Service Medal (how it works, what it does, Q and A)

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Hello! In this guide I will do my best to explain everything I know about how the service medal works, what it does, and what happens afterwards.
I also have a Q and A at the end.
Your question might be there so check it out first if you just need to check over something.

How do I get my first service medal?

How do you get a Service medal?You can get a service medal once you hit rank 40.
You can hit Rank 40 by earning XP.
XP is earned by playing on offical valve servers.
You can play any gammode but if you want to get alot of XP fast then I would recomend playing competitive because you need a total of 5000XP to rank up, You earn about 480XP each time you play competitive without multipliers.
Other gamemodes will give you very little XP.
If you started playing the game and havent gotten a service medal then you will need to reach rank 2 before you can play competitive.
How does the multiplier work? The Multiplier is basically the key for ranking up.
The multiplier will multiply your XP earned in a full match in any offical gamemode.
Just so everyones clear the multiplier DOES NOT add XP, it multiplys XP.
like 5x8=40 or 10x10=100.
so all you need to do is some simple math.
5000XP X 39 Ranks that you get XP from= 195,000XP (I didnt add rank 1 to the equation because you dont get XP there) You need a total of 195,000XP to get to rank 40 and get a service medal.
What does the Service Medal do?The Service Medal works like a coin (Payback, Bravo, Phoenix, Breakout, Vanguard, Bloodhound, WIldfire, Hydra, and any future coins).
You can equip it in the display menu and you will get a symbol becide your CS:GO profile.
you can also inspect it.
See at the top left I have a service metal icon there, that is because I equipped it in the display menu Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

What do I do once I get the service medal and how do I upgrade to the next medal?

Since you have now gotten your first service medal you can either get next years service medal by getting back up to rank 40 and wait for the year to end or upgrade your service metal by reaching rank 40 agian and click the get service medal button.
if you want a better one you just repeat, get to rank 40 agian and click the button.
DONT BOTHER COLLECTING XP AFTER YOU REACH RANK 40 UNLESS YOU WANT NEXT YEARS MEDAL! Now I know that once you reach rank 40 you can still collect XP.
collecting the XP does not give you a better medal.
once you get the service medal, you lose all of that XP and you go back to rank 1.
The medals work like the weapon skin rarity 1) - White - Consumer grade 2) - Light blue - Industrial grade 3) - Darker blue - Mil-spec 4) - Purple - Restricted 5) - Pinkish purple - Classified 6) - Red - Covert Note: You cannot get a 2016 Service Medal, if the year is 2017(which it was, Now just apply same logic to 2018 and 2019 medals), you must get to rank 40 again in the same year to upgrade to the next level.
Here is the 2017 service medal diagram Now rumors say that there is a black service medal as the final level but it is uncertian.
Here is also the 2018 service medal As of 2018, there is no black service medal design avaliable in the game so you can assume that the black service medal does not exist as of 2018 Here are the 2019 service medals As of 2019, there is no black service medal design avaliable in the game so you can assume that the black service medal does not exist as of 2019 (totally didn't copy and paste it XD) Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Qestions and Answers.

Q: Once I get the service medal, do i need to reach rank 2 agian to play competitive agian? A: No, i got very frustrated with this issue too so i wont blame you if you thought that and the wiki is wrong too.
Heres a short video to prove this to everyone that it works.
SUCK IT CS:GO WIKI!!!! Q: I still dont get how the service medal machanic work because your the worst explainer ever you f**king peice of s**t.
can you repeat it agian so I can understand better? A: So the service medal works like this.
everytime you reach rank 40, you get a service medal.
collecting XP when your rank 40 DOES NOT improve your medal.
its everytime you reach rank 40 you get a upgraded medal if you got another medal in the same year.
(2016 white medal to 2016 light blue medal) Q: Will my rank reset each year? A: no it wont.
AGIAN SUCK IT CS:GO WIKI!!!!! Q: does my skill group affect the medal I will get? A: no, it wont make sense anyways.
imagine this senario.
There are 2 soldiers.
1 is a general, the other is a officer.
if 2 soldiers went into the same battle and did the same thing would the general get better badges? no they will both get the same badge.
Q: Can I get multiple service medal? A: I currently have 2 service medal in my inventory so yes but this will only work if the medals are from diffrent years like 2016 service medal vs.
2017 service medal.
They wont work if its the same year.
Q:Does the XP amount of 195,000 increase when i get a medal or when im upgrading to a better medal? A:No, it will stay the same no matter what medal you own and should continue to stay the same in the future (unless valve decided BS should become their motto) Q: Why does my XP gain decreases due to my multiplier? A: Well, basically, you played too much CSGO.
Now I know thats no answer and or advice so ill make it simple.
If you didnt know why your addicted to mobile games.
As most people know games like Castle Crushers, Fallout Shelter, Candy Crush and more all have a cooldown when you do something like building a new Bank or playing 1 more round.
The cooldown is to basically trick you into playing the game more and more because you want to advance in the game.
Mobile Games that dont have this method in place quickly makes you lose interest because you can play it wheneverr you feel like it.
For CSGO this is somewhat like this, since your on this guide you want the service medal or know how it works.
well having a reduced mulipler means the game is telling you to chill out and do something else or else we wont reward you as much.
Its also hooking you into playing CSGO more because you want to rank up and you want to get that virtually shiny medal.
After 1 week (depending on how despreate you want the medal) your like a hobo that did cocaine 2 days ago.
Your multipler resets and you jump back into game and get rewarded for coming back and doing buisness.
Its a good system and most people dont know this so yeah.
NOW YOUR AWARE!!!! (also this is basically my theory since there is NO INFORMATION about why the multiplier is reduced, I used my knowledge to form this so im sorry if some of this doesent make any sense, also sorry for making you read all that considering you actually did :D) Q: When does my multiplier reset so I can get my weekly bonuses? A: For what I currently know, The multiplier will reset depending on your country.
it should reset at 01:00 for 24 hour clock (or 1 am) in the Greenwich Mean time (GMT).
Since i know that this may be tough for you to do ill be kind enough to guide you through the process in obtaining your local time for when it should reset, If you use google (which im pretty sure you do).
Type "1am GMT".
It should track your exact position and tell you what time that will be for you (all hail skynet).
Im pretty sure this will work on other browsing sites like bing or yahoo but if your not sure then just use google.
Q: Why you silver noob? A: Solo queue and Ranking system f**ks me everyday.
thats why.
Q: Why do you hate the wiki so much? A: its out of date and its wrong so they might change some stuff if they see this :D Q: Why is your grammar s**t? A: I dont really care about grammar.
i just want everyone to understand the service medal better.
it doesent mean anything if all the grammers perfect but all the actual facts are all lies or just incorrect.
(like some guides on this subject *cough* *cough*) (I would like to thank Neo Wesker as he became my english teacher for spotting "grammer" and relizing its sappose to be "grammar" :D)


Well this will conclude my guide.
I hoped this helped you out.
please leave a thumbs up and share with anyone you believe is worthy of knowing.
Special thanks to King_Adi and Narwhal™ for asking and assisting me in answering the Multiplier and how it works and why the multipler decreases your XP gain.
Special thanks to Diddley4209 for bring up the information on when the multiplier should reset each week Special thanks to def for asking the unique question (that I would have never thought about) "does my medal change how much XP i need to get another one?"THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY/MORNING/AFTERNOON/EVENING/NIGHT!!!!!!! Cinque Terre