The Ultimate Bomb Guide

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This guide will contain most of the basics, and advanced bomb planting/ defusing tactics.
I will not talk about hidden bomb planting spots in this guide.
If I have any wrong information, please correct me, it will be very nice.
My english is not the best :D Please try to ignore any mistakes.

Planting The Bomb

How can you plant the bomb as fast as possible?Don't click a long click while entering the site, start clicking when you already got into the site, it will probably save you half a second.
What is the safest way to plant the bomb?Try planting in a place that a box or two at least are covering you (it doesn't have to be a box) so the enemys will have less angles to watch for you and kill you.
When should I fake the plant and when not?You should fake the plant if you know the enemys are waiting for you in a corner, or if they are very near to you.
TIP: Faking the bomb isn't recommended on ecos/full ecos when you need the bomb plant.

Faking The Plant

Faking the bomb plant in CS : GO is a very good way to play ''mind games'' with your opponent.
To fake a bomb plant you need to just click 1 short click on your mouse, and the CT player will hear the bomb sound so hes gonna peek/push you, at this time he pushes you will peek him and get the kill.
Here is the quickest plant fake you can do:All you need to do is just click that 1 short click then DROP the bomb, dropping the bomb will sometimes be bad, and most of the times good.
You have to drop the bomb to get the best faking time, it will immediately change your weapon to the primary weapon.
(if you dont have a primary weapon it will change to the best weapon you are holding) In some cases like a 1v1 situation or 1v2, you dont have the fake the bomb, sometimes your opponents will think that you are faking and will just wait.

Bomb Timer Mini- Guide

In this part of the guide I am going to talk about the timer of the bomb, when should you defuse and some little bomb tips.
People were always telling me: ''Please can you turn off the last 10 seconds remaining music? its annoying''.
What they didn't know was how helpful is this music.
If you are playing as a CT it is highly recommended to turn on your 10 seconds bomb timer on, because if you dont have a kit the defuse will last 10 seconds, also the music will start playing.
That means you will know if you should save the weapon or defuse.
Here are some another nice tips:1}When the bomb becomes green, that means there is only 1 second exactly for the bomb to explode, so when you see that there's only 1 second left for the defuse and the green light didn't show up, you know you made it.
2}Throwing a smoke on the bomb to hide it is probably a waste of a smoke.
The bomb red light will shine most of the time to at least 1 side of the smoke, and people can also hear it.
3}Sound is also very important, because in some situations you need to hear where is the bomb so you can get into it as fast as possible.
4}If you are making a ninja- defuse or anything else while the bomb is smoked, use this command: bind "(any key you want)" "toggle gameinstructor_enable", this will enable the begginers game instructor messages, and it will locate the bomb for you.
You can just enable it and then disable by pressing the key you binded.
For example:bind "t" "toggle gameinstructor_enable", now everytime I use the ''t'' key it will enable it.

The End :D

I hope you learned something, if it is 1 tip or 2 I am very thankful for each person visited and liked this guide.
Comment if you liked this guide, thank you :D