Pre-game Warmups To Help You In Matchmaking!

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Aim Maps.

These maps will simply help with aiming.
I personally think a big factor to not ranking up is aim.
Working on your aim before playing a matchmaking game is worth the little time it takes, it is ideal for 1 to 1 spray or tap battles, my personal recommendation would be playing the map 'Aim_Botz.
' While playing the map, try to vary the kill styles (e.
Spray-downs, 1 taps and strafe kills.
) Not only that, I would also recommend using a range of guns such as Ak and the M4.
I wouldn't practice pistols on here as I have a more effective way of warmup with pistols.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=243702660 All credits to the map creator(s) for this map, as I did not make it.

Awp Warmup.

One of my personal flaws in csgo is awping, i'd consider myself an average awper.
Now for awp practice, I would recommend either simply going on a deathmatch game mode or getting a friend or two to do 1v1s or 2v2s and so on.
Another ideal way would be just trying to hit flick shots and player to player on the 'Aim_botz' map.
If non of that works for you, below I have linked a list of awp only servers.
Awp Only Servers![www.
com] Here is a list of maps for 1v1 awping and so on, I have no affiliation with map creation.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=451382974 https://steamcommunity.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=540400213 https://steamcommunity.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=554957697 https://steamcommunity.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=138747016 A little side note is when working on awp aim I would recommend doing a couple of no-scope rounds.
This is simply in case of being pushed up on while you have an awp or general close combat.

Pistol Aim.

From experience I have found the most efficient way to work on pistol aim is to go into the community server and look for a pistol only server.
These not only allow you to focus on pistol rounds; they also make it more balanced for you while warming up.
If this isn't really for you i'd refer you back to using the 'Aim_Botz' Map.
Please note I have no affiliation with the server I have linked.
A Pistols Only Server Hosted In EU[www.

Site Re-take.

At least once in a game, you are required to take back a site, weather you are T side or CT side it is always important to know common spots and positions on specific sites to aid you in the re-take.
The best way I have personally found to work on site re-takes is to play community 're-take' servers.
I have listed a bunch below with a link.
If that isn't really for you then I could perhaps recommend playing the 'Wing-man' gamemode as it helps you in retake scenarios of which will also occur when matchmaking.
A List Of Re-take Servers![www.

Prefire Maps.

As you may have been prefried before and raged about it.
How about we swap the role around and help you be able to prefire the enemy! But what is prefiring? Well, prefiring is the simple act in when you predict or are aware of someones position and fire just before seeing them to try get the damage advantage and element of urgency.
Now for this one it isn't easy to practice, my personal recommendation for prefiring would be this.
• Be aware of how much ammo you have.
• Be aware of how many team-mates you have and how many enemies are alive.
• As you play matchmaking, take mental notes of common spots to prefire, (a great example of this could be sandbags on Inferno.
) • THINK.
What gun do you have? Is it worth the risk? I have no affiliation with the map.
Full credits to the people who made it.

Knowing Nades.

Knowing nades is essential if you want to rank-up.
Also knowing a large variety of nades for different maps is key.
If you struggle to learn nades in general I would recommend watching 'NadeKing' as linked below as he teaches smokes, pop-flashes and so on.
These are game changing and have a large impact on the round.
NadeKing's Youtube.
NadeKing's Profile: https://steamcommunity.

Thankyou For Reading!

Thankyou very much for taking the time to read the guide! I hope it betters your matchmaking gameplay and you rankup! Please don't forget to leave me some feed-back and or some constructive criticism as it is appreciated! Feel free to checkout any map creators or content creators mentioned within this guide!