Steam friendlist group invite

Published 13.10.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 37

Find your real steam ID

You have to open the link and copy your steam ID instead of "multiplay".
Press enter to reload the site and you will get a bunch of numbers.
You can also watch the complete tutorial on youtube.

Invite your friends

Open Steam in your browser and go to friendlist.
If you are on your friendlist press f12 or Q to open the console.
Copy into your console this command: var groupID = 'idhere'; var friends = GetCheckedAccounts('#search_results>.
selectable'); InviteUserToGroup(null, groupID, friends); Copy your group ID (numbers) instead of idhere.
YOU HAVE TO LET THOSE ' ON THE SITES OF THE NUMBERS!! After this you just have to press enter.
Done buddy :-)