Speed of movement

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One of the most important aspects of the game.
Whether it is used for a rush, or just a quick rotation, knowing how to move properly through a map will give you a big advantage.
Running around with a Negev will significantly slow you down.
In this guide I will show you in what way any gun will affect your in-game speed.
First of all running forward, backward, or sideways has the same velocity.
Velocity equals the speed you are moving with.
The higher the value, the faster you are.
Holding the 'walk'-button will decrease your velocity.
Each weapon will affect your movement.
As you can see on the right, running with a knife will give you a mamimum velocity of 250, while nades will slow you down to 245.
The AWP for example, will let you move with a maximum velocity of 200, 20% slower than with a knife.
This guide will show you the maximum velocities you can get for each gun, both running and walking, scoped and un-scoped.
Bunnyhopping can give you an even higher velocity than shown in this guide, however I feel that these values are not important for you to know.
Cinque Terre


Lets start with the pistols.
All pistols have a top-speed of 240, except for the Deagle.
As you can see there is absolutely no difference between the T and CT loadout.
Cinque Terre

Heavy Weapons

When looking at the Shotguns, we can see the first advantage for the CT side.
While creating this guide I came to know that various guns on the CT side will allow you to move faster than it's counter-weapon.
The MAG-7 gives you the highest velocity of all shotguns, while the Sawed-Off will give you the lowest.
Nevertheless, both guns have lower values than the Deagle! Both Heavy Machineguns have the lowest velocity of all (un-scoped) guns.
At round start you might be better of running with your knife out, in order to get a better position faster.
Cinque Terre

Submachine Guns

The SMG's values show similarity with those of the pistols.
Not only is there no advantage for the Counter-Terrorists, both the MAC-10, MP9, and Bizon will allow you with the same speed as a Glock! Just what you need to get that advantage on your rush.
Cinque Terre


In this category we can see the most difference between both sides.
Every non-sniper rifle has an advantage on the CT side! Whether it's the Galil compared to a Famas, or the AK and M4, the CT's will be able to move faster.
Personally, I think that this difference is unnecessary.
Seeing these are the main rifles and will be bought on full buy rounds, I would prefer both sides to have the same velocities.
Cinque Terre

Scopes Detailed

Scoping can affect your in-game speed as well.
However this does not include the Scout! This is the only weapon that has the same velocities while both scoped and un-scoped.
All other scopes will lower your in-game speed when used.
Even tho an un-scoped AUG has a higher velocity than the SG, while scoped their values are the same.
Due to the so called 'AWP-nerf' moving around with either an AWP or an autosniper will slow you down massively, especially when scoped! The scope slows you down so much, that you don't even have to use the walk-button to move around without sound.
For this reason I advise you to 'run' when you are scoped, instead of walking.
Cinque Terre


Instead of walking around with a gun in your hands, I often pull out my knife in order to rotate faster.
At round-start, when you know for sure an area is clear, etc, this allows me to get in a better position much faster, and can give a big advantage in the game.
I am very sure most of you will be doing this as well.
However, it is not always possible to run without your gun, or you will be surprised by an enemy and shot with your pants down.
For this reason knowing what gun can contribute to your velocity is very important.
I hope you guys liked this guide, and find use for it in-game.
Good luck, have fun!