So you want to make a CSGO skin.

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Here's the things you need to follow this tutorial.
The programs listed below are all free to download.
Blender A 3D modeling software.
We will use this to save time in between editing the texture and seeing the result on the model.
Otherwise you would have to import the texture into CS every time you made a change.
Download link[www.
org] (ADDED 2018.
29, The Blender3d program will soon revamp their program quite a bit with the 2.
8 version and I suspect this guide might look different with this update.
This guide was made with version 2.
76 so you might want to download that version here[www.
org] if you want to follow along exactly.
I suspect that the 2.
8 version will not change the way this guide works, but I can't be sure) GIMP (or any other preferred image software) An image editing software.
We will use this to edit the UV texture.
Download link[www.
org] VTFEdit Used to import our UV texture and export it to Valve's texture format.
Download link[nemesis.
net] Workbench Models and Materials This file contains all the weapons in obj format and all the UV maps in tga format.
Download link

Setting up

Once all the programs are downloaded and installed we can begin setting up our workspace.
First step would be to create a project folder where you will put the OBJ and TGA file of your weapon of choice.
Boot up Blender and wait for it to load.
You will be greeted by a popup.
Click on the image and it will disappear.
It's not important.
There should be a cube on the scene.
This is useless for us so select it by right clicking it and delete it by pressing Del then Enter.
Now we will import the weapon model into Blender.
I picked the MAG-7 because it's the best gun.
We will click File then go down to Import and select Wavefront (.
Navigate to your project folder and select your .
obj file.
It should now look something like this.
To rotate you press Mouse3 and drag.
To move the camera you press shift+Mouse3 and drag.
To zoom you scroll the mouse wheel.
Cinque Terre

Getting the texture to show up

This step is a bit confusing but worth it in the end.
To the right in your Blender window you will see a confusing bunch of buttons and boxes.
Make sure the model is selected.
You can tell because it will have a yellow border.
MaterialNow we will apply a material to the model.
Click this orb: We will create a new material by pressing "New" in the corresponding box.
Scroll down a bit and select "Shadeless" in the Shading section.
TextureThe model now has a material.
Let's apply the texture.
Click the checkered pattern: We will create a new texture by pressing "New" in the corresponding box.
It will default to a Cloud texture.
This is not what we want.
In the "Type" dropdown we will pick "Image or Movie".
Under the Image section we will click open and select our UV texture in tga format from our project folder.
It should look something like this.
We will have to tell Blender that it's an UV map we loaded.
Scroll down to the "Mapping" section and select UV in the Coordinates dropdown.
Like this: Render modeBlender is by default in Object mode and Solid mode.
We will now change it to Textured mode.
At the bottom of the viewport there are plenty of icons and images.
Clock on the white circle and select Textured like this: ViewportWe are almost done.
While your cursor is in the viewport press N.
A new menu should appear at the right side of the viewport.
Scroll down in this new menu until you see "Display".
Expand this and change the Shading to GLSL and check the box for Textured Solid.
Save your progressWe now finally have applied the texture to our model.
This is a good point to save your Blender file.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Creating your masterpiece

Image manipulationNow that we have our 3D preview locked down we can start working on the texture.
Boot up GIMP or whatever program you prefer.
It should be noted that the program needs to be able to handle tga files and layers.
I usually start by making a new layer on top of the UV with 50% opacity and just fill in the large areas and common shapes like circles or rectangles with different colors to orient myself with the texture.
ADD IT VALVE BECAUSE IT'S EPIC To export your image you can use the menu or use ctrl+shift+E.
Remember to export it as tga.
After the initial export you can use ctrl+E to overwrite the old one for quicker exports.
Refreshing BlenderOnce you export the tga, Blender will not automatically use the new image.
You will have to manually refresh the texture.
The process is simple.
Just head over to the texture pane to the right.
Next click the refresh button next to the texture: Cleaning it upIt should be noted that the model we see in Blender is only a preview and does not use the same lights and shaders that CSGO use so our preview will not look the same in game.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Inspecting it in game

Converting the textureTo see our texture in game we will have to export it to a vtf file.
To do this we will use VTFEdit.
Simply run VTFEdit then import your textured tga file.
You can use the menu or ctrl+i to import.
A window will pop up with a bunch of settings.
Here's what you should use: It will now import the file and the process might take a little while.
Once it's loaded and ready go to the File menu and save or use ctrl+shift+s and save it as a vtf file.
This will have to be repeated every time you want to see the texture in game.
Workshop workbenchStart up CSGO and pop up the console.
Type in workshop_workbench.
A new window with an AK47 in a gray room will appear.
Select your weapon of choice in the drop down and chose Custom Paint Job at the top.
Next click the Choose Pattern button and navigate to your vtf file we just created.
Your gun will now be textured but you may notice that nothing matches up.
We will have to orientate the texture offsets and check the topmost check box.
Setting the top three pairs to zero will fix the problem.
The number at the bottom is how much wear the gun will have in its different qualities.
Play around with the values and your skin.
Maybe one day you will have a skin in the game.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre