Practicing Spray Control

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Hello, welcome to my guide.
So, I'm making this guide to the beginners or those who want do practice in a simple way but don't know how to configure a server properly.
So, if you're already an expert, this guide may not help you, but feel free to check it anyway s2

Important notes:

So, before getting started, you should know that there are different weapons in the game, and each of this weapons have an particular recoil, so if you want to practice with more than one weapon, you can follow the steps to see how is your weapon's recoil then start practicing with it.
I am doing this guide with an AK-47, but the following steps will fit for any weapon.

Configuring the Server

So, to get started, you need to create a server on "Practice with bots".
After you entered the map, certify your console is enabled, then you should kick all bots (if there are bots on the server).
To kick all the bots, type on console "bot_quota 0" and press enter, after this, type "mp_restartgame 1" and type again enter, now the bots won't be on the server anymore.
Now, configuring the server: - Open the console and type: "mp_startmoney 10000" (this command will give you $10000 after you restar the game, so you'll be able to buy the weapon you want to practice: - Now type: "mp_timelimit 60" (this command with the other 2 will set the timeround to 60 minutes, so you won't respawn shortly): - "mp_roundtime 60": - "mp_roundtime_defuse 60": - "sv_cheats 1" (this command will allow you to get infinite money and show the impact of the bullets on the wall): - "sv_infinite_ammo 2" (now you will get infinite ammo): - "sv_showimpacts 1" (The bullets will be shown on the wall): - "mp_restartgame 1" to restart the server: And, it's done, the server is configured to help you on your Spray Control practice.
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Recognizing the recoil

So, first of all you need to recognize the weapon's recoil.
This step is really simple, you just need to shoot and spend all your magazine on the wall, like the screenshot: Ok, from now on we must to pay attention on the recoil, I will post screenshots detailing how the spray of the ak is working: - As the SS (ScreenShot) shows, the first 6 bullets force the AK-47 to goes up: - At the following 4 bullets, the AK-47 is already on the maximum height, from now on it will start to recoil to the right side: - Now, with 3 more bullets, the AK-47 already reached the maximum recoil to the right and it will start to recoil to the left side from now on: - 18 bullets spent, the AK-47 is still going to the left, but at this moment it's passing the origin at the maximum height: - 23 bullets spent, the AK-47 went a little bit to the left of the origin and now it is starting to come back to the right: - Almost without of bullets, the AK-47 went to the left side again, but didn't go too much this time: - Done, full magazine spent on the wall and the aim went back to the origin.
The same spray as the first SS is shown on the wall.
From now on we must to "counter" recoil this moves from the AK-47 to control the spray: Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Controlling the Recoil:

Ok, from now on we must control the recoil and the secret of having a good spray control is really simple: "Repeat, repeat and repeat" So, first of all: Do you remember when we recognized the weapon's spray? Ok, now we're going to "counter move" our mouse in the opposite way from the recoil, as the SS shows: - Remember? The first bullets goes up, so we need to move our mouse to the opposite direction (down): - Ok, now the recoil is on the maximum height, from now on the recoil will go to the right side, so we must move our mouse to the left side: - From now on, as we recognized before, the recoil will go to the left, so move your mouse to the right: - Almost done, at the few last bullets the recoil goes to the right again, so, move your mouse to the left again! haha: - And, it's done, full magazine on the wall but now we controlled the spray, as the SS shows: Did it work? If so, your job here is done, just keep practicing! Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


So yeah, now you know how to recognize the recoil and how to practice the recoil.
If you want to practice with another weapon, you just need to recognize the recoil and counter move your mouse repeartdly and after some time, your muscle memory will do the job :D

About me and the guide:

So guys, as you see my english is not that good, that's because I am from Brazil and we usually do not practice english here so: - Feel free to give any kind of feedback; - Leave a comment telling what you thought about this guide; - Correct me if you found any grammatical mistake; Also, if you could favorite and leave a rating (positive or negative, you can choose haha), it will help me to spread this guide.
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