The Ultimate Mentality Guide for Competitive Play

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UPDATE : This guide has been listed as the #13 most popular guide in CS:GO guides on July 21st 2015! Thank you so much for your support guys! If you have any questions or constructive criticisms, feel free to put them in the comment section.
I will always try to update this guide whenever I have time.
First of all,congratulations on clicking this guide ! The action of clicking this guide alone already means that you have taken the very first step to create a friendly and mature CS:GO community! After 10 years of my personal experience playing online competitive PvP games, I learned tons of things about good gaming mentality from the people I played with and from my personal life lessons.
I hope this makes me trustworthy enough to write a guide about good characters for competitive play.
And please excuse all the grammatical errors and awkward-sounding sentences.
I am doing my best to fix them all whenever I proofread this guide.
English is not my first language.
Even though I've been learning english since I was 3 years old, I'm still Indonesian and I still rarely use English outside of school.
I also don't want to get a contributor to correct it because I can't simply trust others to make changes to my guide.
The main point of this guide is to prepare your mentality/character in playing CS:GO competitive matches.
My goal is to decrease the CSGO community's toxic behavior during the competitive match and to make more people have better attitudes during competitive play.
If you feel I am an arrogant hypocrite as you read through my guide, try to read my guide in British accent to make me sound actually smart.
Seriously, though, I always strive to uphold my positive attitude when playing any multiplayer games.
If you like my guide, rate ups and will be much appreciated.
I couldn't care less about the rate-ups and favorite amount - but I want this guide to reach as many people as possible.
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Hope you find my guide helpful!

1. Bad Characters Type You'll Meet In-Game

Now who disagrees that CSGO's community is in a pretty bad shape? I mean, come on, you can easily find toxic players from almost every match, regardless it's a prime matchmaking or not.
Of course, you'll want to know how to prevent toxic players from ruining your day right? First of all, you need to know what kind of people you are dealing with.
From hundreds of types of annoying people in CS:GO that you can see in YouTube videos or you meet in everyday matchmakings, I only divide them into 2 categories: 1.
Trollers These guys are the type of guys that will troll the hell out of the enemies, or even his own teammates.
He will try to taze people, knife people, stand on his teammates while they were crouching, intentionally shoot their teammates and leave them with 40 hp, throw the bomb at places that can't be reached, etc.
without considering the consequences.
Trollers are usually people that only play CS:GO purely 100% for fun.
They don't care about their ranks, they don't care about their raging teammates, they don't care about their K/D, they just don't care about anything.
All they want to do is to have fun regardless of the effects of their action.
These people are the same type like those YouTube pranksters who like to do out-of-the-line pranks and make their victims very angry.
If you only want to have fun in CS:GO.
It is not wrong.
Games are made for fun.
But remember that you are playing with real people, and CS:GO is a team-based game.
You are part of the team, and you need to cooperate in order to help your team win the game.
Chasing your enemy from behind using tazers trying to get taze/knife kills is not wrong, as long as you don't sacrifice the whole team for that.
Does this mean I only want to win in-game like those cheaters? No.
I will do my best on every game, but I don't care whether I lose or win the game.
Are you a troller ? Read the paragraph below.
If you're not one,skip it.
I know it's funny for you trollers if you make other people angry, I met countless trollers during my years of online gaming experience.
The angrier the other people get,the happier you are because you think it's funny.
You also feel safe because you do this on the internet.
That's wrong.
There's always a chance you'll mess with the wrong person.
This case has happened back in CS 1.
6 where a guy got so angry after he got trolled by a knife kill.
He spent 7 months tracking down the person that trolled him (back in early 2000s it's hard to find people's location through internet), found him, and stabbed him in the heart with a knife.
The troller was very lucky to live, since the knife missed a couple of centimetres from his heart.
This is no joke or made-up story, you can see it at "Top 10 Counter-Strike facts" on YouTube.
But now, you may think "Well there's only like 1 out of a million chance that someone will do that to me! So I'll keep trolling! I don't care about how others feel! I enjoy taking pleasure of other people's misery!" Well now how about you put yourself in the people you troll's position ? How would you feel when people laugh at you when you're angry at them? How would you feel when people intentionally do offensive things to p*ss you off? Learn to look from other people's point of view who's trying to rank up or after losing many matches in a row.
Not everyone can be in a good mood to handle trollers like you the whole day.
Not everyone aren't serious in playing CS:GO.
Some of them do it for a living through twitch, YouTube, or even tournaments.
Sure, there are only so much people who wants to go into e-sports, but trolling can straight out ruin other people's days.
No one enjoys being bullied.
Have respect for other people,and they will respect you.
There are times when you can troll people,there are also times when you need to be serious and support your team.
Do not do unto others what you would not want others do unto you.
You trollers seriously need to be a trolling victim once in a while.
Realize that you are no better than an elementary school bully or teenagers that throw firecrackers into their neighbor's house just for fun.
Kids or Immature adults If you are literally a 6 years old kid,I am very sorry to tell you this, but your mentality is not ready to play competitive matchmaking.
Of course,there is a certain boundary of age to play CS:GO competitive match.
But actually, age doesn't matter (that doesn't mean 6 year olds can play CS:GO.
You know what I mean.
) .
I've met some 15-17 year olds kids that are surprisingly very mature and can socialize with the adults very well.
So don't immediately be negative to people that have those distinctive cute pre-puberty sounds.
These people are the ones that causes the most troubles in the CS:GO competitive matchmakings.
They do tons of things that will bring the team's morale down like blaming, commenting negatively everytime they die, screaming on mic, raging, vote kicks bottom fraggers, accuse people that kill him as cheaters, etc.
Just know this; never feel you're already mature just because you are 18 years old or older.
No people can judge their own characters' maturity by themselves.
The only people that can judge whether you're already mature are others.
Strangers that have played in a team with you in multiple matches and have seen how you act.
Not your own friends that will obviously support your claim that you're already mature.
Cinque Terre

2. The Good Mentality for Competitive Matches Pt.1

Note : I tried not to be sexist here but typing him/her,he/she,his/her on every single subject is ridiculous.
I apologize for the girl gamers for typing him/he/his all the way.
Here are tips and things that indicates that your mentality is ready for competitive play.
I will try to explain it as clear as possible to prevent people getting the wrong idea.
If you really did all of the tips I've listed here,then I suppose you have become the member of the 'good people' here in CS:GO community.
You'll surely help in creating a friendly and mature community of CS:GO.
Get used to dying One of the most common thing that triggers people's frustration during the match is dying.
I see people scream violently on the mic after he got rekt.
I see people blame his teammates after they died for not 'covering' him even though his teammates is still reloading.
I even see people blame God for his in-game death.
That is truly ridiculous.
The only reason you're dead is because whether your opponent outgunned you (ex.
USP-S against an armored shotgunner that shot him in the face),have better shooting skills than you,or have better gamesense than you.
No people can easily backstab or taze someone if his gamesense is bad.
Of course luck isn't counted here.
I'm trying to teach people how to have a better character,not how to make them a better gambler.
The easiest way to improve your 'get-used-to-die-over-and-over-again' is by joining deatmatches.
People will die like flies getting hit by electric fly swatter there.
Most of your enemies will simply spawn behind you and stab you with their $1000 knife,or spawn in front of your face while you're still reloading and shoot you right in the face with big guns.
I spent over 150 hours on Valve deathmatch server and I learn not to get bored there,because I've tasted the competitive matches for around 4 matches back then.
It's pretty obvious that frustrated people will perfrom horribly in-game and it will get worse and worse 'til it reaches the point where they forget all of the WarOwl's tutorials and just run and spray rambo YOLO.
The main point of why you should get used to dying is to prevent frustration during the match, 2.
Never Vote Kick Innocents The only people that should be vote kicked are AFKs,cheaters,and trollers.
But the trollers are a special case.
Some trollers still play well and they only troll during sure-win rounds.
Some of them just simply troll the whole game and don't have any intention to support the team.
They are the one who should be kicked.
No one else.
Here's a list of people that you tend to vote kick and the reason why you shouldn't kick them.
Kids with pre-puberty voices This is ridiculous and I tend to find it at multiple matches.
When little kids uses mics and the other people recognizes their cute voices,they vote kicked him right away.
It's idiotic and childish.
As I said before,I met many kids that are surprisingly very mature.
You were also a kid back then weren't you ? How would you feel if you got kicked simply because of your voice ? b.
Bottom fraggers/Noobs (New Players) First of all,I'll give you reasons about the bottom fraggers.
Why shouldn't you kick bottom fraggers ? Look at the scores.
A good team's scores won't have many difference on each players.
It means that the team is not being carried.
It's really unreasonable to kick a bottom fragger,for example,with 28 score,and the 4th fragger has 29 score,3rd has 30,2nd has 33,1st has 35.
There's not much difference and it doesn't mean that the bottom fragger is a burden.
A BOT is a worse burden than a bad player.
BOTs tend to be rebellious and you can't command them.
They will YOLO rush mid and go to T spawn immediately.
Someone with a brain is always a better teamplayer than a virtual model being controlled by loads of programming commands.
And then,about the noobs (new players).
Why shouldn't you kick someone that's obviously a burden for the team ? Because you were also a burden for the team.
No people are born professional CS:GO player and no one can one tap headshot easily when he/she plays CS:GO for the first time.
Just keep guiding him and tell him what to do.
Even if he has 90% chance of failing da aim (which the 10% is a lucky headshot),at least you taught him about the gamesense.
This is just a game.
It doesn't matter that you lose or win.
Of course,you need to do your best on every game in order to keep your teammates satisfied with your performance.
But getting deranked or getting a 0 kill with 20 deaths score doesn't matter.
Getting deranked is a good thing.
It means your skill isn't appropriate in that rank.
If you claim that you're THAT pro and you feel you shouldn't be deranked and you blame your teammates,why don't you carry them ? Of course sometimes even though you did carry it's still impossible to win some matches.
But it's also impossible to get 4 new players in a team that will ruin your game.
Try to collect your 'good' teammates,coordinate well, and support the new player.
How would you feel if you get kicked when you were a burden in a team ? It's not impossible to win a match with a noob team.
It's all up to the good player that acts as an IGL (In-Game Leader) - coordinating the noob players well can win the game.
And remember, CSGO's ranking system will put you into the right rank, otherwise they won't be implemented in the first place.
Uncommunicative & unsupportive teammate I know CS:GO is a team-based game and it's pretty impossible to win a game if your teammates don't want to cooperate and just play FFA all the way.
To be clear, these are meant to handle people who do not communicate at all and do not comply to team strats.
This is one of the most common issue that I have seen in competitive matches because I play in South East Asian server, where there are various cultures and languages got blended in into one server with only around 4 out of 10 (ish) people can speak English fluently and almost 7 out of 10 (ish) of them does not have an acceptable quality of microphone - or does not even have one (not based on research or survey, based on my personal experience).
With a massive language barrier and lack of voice chat usage, I can understand why I often got completely ignored by several teammates who can't understand what I'm talking about.
There are several ways to handle this situation.
First of all, if you know where do they come from (check their profile, say 'hello' in several common language in your area, etc), try to use Google translate, dictionary or translator app to communicate with them using important key words.
Should you go THAT far to communicate? YES.
This is CSGO - teamwork and communication is vital.
But what if you don't know what language do they speak? Call their nickname and do your best in-game body language to direct them (shoot the bombsite name sign) What if they deliberately ignore you? Leave him/her be and adapt to their movements, it's not worth it to try to argue with people like them - they will only ignore you again.
People that try to vote kick you People try to kick you for a reason.
Look at yourself.
If you're the bottom fragger,for example,with 0-15 K/D most people will obviously try to kick you,because they haven't read my guide.
Most 'clutch or kick' are jokes,and if they really did kick you,it means that you're not being nice to them,or you're being uncommunicative since the start of the game.
Just look at yourself when they try to kick you.
Trying to vote kick them as a revenge means you're as childish as them and you're no better than them.
Cinque Terre

3. The Good Mentality for Competitive Matches Pt.2

Immature people/Trollers First of all,remember that age doesn't matter.
Some younger kids are much more mature than those 20 year olds.
They may make you frustrated,but they're still part of the team,and they're always better than a BOT.
I suggest you block their communication,even though I'm not sure they still can hear us or not if you block their comm.
Of course,if you have big EQ and patience,just ignore them (even though they troll you) and keep being positive.
Don't react to their comments/trolls or try to argue with them.
Keep following your IGL and support your team with your best skills.
Report and ignore.
Give them a link to my guide if you meet people like them.
Do not rage/complain/comment over in-game mistakes Remember that this is just a game.
You get nothing if you win,you will also lose nothing if you lose.
I also told you that getting deranked is a good thing.
Being too serious for a game is pretty childish,and it really shows your lack of emotional intelligence.
You can always be serious when playing competitive,but serious has its limits.
Commenting "OH MY GOD HOW DID YOU MISS THAT SHOT ?! WHAT A NOOB !!!" or "WHY DID YOU BLOCK ME YOU NOOB,I DIE CAUSE OF YOU" or "THANK YOU FOR NOT WALKING WHEN FLANKING EINSTEIN" blah blah blah etc etc etc ; are indicators that you're being too serious in playing CS:GO.
Why in the world would you get angry at people that make in-game mistakes ? It's only a game,and you are not being paid for playing it.
Even those twitch.
tv streamers and youtubers don't rage when their teammates make mistakes.
Even if they did,most of them only do it as an entertainment for the viewers.
Overreacting and swearing violently is one of the most common thing that attracts viewers.
So what should you do when your teammates make mistakes ? Tell them politely in a friendly way,like "OK nice try man,but dont block me next round.
Try to look where I will dodge the enemies fire before moving in to help,okay ? Thanks for trying to help me", or "Nice try guys,but I think we should go B next time if we have SMGs.
They have AWPs,you know",etc.
DO NOT keep silent about the mistakes,and DO NOT rage if people criticize you.
Keeping quiet or only saying "OH MY GOD" when your teammates make mistakes is a really bad idea,because they will do the same mistake next round and you will get more frustrated.
Of course,you will also get criticized if you make mistakes.
Admit your fault and do not do the same thing next round.
True gentlemen admit their mistakes.
Except ladies.
They are never wrong.
They are always right.
Be positive no matter what are the circumstances Comeback is real.
It's not just a theory or a pointless joke.
Almost one third of my wins/ties are from comebacks.
Being negative by chatting "GG" too early will really destroy your team until the end of the game.
It also indicates that you are a quitter and you are no better than those rage quitters.
You can't expect to always win on every single match.
There are times when you get a 20 win streak,and there are also times where you get a 20 lose streak.
If you quit whenever your team has a bad start with,for example,0-7 score,what's the point of playing CS:GO,then ? If you always want to win in a game,I wish you luck to find the game.
Even rock paper scissors has someone as a winner and someone as a loser.
If you lose a game,always learn what you did wrong before and do not do the same mistakes in the future.
Keeping your positive attitude and emotion will trigger comeback.
Always motivate your teammates and keep believe in yourself and your teammates that you can win the game.
Even if your opponent already reached a 15 score,just say "MAKE IT TIE PEOPLE".
This will also keep your personal performance in a good shape.
Just have fun playing.
Don't take it too serious.
Do not cheat Cheating means they have the combined bad characters.
They are childish,a quitter,a coward,and they always looks for shortcuts and easy way to win.
I'm pretty sure they'll hardly achieve anything in their real life,since they always look for shortcuts and they quit whenever there's too much problem.
Simply report them and quit bragging about fighting against a cheater.
Cheaters may be able to see through walls,but they don't have the skills.
If you look at the overwatch demos in YouTube,you'll see that most of the cheaters are total noobs that don't even know which material is penetrable.
Even though they use aimbots,most of them will get picked easily by professional AWPers.
Do not think you are better than your teammates This mentality is to prevent you being cocky and talk like all of your teammates are noobs.
Remember about the CS:GO competitive ranking system.
You are stuck in that rank because the system judges your skills to be appropriate in that level.
You are not better than your teammates,and everyone is important for the game.
I see many people feel very proud over their in-game skills,or once in a lifetime in-game special kill experience (like collat headshot thru the smoke) and they start talking like other people are lowlifes.
It's ridiculously childish.
What in the world are you so proud of ? It's just a game.
Everyone can get to the point where you're at after learning for a while.
Even professional players aren't acting big.
Dayum,even Bill Gates isn't like that.
Who are you to act so cocky over gaming skills ? People like them are extremely irritating and annoying for me.
Being good in a game is not a life achievement unless you are in a well-known,money-making professional team like fnatic,NiP,cloud9,etc.
You are officially a nerd if you're so proud of your CS:GO skills.
But,it's 100% fine to feel better than your opponents.
Why ? It will certainly motivate yourself to play better than them.
I always try to feel better than my opponents no matter how fast can they rekt my team.
I don't care I'm the last man standing and all of my 5 enemies are very good at getting 1 tap headshots.
I will keep doing my best and I will always try to clutch whenever it's reasonable.
By believing that you're better than them,you will always try to kill them with your best skills.
But of course,feeling confident has its limits.
I see some too-confident players that rushes certain bombsites and died instantly because their bravery has exceeded beyond reasonable limit and they feel they can rekt the entire enemy team in a matter of seconds and get the "Clean Sweep" achievement.
So don't just feel you outskilled your opponents,you also need to feel you outsmart your opponents.
Playing smart can beat any kind of enemy no matter your team is in eco round.
Brain beats muscles,right ? 7.
Know your CS:GO leading capability,and cooperate well Fighting over who will be the IGL is a pretty common case at competitive matches.
Of course,they don't blatantly say "LEMME LEAD,PEASANTS" but they often fight over the strats on how to beat the enemy.
In this occasion,you need to understand yourself and not force your idea on your team.
You need to know how well you understand the opponent and how well you understand CS:GO strategies.
Overall,you need to have a sufficient amount of strats theories,game sense,and ability to read your opponents moves in order to be an IGL.
You mustn't make random strats and lead your team to chaos and deppression along the match.
The IGL doesn't always have to be the top fragger.
I've met some bottom fraggers with 8-20 K/D that can lead the team really well.
Even if you're a very experienced IGL,if there's someone better than you,just back off and leave him be.
Stop questioning his strats and criticizing it if their strat works.
Give them some chances even though their strat fails.
The events move extremely quickly in CS:GO,and one doesn't simply read their opponents's minds like those wallhackers.
If they do fail over and over again,kindly ask him to let you lead to win the game.
Cinque Terre

4. How To Enjoy Competitive Matches

I see some people complaining about the toxic community of CS:GO and they complain about it in forum over and over again,and some of them quit CS:GO just because some people aren't acting like he wants them to.
You still can see tons of threads in Discussions tab filled with complaints about their recent games.
They're certainly not having a great time playing competitive matches.
It's because most of them didn't complete the basic requirements to enjoy competitive matches.
So how do you enjoy competitive matches ? 1.
Remove the CoD kid mindset Stop accusing people of hacking.
Your enemies are just lucky to wallbang you, to 180 you, or to hit you in the head from far away.
The amount of hackers in-game are far less than you think there are.
The overwatch system is a really good system in my personal opinion, because no game developer will have enough time to judge all of the hackers in their game.
That's why they asked for help from the community itself.
Stop accusing overwatch to ban innocent people for no reason.
They got no benefit from banning innocents.
Their verdicts will still be reviewed by Valve, anyway.
If you got VAC banned, you are cheating.
Stop pleading for appeals at the discussions.
Stop lying to yourself that you're not cheating.
BHop script is considered cheating.
None of it is 'legit and safe' like those scammers said.
Find some friends The most basic and the most important requirements to enjoy competitive matches are friends.
Friends will decrease the chance you get paired up with immatures and trollers.
It'll be better to have a permanent teammates that you enjoy to play with.
If you're THAT nerd and don't have a single friend on real life, simply add people with good characters during the match.
I'm pretty sure you'll meet a lot of nice guys when you're playing.
Your friends also don't have to be in the same skill level with you.
All of my permanent teammates started with no ranks and no experiences at all, while I was already on Gold Nova Master.
Since I don't care about winning or losing, I always play with them no matter how bad they are.
We had a blast.
Playing with them makes losing 1-16 become one of the best experiences in CS:GO.
We laughed all day and they got good in CSGO under my guidance.
Have sufficient skills There're tons of other guides on how to get good on CS:GO.
But here are the simple steps from me : watch WarOwl tutorials -> Learn recoil patterns -> Play with bots until you have a chance against Expert Bots -> Deathmatch for 50 hours (memorize the maps!) -> Casual for 20 hours (familiarize yourself with bomb situation) -> Competitive.
It should be common sense not to mess with something called 'Competitive" if you are new at the game.
But it seems that a lot of players failed to address this basic logic.
You can't expect your teammates to treat you nicely if you don't even know where is the B site, or if you buy an AWP in eco round, or if you refuse to drop your teammates when you have a lot of money.
In case you are still new to the online gaming world, know this: always assume that no one cares about your situation.
They all want to win, so they expect you to perform adequately.
If you go into competitive, they won't give you a training session or a chance to make a mistake.
If you fail, they will curse you.
They will NOT give you a hug and say "It's alright, lad.
I know you're new.
Let's try another round, shall we?".
Sure, it will take long to prepare before hopping into the competitive matches.
This is a highly competitive PvP game.
What do you expect? Competitive online gamers often have no room for tolerance, even in Silver.
Buy a microphone Talk to your teammates.
CS:GO is a team-based game and it's pretty unreasonable not to use microphones.
You'll make late calls, and you won't be able to socialize well with your team.
You'll have more fun if you laugh 'live' on the microphone or tell jokes on the mic as well.
Tons of in-game quarrels are often inevitable because of the uncommunicative guy.
He doesn't talk, he doesn't type.
He only vote kicks.
Headsets with mics aren't expensive.
My friend bought one only for $15 and his mic is crystal clear.
If you can't afford a headset, get a separate clip-on mic.
They are usually around $5.
Have sufficient PC spec and internet connection This should be common sense but I'm surprised by the amount of people that ignored the minimum requirements.
I have met numerous people being very grumpy over fps lags and internet lags.
This is not the game's nor their teammates' fault, yet they unleash their rage on other players.
I cannot think of any way to say this politely: If you don't have a sufficient PC specs and internet connection, don't play CS:GO.
I know.
But I believe this is very important as the amount of people being toxic in-game due to fps lag/ping lag is mesmerizing.
If you cannot afford a proper PC and internet, I feel sorry for you.
But be realistic and objective with your situation.
You are only hurting yourself and others by complaining about fps lags and ping lags, but still forces your underqualified gears to run CS:GO.
If your PC barely reaches the minimum specs, here are some solutions: check out Razer Cortex (saves your RAM), delete unnecessary programs, stop unnecessary processes, defrag, clean up your computers from virus and malwares (they are all free), and start saving up for a better gear if you love gaming.
Cinque Terre

5. Smurfs

The second section update is from JNeb's comment that reminds me of smurfs.
If you guys don't know what smurfs are,they are low ranks characters that are being played by high ranked players.
For example,a Global Elite guy made a new steam account and play CS:GO from there.
Obviously,he will start from the no rank again.
That means he's a smurf.
A global elite playing on lower ranks with a different account.
I divide smurfs into two categories,because not all smurfs are the same.
Legit Smurfs I have no problems at all with legit smurfs.
Legit smurfs are people that make second accounts to play competitive when their main account are on a competitive ban for some reason.
Legit smurfs are not a trouble at all for the community and they're no different than the other players.
Don't hate legit smurfs even if when you meet them on low ranks.
Most of them are still 'on process' to reach their original competitive rank and they will obviously have to pass lower ranks first before reaching it again.
For example,Nick Bunyun's smurf,FromZero,has to start from Legendary Eagle after the 10 wins even though Nick is originally Global Elite.
They have no mentality problems at all and it's 100% reasonable to have a second account to play CS GO.
Because I personally support the people that complain about the competitive ban system.
The ban system is pretty ridiculous and it's not compatible with real in-game situations.
People get banned for stupid reasons and accidents.
Things like that shouldn't be implemented into the game.
They need to update and make changes to the competitive ban system.
I will not make any suggestions here,though,since I'm not experienced at all in game developing and have a very little experience in programming because my school forced me to learn the basics of programming.
Okay I'm off topic again.
Troll Smurfs These people are the reason the community hates smurfs so much that they start to generalize the troll smurfs and the legit smurfs.
Troll smurfs are high ranked players that play from new accounts and intentionally keep their ranks at silver/novas to troll the new players.
Obviously,they will dominate the game if they play serious.
But most of them will troll the other players for no reason.
Some of them really do the trolling thingies,like friendly fire,team flashes,etc and some of them do the 'smurf troll' where they pretend that they're noobs and intentionally miss their shots for a while.
When it reaches the point where his team is losing badly,he suddenly turns serious and obviously,wins the game.
But most people are angry at smurfs when they're on the 'deranking process'.
As you know,troll smurfs will intentionally stay at lower ranks to troll people.
With their set of skills,they will easily rank up if they win the matches.
They need to do the 'deranking process'.
They usually kill their teammates to decrease their score,give the enemies info,troll their team to make them lose,etc.
These are the smurfs that most people don't like.
So,should you kick them ? Depends on their trolls.
Some of them will troll until your team almost lose and suddenly dominate the game.
Some of them troll the whole way because they need to derank.
If they troll the whole way,kick them.
Even if you lose because of the smurf,at least you stopped him from getting what he wants,which is getting deranked.
Of course,you need to do your very best to prevent the smurf from ruining the game and prevent the smurf from getting deranked,because that's what he really wants.
Remember,keep your positive attitude no matter what are the circumstances ! 3.
New Ranking System Smurf #DeRankFest With the new ranking system got implemented in-game, I have found a tremendous amount of new smurfs, including me.
Yes, the new ranking system dropped me from Master Guardian 1 to Silver 3 and I'm currently pretty much stuck on Silver no matter how many won games I carried with over 3.
0 to 4.
0 K/D rate (not complaining, I know it's because my low match count).
I think it is necessary for me to write about this new competitive environment.
For the smurfs You can't do anything about the new ranking system.
Just play and get the hell out from Silver as soon as you can.
Ignore the raging silvers who call you smurfs and do your best in defending yourself from getting kicked by your enraged silver teammates (they will usually vote kick you because the enemies told them to).
The only thing you can do now is learn to persuade people so that they won't kick you.
Don't hold down your skills just to avoid the insults, I have seen people done this, it will eventually decrease your overall skill.
Play like usual, be honest to your teammates & explain your situation, ignore the enemies.
This is not your fault to be locked on Silver.
From my current knowledge, you need to play A LOT before being able to rank up because match count plays a role now.
For the real silvers Again, it is not the smurf's fault.
Silver is pretty much flooded with ex-GNs, ex-MGs, and even ex-LE right now and it is caused by the new ranking system.
Don't rage on people who seem to be too good for silver, they don't have a choice but to play there.
For now, all I can suggest is hone your individual skills first before further playing competitive.
Learn the recoil pattern, learn how to burst, get used to getting headshot kills with any weapon except AWP, learn how to 1 tap headshot, learn the map, learn the strats, learn the calls, etc.
Do some warmup sessions before playing competitive.
Silver is not as easy as it used to be with this crazy amount of 'smurfs', so you'll need to be better if you want to improve there.
The minimum skill requirement to play in competitive has drastically increased, so be better if you don't want to be bullied by others.
Cinque Terre

6. Complaining

Weapon Complaints I simply don't see the point.
There are people who are good with AWPs, good with AKs, good with M4A1, good with P90, good with Deagles, or any other weapon.
Why complain over what kind of weapon our enemies use? Just because one is frustrated over getting killed by a certain weapon too frequently doesn't make a certain weapon is 'overpowered' or a 'noob weapon'.
Any player can use whatever weapon they want.
Remember that CSGO is a highly competitive game.
Thus it is very reasonable to believe that Valve is doing their best to balance all the weapons.
It is true that learning how to use P90 is much easier than learning how to use an AK or an M4 - but is it a 'noob weapon'? No.
You can't really categorize any CSGO weapons as 'noob weapons'.
All guns have its goods and bads because they are all balanced.
For example, P90 would struggle to shoot enemies from far away.
Positioning Complaints; 'Camping' Another common pointless complain.
When we play CSGO, we all try to get kills (trolls excluded).
Whether we kill by camping or rushing doesn't matter.
Everyone wants to kill the enemies.
That's the major point of the game.
If you get frustrated when you got killed by a 'camping' enemy, that's your fault.
Not the enemy.
None of us have the rights to dictate how others play.
We all can play however we want.
Is camping/backstabbing not 'honorable' or 'appropriate'? That's relative to your opinion.
Do you think it's fair to enforce your opinion to others? I don't think so.
What Should You Think About If You Like to Complain Complaining is not wrong.
But I do not encourage people to complain even though it is inevitable for most of us.
Complaining does not solve your problem or change other people, or make the thing that frustrates you disappear.
It is a natural human reaction when they are frustrated or annoyed with certain things.
When you face a problem, deal with it.
Complaining and blaming other people won't solve your problem.
But it is totally OKAY to complain.
It is just natural.
One of my favorite motivator once said "do not complain when you face problems, say WOW to make you feel excited to face it", but it is still impossible for me to avoid sounding sarcastic when saying that WOW, even though I did change into a much more optimistic and positive thinking person.
As long as you are trying to find the solution instead of whining and doing nothing, it is still okay.
Just minimize your complaining and do more to solve the problem.

7. Weapon Skins

Skins Do Not Correlate with Skills I have met a lot of people that correlates skins with skill, whenever they see someone using a StatTrak Howl or a Dragon Lore or a Karambit Doppler Ruby or any other very expensive skins, they tend to expect the owner to be an expert and started giving massive peer pressures.
For example "You have a D Lore and you missed that shot?" or "Howl can't clutch? Why did you buy expensive skins then?" or any other intimidating comments.
Now think using your simple logic.
If you have a StatTrak Fire Serpent, does that make you instantly good with AK? No.
If someone has a D Lore does that mean they have 100% accuracy? No.
I understand that some people often think "He is good and he loves that weapon so he bought an expensive skin".
Well yeah that totally makes sense, but you can't generalize it to everyone.
Yes, one may really love using a certain weapon and bought an expensive skin for it, but that does not necessarily means one is very good with it.
If they have the money to buy those super expensive skins and they want it, they buy it.
There is no rule saying that "You must be very good at CS: GO to have an expensive skin".
Stop expecting something more from people with expensive skins, they are just normal people as you are.
Stop Insulting Weapon Skins Owners "You spent money for weapon skins? That's like flushing your money into the toilet" ; "CS: GO skins are not an asset, you are stupid and you are a nobody on real world, nobody cares you have a $10000 inventory" ; "$1500 for colored pixels? Are you r*tarded?" are extremely common at almost everywhere: in-game, competitives, casuals, DMs, even discussion forums.
They seem to be very reasonable insults if you don't know much about how skin trading works.
First of all, weapon skins can be considered as an asset.
Yes, they are obviously not profitable unless you invest a lot of time in trading.
But you get almost 80%-90% of your total spent money back if you sell it on a trusted third party website and move the money into your PayPal account.
But what about the 10%-20% that we'll lost to the store's 5% share and price difference? It's still a waste isn't it? No, it's not.
If you enjoy playing with your weapon skins, it is worth the money.
People have different ideas of fun.
As an example, I don't find Dark Souls, Flappy Bird, or other games that has outrageous difficulty as 'fun'.
But I find playing with weapon finishes or skins at Dota as very fun.
Insulting others that have different ideas of 'fun' is blatantly showing your intolerance of others.
Think of it like a movie ticket or a Broadway ticket, it's the same thing - you pay for nothing else than entertainment.
You are willing to pay $50 - $150 for ~2 hours of a show/theatre but you're not willing to pay a dime for a great game that's worth thousands of hours of fun? Seriously? Plus, you are supporting Valve and the workshop creators if you do transactions at Community Market/Buy games/buy in-game stuff.
They made your favorite game, they provided the server, they make no Pay to Win games, workshop made cool skins, and most importantly, Valve has a LOT of employees.
They have mouths to feed, they have bills to pay, they need their salary, which is made possible by Valve's revenue.
In my opinion, people who refuse to spend a single cent on Steam when they do have some money to spend simply don't understand how businesses works, extremely ungrateful, and want to get benefit out of everything in the world without willing to sacrifice anything.
I can't understand people who proudly brag to others that they have not spent a dime on Steam.
People who spend money on Steam are basically 'paying the rent' for those 'freeloaders'.
This puts them in no position to insult people who support Valve.
Most of them are usually simply jealous but have too much pride to admit it, so they start by insulting you with their so-called 'reasonable' insults.
They'll do their best to make you sell your items or lose your items (by scamming you or introducing you to a scammer) because they hate seeing others having very expensive stuff that is way out of their budget.
It's best to not equip expensive skins on non-competitive matches to avoid unnecessary conflicts, or the best all-around solution: ignore and block.
Stop bootlicking people with expensive items As discussed in the comment section - this is extremely annoying and pathetic to see.
Not just kids, I also met a lot of adults bootlicking expensive items owners.
To be exact, here's the true-story-bootlicking that I experienced and saw: "OMG you have a D.
Lore! You are such a cool guy and we should be best friends!" ; "Nice M9 Doppler, man! *Took screenshots and added me as friend* Where did you get it? That is so cool! Do you have any spare skins?" or the most common one: Add people w/ expensive skins as friend, faking a friendly gesture, defend them from others who insult them (resulting in pointless internet fights), invite them to play everytime they're online so that they can borrow the expensive item in-game ("Drop me the AWP everytime you have enough money please"), but persist to act as if they don't add them because of the skin.
The amount of friend requests I received after I have a D.
Lore skyrocketed after every game compared to before I have a D.
I don't understand this behavior at all.
Do they expect the item owners to lend them the skin? Does having a D.
Lore/Howl/Ruby/Sapphire owner as a friend makes them an accomplished human being? Again, I emphasize this: people with expensive items are just normal people - they are neither different nor stupid, they don't have 100% accuracy, the expensive skins doesn't make them better at CS:GO, queueing with them does not guarantee winning, and they will never give you their items for free even when they quit playing video games no matter how close you are to them.
Nobody is stupid enough to give out thousands of dollars of free money to an internet friend.
New Guide!I'm not allowed to promote my guide on the community forum so I decided to slip in my own new guide in this more-popular guide of mine.
I wrote a new guide that shows you the real-life positive effects of playing CSGO.
I used an empirical approach for the new guide rather than this opinion-based style due to its topic.
So, yeah, you might find it boring but it's far more trustworthy than this guide.
New Guide! I just finished writing my second guide, again, not about technical Counter-Strike thingies but more from the mental-side.
It talks mainly about positive video game effects, specifically Counter-Strike.
If you have ever thought what kind of argument you can give to people who criticizes you about your gaming habit, this guide is for you! Here it is if you're interested: http://steamcommunity.

8. Arguing In-Game

If you look at my profile, you may notice I am not dedicated to only play CS: GO.
I also play a couple of other multiplayer games, and one of it is infamous for its amount of immature players, Call of Duty.
So the way to handle pointless arguing that I'm going to write can be implemented in all kind of multiplayer games, not just CS: GO.
Especially team-based games, deathmatches, or any other non-competitive modes.
This is because I found this thing happen a lot in casual games, not competitive matches.
I did experience some of these arguings on competitive matches and it ruined the game.
Learning the fatal effect of arguing in competitive mode made me decide to add another update on my mentality guide.
So first of all, here's an example of common thing that triggers the pointless arguings.
Let's say there's a guy named Larry.
Larry is good with AWPs.
Larry is the current top fragger in a deathmatch.
He dominates almost everyone on the enemy's team.
One of them, let's call him Bob, does not like Larry dominating the game.
Bob got frustrated and he starts calling Larry as a hacker.
Still not satisfied, Bob starts cursing Larry's mother and he rages on and on.
What should Larry do? Okay that was stupid and I'm not even sure why did I make a paragraph-long example for a very common thing that everyone will understand in instant.
I was hangry and waiting for Domino's when I wrote this so whatever.
So whenever someone cursed you or called you names or whatever, simply ignore them.
Most of the arguing started as soon as they started to bring your family members into their rage mode.
People usually say "Don't you dare call my mother a/an X" (substitute X variable with random bad word) and they argue endlessly.
The very first thing you don't want to do is following their footsteps.
People usually fight back by calling them names and cursing their mother, just like what they did to them.
This does not solve anything and it will make things worse for you and make things better for the perpetrator (the guy who cursed you).
As you know, most people who rages in-game and mock other people are usually the trollers type.
Some of them may be a real frustrated guy but some of them only do it for fun.
As you read from my previous sections, trollers will get happier if you are angry.
Avoid giving them the satisfaction by getting angry.
Here's what you should think of when someone cursed you in-game: People have the right to say whatever the want on the internet.
With the lack of emotional intelligence, internet law, and any other kind of control, internet has become a very free place to speak.
This makes it very common for people to say bad words and curse other people that make them feel frustrated, especially in multiplayer online video games.
Immature people always want to be the number one hero in video games.
They want to be the top fragger, they want their team to win, they want to clutch, they want to ace, etc.
This is usually because we are a nobody on real world, while if you do those cool things in-game, you become somebody who will get people's attention.
Not all people can handle the top-of-the-world feeling well and they usually brag about it.
Frustration is not always the basic thing that triggers raging.
I see people type "LUCKY STUPID NOOB" or "EZ GAME NOOBS" or whatever when they won a game (I refer to them as 'arrogant nerds', will write about them in the next section).
This also caused arguing.
The thing is, you can't stop people from mocking you.
There is no control over what people can say in in-game chats or voice chat, and the amount of immature people in the internet means high probability of you getting raged on.
They can say whatever the heck they want about you and your family but remember that it does not make you or your family like what they said.
If you do not hack, people calling you hacker does not make you a hacker.
It would be fruitless to argue with them because when you are talking against a troller or immature people, there is no winning.
He feels invincible because he talks through the internet and the angrier you get, the happier he is.
Ignoring them is the best choice for now.
Don't waste your time threatening them by tracking their IP address or whatever, because this will only make them happier.
Believe me I've seen people done it, acting like a tough guy and threaten to send a hitman to his house.
It shows your anger even if you are playing it cool and it shows your lack of emotional intelligence (plus shows that you are immature).
Just mute their mic, or block them.
It's the best solution for you.
As long as you know that what they are talking about is not true, just ignore them.
You are just another player trying to have some fun.
If he does not support your intention to have some fun and will make things worse for you, why bother arguing at all? Everybody wants to have some fun in video games.
People have their own ways to achieve it.
Some of them like to play with AWPs, some of them like to play with AKs, some of them like to camp, some of them like to run and gun, etc.
People have their right to do whatever they want in-game.
Devs do not make a "Deagle only" or "No revolver" or "No AWP" or "No camping" rule right? Why bother responding to people who calls you a camper or saying that your weapon is OP? They have no right to make rules in-game.
They only say those bad things because they are frustrated, mainly because you are better than them.
The problem is not the weapon you use, or the way you play, the problem is from within themselves.
Immature people only want to win no matter what and they will do what they do best when someone prevents them from winning, raging at them.
Remember that this is just a freakin' game.
It does not matter whether you win or you lose.
Winning and losing is an everyday thing for every gamer in the world and that's what makes us having better perseverance than non-gamers (refer to my other guide for more about this sentence).
You have every right to achieve the fun you want even when you lost the game.
Winning IS NOT everything.
And do not hack.
Seriously, hacking will negate all of the positive effect of video game and it will create a really, really bad shortcut habit.
Plus, how are you going to have some fun if you're banned? Ignoring them will gain you respect from other players since it shows your maturity, and who knows one of them might stood up for you, creating an immature vs immature argument battle.
This happened to me before and I decided to tell the guy who stood up for me to also ignore the raging kid.
I will feel bad if he got raged on and had a bad day just because of me.
I know this go against your will to defend your dignity, since I'm basically saying that you should let some random nerd to rain hell upon you in the form of curses.
But think again, you gain no benefit from fighting these guys and you are much better than them.
Remember that letting them call you names does not mean you are like what they said.
Cinque Terre

9. Arrogant Nerds

It has come to my attention that the amount of 'arrogant nerds' in-game is astounding here.
Wow, people.
I decided to make the extended version of my 'How to enjoy competitive matches' section.
Basically, I borrowed the 'arrogant nerd' term from a YouTube comment on SnowShovel's A.
A Online video back in the day when I still play crappy online games since I didn't know what the heck is Steam.
SnowShovel was one of these types, and this mean comment really perfectly described it.
The phrase itself represents perfectly of the type of people who says "EZ GAME NOOBS" or other boasting sentences.
I'm going to divide this section into two parts, for the arrogant nerds themselves and for non-arrogant nerds.
Please be honest to yourselves whether you are one of those arrogant nerds or not so that this guide can effectively make you better.
Or just read both parts to be safe.
If you are an 'Arrogant Nerd' I know the header sounds ridiculous since nobody wants to be called an arrogant nerd.
It's a pretty harsh phrase but it represents the type perfectly.
No gamer would be arrogant if they are not a nerd.
Smart and mature gamer won't be arrogant in-game.
The point is, if you feel that gaming skill is worth something and you boast in-game or you mock new players or you feel you literally have 'higher real life status' than new players, it means you are one of the arrogant nerds.
Face it.
Gaming skills aren't worth a penny except you are a member of money-making professional gaming team.
This fact may change in the future with the vast growing of e-sport but we still have a lot of older generations that hate the gaming world.
E-Sport is still too young to be made as a guaranteed income source and if you are a nobody in real life, you will still be a nobody even with great gaming skills.
This is one of the many reasons nerds are born.
They are trying to find an escape route from the real world where they can be somebody.
Being good at games also doesn't guarantee you're good at game developing since it requires programming skill.
My point is, STOP.
I can't emphasize this enough.
I personally think this is really stupid.
You get nothing if you win, you get nothing if you lose.
You don't feed your family with your gaming skill, and you can't buy all things that you dream of with your gaming skill.
Gaming is designed to be fun.
Even with today's weird people's idea of 'fun' (not sure if games like The Impossible Game or Flappy Bird can be considered fun), the main point of the game is still to have fun.
It is just a hobby, nothing more.
DO NOT EVER sacrifice your family or your girlfriend or whoever you care about just for gaming.
That would be a really stupid thing to do and you will regret it for the rest of your life.
If you are a nobody on real life, then BE somebody.
DO SOMETHING other than running away to the gaming world to be somebody! Being arrogant in-game is really pointless and you won't achieve anything from it.
The chance of you being a game developer without programming/design skill and real job opportunity is very small, plus the chance of you getting accepted to a money-making professional gaming team is even smaller.
Of course, personal backgrounds would play its role here.
Sons and daughters of powerful and rich people, successful people - again, remember some people have weird idea about 'success - tend to be arrogant in-game.
If you have on of those backgrounds, remember that your parents' money is NOT your money.
You don't work for that money so it's nothing more than one of the form of your parent's love to you.
No matter how rich and powerful your parents are, you are still a nobody if you do not work for your own success.
Even if you already reached success by yourself, why the heck would you feel proud over freakin' gaming skill? There is no sane reason of it even though it means something for your gamer friends.
Being arrogant in-game will show you that you will be arrogant when you have some power in your hand, when you feel you are better than someone in real life.
So please people, stop being so proud over your gaming skills and face the reality.
Stop hurting other people to help you raise your mood.
If you are not an 'Arrogant Nerd' Same thing as before, ignore them.
If you are kind enough, feel bad for them.
Those people are people who cannot be trusted with power and control in real life.
They would be horrible bosses and cocky rich people (if they're successful).
Their bosses will always keep them as low-level employee for their whole life if they sense their arrogance.
Nothing much can be done for them since it's usually a character they are used to since they were kids, unless they know that they are arrogant and they want to change.
It is not impossible to change people like them into a better person.
Arrogance is a trait that make it hard for other people to like you.
So you can be happy if you don't have that trait.
That is all for update v4.
0, guys.
Again, I do not mean to offend you in any way.
The arrogant nerd section may seem harsh for some people, especially you people with "Don't Judge Me" culture.
Just know that "Dont Judge Me" has its boundaries.
It doesn't apply when you're hurting yourself and other people socially and mentally but you don't want people to change the bad traits of yours because you feel you're already the freakin best human being in the world.
People have flaws, have an open mind and cover your bad traits with your good ones.
Nobody is perfect.
Thank you so much if you have been reading my guide since v1.
0, I really appreciate your support in the form of rate ups and favorites.
Who knows a couple of seconds to click those buttons and recommending this guide to your friend may help them somehow.
I don't care about the number of ratings and favorites, but I do care about how many people have read this guide to an end and made changes to their life and gaming habit.
I am still human and I am not the guy who believe that I am always right, so please comment your constructive criticisms on how you want me to change something in my guide if you disagree with something.
Valid and solid arguments will be updated into the guide.
I apologize if I offended you in any way, I do not intend to do so.
I only want to make things better for the community.
Thank you! Good Luck & Have Fun.
Cinque Terre

10. Multicultural Servers

I sta