Play while waiting for mm

Published 14.09.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 213

How to:

Pretty easy simple way.
Just go the community server you wish to join a surf server or whatever it may be.
Copy the IP.
Start the que for mm for whatever map you choose.
Go to console (if you haven't enabled it go through settings) and type "connect IpOfTheServer" and it will allow you to play a community server while the game is trying to find you a match.
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Free Commends

I do many guides about increasing trust factor.
Why should you want to raise your trust factor? You level of trust factor determines what kind of people you will play with.
Real players that take the game serious, cheaters, or toxic throwing people.
One way to simply help raise the trust factor level is to receive commends.
DIscord to Join [discord.
gg] Go into the csgo giveaway section post your 64 id in there while playing a casual or mm official match.
If you don't know how to get your 64 ID go to a website like steamrep.