Slow Motion in CSGO

Published 12.09.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 201


I Do NOT know if anyone has done this before so please if you see a guide that came first Please comment and tell me.
Anyway Today i will show You how to Have Slow motion In CSGO SO LETS GET STARTED!

Opening the Console

I Am afraid to say but it only works for bots you can't go on online servers and do slow motion So keep that in mind First you need to open the console witch allows you to put cheats.
(Cheats do not work on online to) Don't know where the console is well ill tell you First you gotta go to OPTIONS and then go to GAME SETTINGS then it will say "Activate Console" Or some ♥♥♥♥ when you select YES and save the options press ` Its right below the ESC Button

Putting in the code

Now im sure that all of you already know how to play with bots and all that ♥♥♥♥.
I Suggest before playing with bots you go to no bots and test the code out till its working (You don't have to put the code in again just press UP on the arrow keys and it will show your previous command that you put in) So The thing to do is: 1.
Put in Sv_Cheats 1 (It will activate the cheats that you put in) 2 Put in host_timescale 0.
5 That makes it where theres slow mo Put in host_timescale 1.
0 To make it Normal Press Enter! And you now have slow motion! You can mess around with it like host_timescale 0.
2 or 0.
1 You can put What ever you want.
Well not everything but you know.

Extra Commands For Twice the FUN!

God - Invincibility Noclip - Fly around the map! Kill - Give up on life.
;c Thats kinda it theres Tons more but i don't want to keep going on and on But i will give you a cheat for Thirdperson Cause im Nice 1.
Put in SV_Cheats 1 2.
Put in Cam_Command 1 3.
Put in Thirdpersonshoulder 1 To change it back is to leave the match There maybe a command like Firstpersonshoulder 1 or something i do not know that So There you go How to have Slow motion and how to have Third person