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What is this?

If you'd like a video on the topic instead of having to read, please watch TurboMotionz video on these scams.
I am not here to hate and make fun of the people who fall for these scams.
There was a Brazilian kid who I saw fall for this only because he said he had no money to afford the skins being given away and that they were his dream skins.
This made me have empathy for the ones falling for this and helped me create this guide.
This scam is where bots post maps and guides advertising a free skin giveaway when in reality, there is none because the steam account advertising this giveaway doesn't even own Counter-Strike By the way, please check out TheBlizWiz's map made to overcome the fake giveaway maps so people don't get fooled.
Along with lying to the community about the giveaway, these bots always include a 'sponsor'.
These sponsor sites are 100% fake and no one should use them or even log onto them because there is a very high chance you can be hijacked or scammed out of your inventory by going onto these sites.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre

How to prevent this

The easiest way to prevent this from spreading and happening to other people would be to report the accounts, guides and workshop maps to get rid of them as quickly as possible.
As this sounds like a hassle as these bots don't care if they get community banned or if their guides get banned as they can make a new account and spam once again, putting effort toward the war of removing these guides would benefit more people than it would be a waste of time.
This would be a great way to stall for time as Valve potentially pushes out new updates adding a requirement for posting workshop maps or guides in specific games or somehow finding a different way of removing these guides and workshop maps from existance.
If you are falling for these scams because you don't know better, don't feel ashamed, we were all gullible at one point and it's a point that we all have to move on from.
If you are falling for these scams because you want skins, then I suggest either joining legit giveaways hosted by big youtubers and praying you'll win, or just save some money and buy that knife you really wanted.
I hope less and less people fall for this scam once seeing TheBlizWiz's map describing the situation or my guide.