The Great CS:GO Dictionary

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A - M

A: - Ace: When the entire enemy team gets killed by one player.
- ADADAD'ing: Zig-zagging by continuously spamming the A (walk left) and D (walk right) button to make it more difficult for opponents to hit you.
- ADR: Average damage per round.
- ADS: Aiming Down Sights.
This means looking through the scope of a weapon.
- AFK: Away from keyboard.
When a player doesn't move because he moved away from his PC for a while.
- Aimbot: A type of hack which makes the user automatically aim at enemies (usually the head).
- Aimpunch: The knockback from getting hit by a bullet.
Especially noticeable when not wearing kevlar.
- Anchor: (1.
) The last CT to stay on the bombsite when his teammate(s) rotate(s).
) A bad player whose bad performance pulls his team down, like a literal anchor.
- Anti-eco: A round in which a team plays against a team that is on eco.
- Anti-strat: Strategy designed specifically to counter a strategy used by the opponent.
- Autoshotty: Nickname for the automatic XM1014 shotgun.
- Autosniper: Other name for both the G3SG1 and the Scar-20.
B: - Bait: (1.
) Playing T-side aggressively near an area that contains CT's, in an effort to make them throw their nades early on.
This makes sure that during the actual push, the CT's won't be able to defend themselves as effectively.
) (Accidentally) making enemies move towards your teammate's location, thus putting the teammate(s) in danger.
) Exposing yourself to lure an enemy out of cover, so that a teammate can take him down.
- Boosting: (1.
) Getting to otherwise inaccessible areas by jumping on top of another player's head.
) Queueing with lower-ranked players and thereby "boosting" their rank.
- Buffed: When a weapon gets buffed, it means that it is made more powerful so that it'll be used more often by players.
- Bunny hopping: Strafe jumping repeatedly instead of running in order to move quicker.
- Burst-fire: firing in bursts of approximately 3 shots (can be 4 or 5) to improve accuracy, instead of shooting continuously.
C: - Callouts: Locations on a map.
- Camping: Staying in the same spot for a long time, waiting for a player that you can kill.
- Carrying: Playing much better than the rest of your team.
- Choking: Giving away a big lead.
- Clutch: Term used to define the situation in which a player wins the round after being the last man standing for their team.
- Collateral: Killing two or more enemies with one bullet.
- Comp: Abbreviation for ''competitive'', the most-played game mode in the game.
- Cooldown: Period in which you're banned from playing competitive.
This can be due to leaving a match, getting votekicked too often, or doing too much teamdamage.
- Crabwalking: Moving while crouching.
- Crossfire (setup): Positioning between two or more teammates which makes sure that enemies who enter the area will be attacked from multiple angles.
- Crouch jump: Jumping while crouching at the same time, in order to jump higher.
- CVAR: Console variable; a text-based command used within a game or engine.
- Cy ka (♥♥♥♥♥): Russian insult, also used by non-Russian players.
D: - Dak dak: Another name for the autosnipers, G3SG1 and Scar-20 - Deagle: Abbreviation for the Desert Eagle, a pistol in the game.
- Dink: A headshot that is survived by the hit player.
- Double kill: Killing 2 enemies in rapid succession.
- Dropping (a weapon): To give a weapon to a teammate, who cannot afford one.
- Dry: Without any nades (e.
dry peek, meaning a peek without a flash or anything else to support it) - Dual Elites/Dualies: Other name for ''Dual Berettas".
E: - Eco: Only using pistols for one round to save up money.
A round in which no money is spent at all by either side, is sometimes called a "full eco".
- Economic damage: Kills that won't win you the round, but will at least do some damage to the opponent's economy.
- Elo: Despite the fact that the CS:GO rating system is merely a variant of the "Elo" system, it is often referred to as Elo nonetheless.
- Entryfrag: The first kill as a team takes control of a specific portion of the map previously held by the enemy, usually a bomb site.
- Execute: A strategy made for taking over a bombsite, usually with the help of coordinated nades.
- Exit frags: Kills you get while saving, to do some economic damage.
- ez (pz): Easy (peasy).
F: - Fake: (1.
) On the Terrorist side, letting 1 or more people make a lot of noise at one bombsite, to make CT's rotate to that bombsite and leaving 1 bombsite mostly open.
) (Plant): To start planting the bomb so that the enemy can hear the planting beep, but immediately stopping and switching to your weapon to defend or attack the enemy.
) (Defuse): (3.
) (defuse) - To start defusing the bomb so that the enemy can hear the defusing sound, but immediately stopping and switching to your weapon to attack the enemy.
- Flanking: Getting behind enemy lines to attack them in the back.
- Frag: other word for ''kill''.
- Flick(shot): Quickly moving your crosshair to a different position than it was in before, because an enemy appeared elsewhere.
- Forcebuy: Buying out even though the team cannot afford a full buy with utility.
- Framerate: The amount of frames (images) per second.
If you have a high framerate, animations run smoothly.
G: - Gay gun: Derogatory term for the automatic sniper rifles (G3SG1 and Scar-20).
- gh: Good half.
- gl: Good luck.
- gg: Good game.
- gj: Good job.
Often said after a won round.
- Gooshed: Being shot in the head without wearing head armor.
- Glass cannon: AWP without armor.
H: - Hand cannon: Desert Eagle.
- Headglitching: Peeking in such a way that only your head is visible to opponents.
- Headshot: Shooting a player in the head.
Usually results in a one-hit kill.
- hf: Have fun.
- HP: Health points.
It's the amount of health a player has left.
I: - IGL: In-game leader: The person who calls the strats on a team.
J: - Juan Deag: See "One deag".
- Jumpshot: Shooting and jumping at the same time.
- Jumpthrow: A grenade throw while jumping.
K: - K/D: abbreviation of ''kill/death ratio'', which is your amount of kills divided by your amount of deaths.
- Killsteal: When you were about to kill someone, but another player is quicker and gets the kill.
- Knife fight: When 2 or more players agree upon not using guns or grenades, but only using the knife to kill eachother.
Often done in a 1v1 situation.
- Kobe: A kill with an HE grenade.
- Krieg: Other name for the SG 553.
- Kur wa: Polish insult, also used by non-Polish players.
- KQLY (style): Getting a kill using a jumpshot.
Named after French player KQLY, who famously got such a kill with his USP-S once.
L: - Lag: Having a delay on your actions due to a bad internet connection/server.
- Lit: Being damaged considerably.
- Legged: Being shot in the leg by an AWP.
- Long Jumping: A special trickjump technique which involves making small left-right movements in mid-air.
It allows the player to jump farther distances.
- Lurker: A role that involves picking off enemy rotators.
Mostly plays as a 'lone wolf.
' M: - MM: Matchmaking, the system used to create matches.
- Molly: Other name for the molotov.

N - Z

N: - N1: Nice one.
- NA: Literally means "North America(n)", but is often used as a prefix to describe a misplay (due to the infamously lacklustre performance by North American CS:GO teams at big tournaments).
An example of this would be "NA flash", meaning, a badly thrown flashbang.
- Nerfed: when a weapon is nerfed, it means that the creator of the game (Valve in this case) weakens a weapon that used to be too powerful.
- Ninja defuse: Defusing a bomb while the enemy team is unaware of it, not killing anyone.
- No-scope: Shooting with a sniper while not looking through the scope.
- Noob/newb/newbie: Probably the most popular insult in online gaming.
Someone who is new to the game and isn't good at it is a ''Noob''.
- Ns: Nice shot.
- Nt: Nice try.
O: - One deag: A one shot headshot kill with the Desert Eagle.
- One-tap: A one shot headshot kill.
- One-way smoke: A smoke that can only be seen through from one angle.
- OP: Abbreviation for ''overpowered'', which means that a weapon is too powerful.
- OT: Overtime.
P: - Peek: Exposing yourself to view an area of the map and gather information.
- Pick: Opening kill on an opponent.
- Ping: The amount of milliseconds it takes for your client to get a response from the server.
Often related to lag (high ping = very laggy, low ping = not laggy), though this is not necessarily the case.
- Pistol round: The first round of each half.
In these rounds, no player has enough money to buy a weapon other than a pistol, which clarifies the name.
- Pop-flash: Flashbang that ''explodes'' (pops) before the enemy can look away.
- Pre-aiming: A skill whereby a player positions their crosshairs before peeking, to be on a certain position while peeking, without having to further adjust their crosshairs.
- Prefiring: Shooting a spot preemptively, so that you get a kill in case the enemy is actually there - PUG: Pick-up game.
- Pushing: Making an offensive move (offensive as in attacking), individually or as a team.
Q: - Quad kill: Killing 4 enemies in rapid succession.
- Quasi-buy: A sort of forcebuy that will allow the team to still buy the next round.
- Quickscope: Shooting immediately after scoping in when using a sniper rifle.
R: - Reset: Winning a round against a team that has just won a round themselves, thereby resetting their loss bonus back to $1400.
- Runboost: A type of boost that involves the players involved to run, with the one on top jumping off after having reached a high speed.
This allows the boosted player to jump a much further distance than usual.
- Rushing: playing very aggressive and quick, instead of playing sneaky or strategic.
- Rotate: Change plans and move to another area of the map.
For example, if the original plan was to go B but it appears to not be working out, you can ''rotate'' to bombsite A.
S: - Saving: Not trying to win a difficult situation such as a 1v4, and instead hiding somewhere to survive and keep your weapon.
- Scout: Other word for the SSG 08 sniper rifle.
- Scrim: A practice match of competitive between two teams.
- Shoulder-peeking: Quickly exposing your shoulder to an awper to lure him into firing a shot.
- Smurfing: Making a second account with a lower rank/deranking, usually in order to play against lower-ranked players and win more easily.
- Spamming: Shooting through an object.
- Split: A site attack from multiple ingress points.
- Spray pattern: The way in which the weapon backfires when shooting full-auto.
with most weapons, this is: Far up, slightly left, right, left.
- Stacking: Sending more players to an area of the map than you normally would.
- Strafe Jump: A special jumping technique that allows the player to jump slightly further than usual.
It is used to reach special locations, that cannot be accessed without a boost otherwise.
- Strat: Strategy.
- Support: This player plays a more passive role than the rest of the team.
A good support player is patient, calm and has good knowledge of nades.
- Swag-7: Nickname for the Mag-7 shotgun.
T: - Tagged: Having taken/done a relatively small amount of damage.
- Throwing: Losing a match on purpose, sometimes for match-fixing reasons.
- (Being on) Tilt: Playing badly due to anger and/or frustration.
- Tk: Teamkill (Killing a teammate).
- Toxic: A player is toxic when they behave like a tool.
- Trade: The event in which both teams get a kill soon after eachother.
- Triggerbot: A hack that makes one's gun fire as soon as its crosshair is on a player.
U: - Utility: All sorts of grenades.
V: - VAC: Valve Anti-Cheat.
People will often say ''VAC'' or ''VACation'' when they suspect someone is cheating.
- Volvo: Used to refer to Valve, the creators of CS:GO.
W: - Wallbanging: Shooting through penetratable surfaces.
- Wallhack: A type of hack that allows the player to see through walls.
Also referred to as ''wh'' or "walls".
- Whiffing: Missing one or more shots.
- wp: Well played.
X: - Y: - Z: -