Surfing Guide

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On the left Side are shown the commands that you have to write in "SAY".
(All or Teamsay doesnt matter) On the other side you see the effect of the command !hide = Other Players are hidden !knife = Selection of all "Vanilla" Knifes (ONLY FOR THIS SERVER) !nominate = Opens a List, where you can nominate a map, which can be voted nominate map = Directly nominates the map !r = Respawn on Stage 1 !radio = Enables the Webradio #HIVE365 www.
uk !rtv = ROCK THE VOTE, !showkeys = Pressed Keys are displayed, even if you spectate a more based Surfer !spec = Switch to SPECTATOR !wr = Shows Server Record on this Map


SOME BASICS (If you're visually interested, watch my Youtube example) CROSSHAIR PLACEMENT[/h1] You must place your Crosshair always where you wanna go.
When you are leaving a ramp aiming higher, makes you jump higher.
SURF IN A STRAIGHT LINE (KEY A & D)[/h1] Strafe into the Ramp! If you're going to pass the left Side, HOLD "D" and on the other Side HOLD "A" GAIN SPEED[/h1] Start on the Top of the Ramp and move downwards.
Dont make hard moves with the mouse.
HOLD SPEED[/h1] Try to land smooth and don't go for hard mousemovements.
SO, you're able to hold or gain speed.
MAXIMUM DISTANCE[/h1] Leave the Ramp on the highest point STOP MID-AIR (Key S)[/h1] Just hit "S".
To land on a certain point for example GAIN RANGE[/h1] You're able to increase your Range of the Fly when your MID-AIR and switch between stafes.
(Stafe left + Mouse smoothly left and the other way around with D, you need to constanstly switches between them and do it quick) SURF A HARD CURVE[/h1] If youre facing a Hard Curve you try to hit the the strafekey for the other direction at the "Breakingpoint" of the Curve.
CURVE MiD AIR[/h1] Mid Air you strafe in the direction you want to turn (KEY A & D), while smoothly changing your direction with the mouse in a centripetal fashion towards that direction.
When your velocity is in the desired direction, stop strafing.
BUNNYHOP[/h1] Mostly enables, easier to take jumps on point.
Keep holding "Spacebar" for this [/list]


You should compete against some Tier ONE maps.
Not espacially One but you should care that's not a linear one (Linear maps got a start and a finish line on one stage).
Good to start is also only ONE map, cause you're able to beat stage after stage and you'll remember how it's done.
So you automatically improve your skills and your time on this map.
I favorite these 2 below :Tier 1 = surf_kitsune (STAGES) Tier 1 = surf_beginners (STAGES) Tier 1 = surf_aircontorl_ksf Tier 1 = surf_pox (LINEAR) If you're finished this 2 above easily you can try this 2 : Tier 1 = surf_aweless (STAGES) Tier 2 = surf_colours (STAGES) Tier 2 = surf_lessons (StAGES) Thats only my advice.
Im sure not every one will agree with this.
But im happy for some feedback! More maps will be delievered when i find more than this really easy one's or figured out how the easy maps i've already beaten are called.


Me Surfin !showkeys ENABLED map : surf_kitsune [TIER ONE] time : 1:34:17 Not my best try not the best quality but i recorded it paralel while playing with "Overwolf" http://www.
com/ !showkeys ENABLED maps : surf_aircontorl_ksf time : 0:53:70 Btw Im still not a good SURFER.
I created this guide to give and get some advices


Some Servers from www.
net 37.
65:27015 - [FotG.
net] - Skill Surf #1 < Tier 1-6 | Timer | Rank | 100 Tick 37.
65:27025 - [FotG.
net] - Skill Surf #1 < Tier 1-3 | Timer | Rank | 100 Tick 37.
65:27035 - [FotG.
net] - Skill Surf #1 < Tier 1-6 | Timer | Rank | 64 Tick 37.
65:27045 - [FotG.
net] - Skill Surf #4 < Tier 1-3 | Timer | Rank | 64 Tick 37.
65:27055 - [FotG.
net] - Skill Surf #4 < Tier 4-6 | Timer | Rank | 64 Tick[www.