Printable Maps

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General map geometry/layout Highlited buy zones Highlighted bomb sites Marked spawn points Retain readability when printed in grayscale Created to fit A4 and Letter sized printer paper Due to the steam client becoming unbearably slow when viewing multiple high ppi images, I decided to simply add links to the individual maps on imgur, as well as an album of all the maps.

Example Map (Dust 2)

Cinque Terre

Active Duty

com] Dust 2[imgur.
com] Inferno[imgur.
com] Mirage[imgur.
com] Nuke[imgur.
com] Overpass[imgur.


com] Train[imgur.
com] Vertigo[imgur.
com] Italy[imgur.
com] Office[imgur.

Full Imgur Album...

can be found here.


Q: Will you make one for <insert map>? A: Maybe.
I'll consider any maps that are officially in the game or extremely popular in competitive CS:GO.
Q: Will you make versions with callouts? A: No.
You can find callout versions -in this guide-, created by another community member using these maps.
Thanks codewing! Q: What is with the different colored cover? A: I tried to make a visual indication on how tall cover was.
Darker color means taller objects.
It is only used for visual appeal and being able to better see the layout of the map on the printout.
Q: How were these maps made? A: Using mainly the "cl_leveloverview 6" (or some other number) console command, I would take a screenshot then outline the map and objects in a vector graphics editor called Inkscape.
Q: There is an inconsistency/error/update and the overview needs to be fixed.
A: Please notify me of any errors or suggestions in the comments.
Q: Can I use these maps in/for <insert reason>? A: You can use my maps for anything but redistributing them with little or no modification and/or claiming you made them, because that's just not cool.
Some examples of things I don't mind are strategy guides, streams, team strats, sharing strats, and things of similar nature.
I do not permit selling or directly profiting off these maps (and Valve probably doesn't either, since it's their IP).
If you do redistribute these maps for a legitimate reason, I'd appreciate you listing/linking this guide as one of your resources.