Skin Showcase | A Quick Guide

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Skins are an essential part of CS:GO, making the game feel better, faster, stronger (reference to Daft Punk).
Skins help you customize the game to your own liking, as well as showing other players your pioneering style.
This can be achieved by many ways, eg playing with friends and other players, taking screenshots of your beautiful skins, etc.
In this guide we will focus on the screenshot part.

General Points

Having said that, let's look at some ways we can improve our screenshot section and take outstanding screenshots.
When taking a screenshot you need to take in account: Background - Map Lighting Video Settings Disable Overlays, HUD, UI Feel *Side Of The Weapon (applies mostly to knives)


Background - MapThe map or background where the screenshot was taken matters a lot! You need to hook the person who is watching your screenshot.
In order to achieve that, you need to have a good background which doesn't draw the attention of the person (we want them to focus on the skin, not the map).
You need to use a map which makes the person feel comfortable enough to stop scrolling and watch that damn screenshot.
I recommend downloading a custom skin showcasing map from the workshop, such as "Skin Showcasing Map - crashz".
LightingWhen you finally find a map that follows all of my points, make sure the location you're taking the screenshot at is suitable.
Make sure it isn't that dark, to the point where the person cant actually see the skin, while not that bright, to the point where everything is white.
Nothing Hard.
Video SettingsThis part is really important.
If you want to make your screenshot beautiful and outstanding you need to MAX up your video setting, no matter what PC you have.
Maxing up your your video settings obviously gives out perfect quality.
Disable Overlays, HUD, UIThis is the part where most users forget about - The HUD and enabled overlays.
You don't want the person to see your crosshair, HUD as well as any overlays you have enabled.
For this part you need to disable your whole UI.
These are the commands I normally disable when taking screenshots: cl_drawhud 0 net_graph 0 FeelIn order for the person to like it, you have to like it too.
Make sure that the screenshot hooks you and is good enough for you.
If you don't like your own screenshot, the person checking it out will most likely not like it too.
*Side Of The Weapon (applies mostly to knives)Dear knife owners, If you want to take a single screenshot of your knife, you want to take it from the good side.
Find out the best side of your knife, then take a screenshot of it.
If the playerside is better than the backside then forget about this whole section.
However, if the knife's backside rocks press "F" in-game and take a screenshot of it.
ResultsBefore: After: Cinque TerreCinque Terre


We conclude that, Skins are an essential part of CS:GO, making the game feel better, faster, stronger.
You can show-off your skins by taking screenshots.
Furthermore, you can make screenshots stand out by following this guide.
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