The Ultimate Achievement Guide!! v2.03

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Getting Started

First off, you're gonna need to know the basics.
CT is short for Counter-Terrorist T is short for Terrorist Achiev is short for Achievement Nice and easy, got that? Second of all you need your console commands ON! How do I do that? Settings.
Look for Allow Developer Console then change your keybind to something you want it as, we'll be using this a lot! But I don't know how to use the console!? You're fine.
I do.
All the codes and commands you need are in this guide and even explained afterwards to help teach you.
Aren't I kind? Can't find what you're looking for? Press Ctrl and F to search the page.
This guide is a work in progress, it might not be here yet.
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Disclaimer: At no point while following the instructions of this guide should you put your genitalia in or around any dangerous object such as (but not limited to) a fan, razor or toaster.
There, now I've dodged most of the overused jokes in the comments.

Gun Expert Achievs!

Right, this one is so simple.
But I need 1000 kills on my AK!? I'm too nooby for that! But what if all your enemies couldnt fight back? Using this technique I got roughly 100 kills per game.
Step 1: Offline with Bots - Deathmatch - St Marc - Normal Bots - Terrorist Team Step 2: Open your console and paste in the following: bot_kick; bot_knives_only 1; mp_autoteambalance 0; mp_limitteams 10 then keep typing bot_add_ct until the ct team says it is full That's confusing and scary, what does it do bot_kick: all the bots just got kicked bot_knives_only: bots are now defenseless mp_autoteambalance: disables team balance so friendly bots dont steal your kills mp_limitteams: there can be ten playes per team Step 3: Buy whichever weapon you need expertise in (if grenades or knives see later in the guide) Step 4: Head to T spawn, by the sea.
There's a ladder up to a house, climb it then use your ninja parkour skills to hop onto that boat.
You now have a clear view of most of the map and the bots are not smart enough to get to you, they will cluster under the boat making kills easy.
Step 5: Kill, kill, kill.
The results? Here.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Knife/Grenade Achievs!

Three The Hard Way Sknifed/Snipe Hunter Knife Expert The Cutting Edge HE Grenade Expert Flame Expert Road to Hell Spray and Pray Blind Ambition Defuse This! Shrapnelproof Premature Burial Blind Fury Step 1: Offline with Bots - Deathmatch - St Marc - Normal Bots - Terrorist Team Step 2: Enter this in console: bot_kick; bot_knives_only 1; mp_autoteambalance 0; mp_limitteams 10; mp_buy_allow_grenades_1 then keep typing bot_add_ct That's confusing and scary, what does it do bot_kick: all the bots just got kicked bot_knives_only: bots are now defenseless mp_autoteambalance: disables team balance so friendly bots dont steal your kills mp_limitteams: there can be ten playes per team mp_buy_allow_grenades: lets you buy grenades in deathmatch bot_add_ct: adds a bot to the CTs Because grenades are not supposed to be in deathmatch, there is a bug.
When you kill a player with a grenade the kill goes to WHICHEVER WEAPON YOU HOLD AT THE TIME OF THE KILL.
Straight after you throw a grenade, tap 4 to reselect it to credit the right weapon.
Three The Hard Way HE Grenade Expert Premature Burial Make sure you buy an HE grenade and maybe a PP-Bizon first.
Climb into the House by T spawn and jump across to the boat.
Fire all your mag from the Bizon straight up.
You've been on the minimap long enough for the bots now and they're all after you.
Don't worry, they cant jump on to the boat and they only have knives.
If you stand right over the edge of the boat their AI will think they can get you, so they will cluster underneath the boat.
Throw grenades down.
(Due to another glitch, grenades don't harm the thrower!) Keep throwing, when they're all dead you may need to lure them back by shooting in the air.
Type kill in the console after you throw a grenade at an enemy to get Premature Burial.
Keep killing yourself after grenades until you get a kill.
Flame Expert I have two techniques for this, one safe and slow, one fast and deadly.
Buy a Molotov and keep walking backwards around the map, throwing molotovs down for the AI to walk into, this gets you kills very fast but you might kill yourself or get backstabbed a lot.
Alternatively, follow the technique from in Three The Hard Way (Be careful, Molotovs can damage yourself) Blind Ambition Road To Hell Spray and Pray Blind Fury Buy a Flashbang and a gun (preferrably one you need expertise in just to add up a few kills).
Blind Ambition just involves Flashbanging the bots then mowing them down.
Spray and Pray and Blind Fury are easiest if you follow the instructions from Three The Hard Way then shoot them down when you're blind.
For Road To Hell, type bot_add_t in the console.
This adds a bot to your team.
Wherever he is on the minimap, throw grenades that way, so hopefully anyone going after him will be blind then kill him.
Knife Expert The Cutting Edge What's the difference between these achievs? Knife kills are just kills using the knife, knife fights only count if they knife you back at least once.
How To Knife Fight: There are two techniques to Knife Fighting; 1.
Walk up to your enemy, dance around a bit first maybe, go in for fake shots then retreat (unnescessary against bots) so they dont know when you'll attack.
Go ahead and knife them.
I keep dying, my opponents do more damage than me! HAX! You need to use your secondary fire, this requires timing.
As you will see your shoot button does fast low-damaging swipes, whereas your secondary fire takes longer to attack but does more damage.
You need to land two Secondary attacks for a kill.
If you have reflexes fast enough and are certain your enemy will not back away after the first hit, use this technique.
Walk straight up to the enemy, left click them then immidieately after you land the first hit, right-click.
If your enemy backs away after the first hit though, you're at a disadvantage, you have less health (unless they failed to hit you) Sknifed Snipe Hunter Thanks to GGWC for some help with this one.
bot_kick; bot_snipers_only 1; mp_autoteambalance 0; mp_limitteams 10; then use bot_add_(team) to add loads o' bots to the enemy team.
Knife them all down.
After they get knifed once they will unscope, wait for them to put the sniper back up to their face before you knife them again.
Defuse This! Shrapnelproof For this one, go on my custom Defuse map rather than St Marc (download is in Defuse/Hostage section!) and plant the bomb in the corner of A, where the wall is.
This part was made just for holding grenades.
Go to the lowest platform on the map, this is where the buyzone is.
Get a grenade.
Shoot your friend until their health is low.
Then throw the grenade onto the bomb and make your friend defuse.
For Shrapnelproof, get your friend to throw HEs at you until you are below 20 health, then kill him.
Road To Hell I apologise for the previous guide for this achievement, I misunderstood the achievement, I thought the enemy had to kill YOUR teammate, but in fact they must kill one of THEIR teammates.
Type in the console mp_teammates_are_enemies 1 and continuously throw flashbangs into the bot's knife fights until you get this.

Map Veteran/Pistol Round Achievs!

You can get all these Achievs using just one code! Have it ready in your copy and paste before you start.
Make sure you choose a map on OFFLINE COMPETITIVE and pick CT team for a Defuse and T team for Hostage.
DEFUSE MAPS: mp_maxrounds 2; mp_freezetime 0; mp_halftime_duration 0; bot_quota 2; bot_knives_only 1; mp_match_restart_delay 0; mp_roundtime_defuse 0.
025; HOSTAGE MAPS: mp_maxrounds 2; mp_freezetime 0; mp_halftime_duration 0; bot_quota 2; bot_knives_only 1; mp_match_restart_delay 0; mp_roundtime_hostage 0.
025; What does that all do? mp_maxrounds 2: there are only two rounds, one in each half mp_freezetime 0: freezetime lasts 0 seconds mp_halftime_duration 0: teams immidiately swap at half time bot_quota 2: 1v1 bot count bot_knives_only 1: bots only have knives mp_match restart delay 0: games immidiately restart mp_roundtime_defuse 0.
025: Defuse rounds last 0.
025 minutes mp_roundtime_hostage 0.
025: Hostage rounds last 0.
025 minutes Enter this into console during buy time.
One of two things is now happening: 1.
The game is spazzing super fast, what the hell is happening? 2.
The game is playing as normal.
If your game is going super fast, then the round (set to 0.
025 minutes) ends really fast and there's no halftime delay, remember? CTs win every defuse round because the bomb cant be planted that fast, you'll win round one, then swap to T and lose one, then the game restarts.
Ts always win Hostage rounds because the Hostages can't be saved that fast.
You win one, swap, lose one.
This adds progress towards Peace Treaty and Map Veteran.
Just keep picking teams and you'll get one round per 5 seconds.
Once you have your map veteran, switch to another map you need Veteran on.
If your game is normal, no worries, the command is gonna kick in after you win this first round, your enemy bot only has a knife so now is the perfect time to get that Street Fighter achievement.
Knife him and then the game will start going fast.
Read above.

Gun Game (Arms Race) Achievs!

RAMPAGE FIRST Conservationist One Shot.
One Kill.
Base Scamper Born Ready Knife On Knife Level Playing Field Offline with Bots - Shoots - Normal Bots - Terrorist Enter this command into console: bot_quota 2; bot_knives_only 1 You're now in a 1v1 and your enemy only has a knife.
This run you're goiing to get RAMPAGE, FIRST, Conservationist, One Shot One Kill, Base Scamper.
That bot has probably run off, you need to find him, alternatively, shoot in the air to attract him to you (This isn't a good idea if you're going for Conservationist) When you kill him once, make your way to his spawn ASAP.
Keep killing him, don't let him do any damage to you, you'll need your health later for the Gold Knife.
Once you've made it to shotguns, this is where you get One Shot One Kill.
Let him get very close but don't let him attack.
Get One Kill with One Shot then repeat with the next two shotguns.
Keep killing.
Kill him without dying and you just got all those achievs, well done! Now you can get all the other achievs.
put in console: bot_knives_only 0 Now he has weapons again.
Let him kill you at spawn over and over.
When he gets to gold knife level, shoot him with your SMG, when he comes back, knife him to death.
Now you have two more achievs.
Keep killing him now, don't allow him to end the game, when you get to AWP type 'kill' in the console.
You need to one-hit-kill the bot with your first bullet to get Born Ready.
If you can't, try it with your other rifles you get.
Gun Collector King of The Kill Kill of The Century The Professional Cold Pizza Eater First of all I suggest you play this on my custom map for added easiness, but the default maps work well too.
mp_roundtime 0.
025; mp_freezetime 0.
3; mp_roundrestartdelay 0 Huh? This sets the round to one minute, shows the leaderboard on round end for 0.
3 seconds and restarts immidiately for super fast rounds of arms race, all you need to do is be in the lead! That is still only 1 win per minute though, im looking for ways to make it a lot faster! A bug has been reported and I also tested it and found this did not work.
Working on a solution.
Solution found! Look under Demolition for the new achievement guide!

Demolition Mode Achievs!

First Things First Target Secured Clusterstruck The Unstoppable Force War of Attrition Pick your team then teamkill all your bots so that you can kill all the enemies yourself.
If you successfully do this as T you get Target Secured, if you do it as CT you get First Things First, it's easiest against Normal Bots.
You should also get War of Attrition and Unstoppable Force.
To earn Clusterstruck, choose T on Safehouse, teamkill all your team so they can't kill enemies.
Run upstairs, crouch jump onto the bed then the wardrobe, the bots cant defuse the bomb if you put it there, they will cluster around it while you wait on the garage roof.
When the bomb is about to go off jump into the room so the bots dont escape.
They will all aim at you and the bomb will go off.
If you can't teamkill your bots, use this command: mp_autoteambalance 0; mp_limitteams 5; bot_kick; bot_add_ct; then repeat bot_add_ct until they have a team of 5.
If the instructions were not clear enough click this youtube video I made.
Gungamer Practice Practice Practice Keep On Gunning Gun Collector Kill of The Century The Professional King Of the Kill Cold Pizza Eater SORRY THESE SEEM TO BE BROKEN FOR NOW I WILL TRY AND FIX THEM ASAP Download my new custom map.
In this custom map the Terrorist team instantly dies on spawn to make it easy and fast to rack up wins on the Counter Terrorist side! You're welcome! The map is found here.
First you want to load the map Offline with bots on Demolition mode, don't pick a team yet! Open and paste this into the console: bot_kick; then join the CT team and paste: mp_freezetime 0; mp_halftime_duration 0; mp_round_restart_delay 1; mp_match_restart_delay 1; mp_maxrounds 3; bot_add What? Why? bot_kick: kicks all bots mp_freezetime 0: freezetime lasts 0 seconds mp_halftime_duration 0: halftime switches instantly mp_round_restart_delay 1: round instantly restarts mp_match_restart_delay 1: match instantly restarts mp_maxrounds 3: there are 3 rounds per game.
bot-add: adds a bot The way this works now is that there are three rounds: the first half is one round and the second half is two rounds.
Because of this, you need to choose Terrorist team to get 2 wins, and win the game.
Every time the match restarts, go T.
If you go CT, you lose the game because the score is 2-1 to the enemy.
You'll get the achievements nice and quickly.

Defuse/Hostage Achievs!

I need to defuse like a million bombs? LOLNO! Oi, don't give up yet, cos I've spent all morning making a nice tool for you.
You will need: My new custom map At least one friend Here is the map you'll need! Use bot_kick to get rid of the bots (unless you need them) Save 5000 hostages? Nah Well I've spent all evening developing another map for YOU! (jk i copy-pasted my other and added hostages) But anyway this is the map you need for hostages! (You still need freinds, sorry!) Both maps have buyzones on the lower platform.
Sorry, I no longer take friend requests to help as I was getting too many

Domination/Revenge Achievs!

Repeat Offender Decimator Ten Angry Men Overkill Command And Control Hat Trick Excessive Brutality For all of these achievements, Go on St Marc against normal bots on Deathmatch and follow exactly what you would do for the Gun Expert Achievements.
If you think you need more time, use mp_roundtime 30 before you add all the enemy bots.
Pick your best weapon and/or some grenades with mp_buy_allow_grenades 1 to rack up plenty of kills.
Insurgent Can't Keep A Good Man Down Pick a nice small map, against Normal bots again on Deathmatch, use this: bot_kick; mp_limitteams 10; mp_autoteambalance 0; mp_radar_showall 1; mp_respawn_immunitytime 0 That kicks all bots, turns off teambalance and maxes out the players per team to 10.
It also lets you always know where each enemy is and they know where you are, it also makes you vunlnerable as soon as you respawn so you can be spawnkilled.
Go AFK and wait to be dominated by many people.
Then use bot_knives_only 1; mp_respawn_immunitytime 10 to grant your spawn invulnerability and make the bots defenseless.
Get revenge on all the bots.
If that wasn't enough for Can't Keep A Good Man Down then repeat.

Money Achievs!

The Frugal Beret War Bonds Spoils Of War Killanthropist Blood Money War Bonds Spoils Of War Blood Money Go into any Offline With Bots match on Classic Casual or Classic Competitive and type in the console? bot_kick; mp_afterroundmoney 100000; mp_buytime 100000 I don't speak nerd, translate for me! bot_kick: kicks every bot mp_afterroundmoney 100000: after every round you will get 10000 (Casual) or 16000 (Competitive) to spend.
mp_buytime 100000: you won't run out of time to buy things.
1: Spend allllllllllll dat money (If you need Killanthropist, see below) 2: Die.
This can be done by typing kill in the console.
The round will restart with you getting a lot more money.
3: Repeat Killanthropist "Donating" a weapon counts as any weapon thrown via your drop key.
I suggest going into the buyzone and spending all your money on cheap pistols and throwing them all.
You will get the achievement in no time.
Either this or in a normal public game you can throw your weapons directly upwards in the buytime and catch them again (C4 counts too!) For best results view this video: War Bonds Spoils Of War Blood Money Thanks to Curtis for pointing out that you still get this achievement at the money limit.
Go on any defuse map you want, Offline with bots, join CT and type this in the console: bot_kick; mp_maxrounds 9999999999999999999999; mp_freezetime 0; mp_round_restart_delay 0; mp_halftime_duration 0; mp_roundtime_defuse .
0025; bot_add_t; mp_afterroundmoney 100000 That kicks all the bots, makes infinite rounds, makes rounds and halftime pass instantly and then adds an enemy bot, whilst also giving you lots of money per round.
Just keep joining the CT team.
The Frugal Beret Join the CT team on any Defuse map against bots.
Type this into your console: mp_round_restart_delay 0.
01; mp_roundtime_defuse 0.
01; mp_freezetime 0; mp_maxrounds 100; mp_restartgame 1 There you have it! Fast and simple.

Not Going to be Added.

Due to some achievements being way too easy or uncheatable, I'm not doing every single achievement, here's some you need to get yourself.
By folllowing the other achievements in this guide, you'll unlock loads of these anyway, so try some of them out! If you really need help with one of these, comment and I will make a guide for it.
Shot With Their Pants Down Points In Your Favor Body Bagger Newb World Order Finishing Schooled Target Hardened Mercy Rule Primer Eye To Eye Head Shred Redemption Avenging Angel You've Made Your Points Bunny Hunt Kill One, Get One Spree Corpseman Battle Sight Zero Pro-moted Spoils Of War Shrapnelproof Tourist A Million Points Of Blight God of War Marksman


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