
7 = Key amount ($)