(Panorama Update) How to create your own Training Config and load a CSGO Map for Training in Competitive Mode + Friends

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The generall concept

You can use this method to train Smokes or Spray Patterns with Friends or alone or to discuss and train strategies with your team mates.
One thing upfront to make this work is you need to be able to call the console in Game.
If you never heared of this don't worry it's really easy to setup just follow my instructions.
There is a key binding in the CSGO Game Settings under Keyboard where you can set a key for opening the console.
I use the key "-" (Minus) by the way but you can set it to whatever you desire ;) I hope it's clear to use a key that is not allready used in your game settings ;) lol The generall concept is: We create a custom training_config.
cfg File with all the commands we need for training.
This custom config needs to be saved under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg Then we load the game and finally load the custom config with calling the console via keybind.
How to create your own training config File is discussed in the 3rd part of this document ;)

Express Guide (Overview)

So the whole thing in easy steps: Express Guide: 1.
Set up a key in the Game Options to be able to bring up the console 2.
Save the training_config.
cfg file to your CSGO Folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg 3.
Start the Game 4.
Choose to play Workshop Maps 5.
Invite your Friends to Lobby 6.
Start any Workshop Map (Don't worry we change to competitiv with help of the script in step 8) 7.
Once in the Workshop Map load the map you want to play with the console via command "map de_mirage" for example (More Map Names on the end of this document) 8.
With help of the console and the command „exec training_config“ (without .
cfg or " ") we can call the training script.
And voila your ready to go :) Have fun practicing!

Creating your own config

So how to create your own config? Its also not that complicate ;) The best way to do this is: Go to your CSGO config Folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg There you can find a file called config_default.
cfg, maybe you need to enable the option to see file suffixes on your operating system.
Please don't change or edit this file directly or you will ♥♥♥♥ up you game config.
So just copy this config_default.
cfg to your dektop and rename it for example training_config.
cfg or whatever you like, but you need to remember the name to be able to load it later in game.
It's important to keep the file suffix .
cfg otherwise it will not work.
Open this config_default.
cfg copy with a text editor (Windows Notepad for example, better is Notepad++ free download on https://notepad-plus-plus.
html ), delete its content and put the commands you want to load later in bulk.
Mine contains the following: // --- NOTE --- // //Everything behind a slash slash //is a comment and for orientation and information purpose only //The console will not read it, it will read only the commands // --- NOTE --- // //Change to Competetive Modus exec gamemode_competitive mp_restartgame 1 //Training Modus sv_cheats 1 //Cheats allowed sv_infinite_ammo 1 //Endless Ammunition and Grenades sv_regeneration_force_on 1 //No real damage, only Headshots are deadly mp_buytime 100000 //Buy always mp_buy_anywhere 1 //Buy everyhere mp_maxmoney 50000 //Always maximum Money mp_startmoney 50000 //Beginning of a round with maximum Money mp_roundtime 20 //How long Round lasts mp_roundtime_defuse 20 //How long Defuse Rounds lasts mp_roundtime_hostage 20 //How long Hostage Rounds lasts mp_freezetime 0 //Freeze time for the player at Roundstart mp_maxrounds 200 //Maximum Rounds sv_showimpacts 1 //Show Bullet impact sv_grenade_trajectory 1 //Show Grenade Tragetory //impulse 101 //Maximum Money bot_kick //Kick all Bots bind p noclip //Bind Key P to toggle flying mp_warmup_end //Finish Warmup host_writeconfig //Important command to not overwrite the original config If you want to add more or different console commands, Google is your friend, with searching for "CSGO console commands" you'll find a myriad of CSGO commands ;)

Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips The slashes and the text behind it in the script file are comments the console will not read or execute, but you can use them also to set certain commands to a kind of "ON-OFF" Mode like for example sv_infinite_ammo 1 //Endless Ammunition and Grenades will set your Ammo to infinite so you don't have to buy another smokegrenade everytime you thrown one.
On the other hand this is not very useful when you want to train Spray Patterns as the command will prevent your need to reload after a full ammo clip.
So you can use the slashes to disable a command temporarely for your purposes like //sv_infinite_ammo 1 //Endless Ammunition and Grenades Also you can set up the keybind (mine is "P") for flying around in the script to whatever key is unused by the game or wich one you desire.
The keybinding is a "Toggle"-Key, so if you press it once you can fly trough the whole map also through buildings.
To get back on the Ground just press it again.
bind p noclip //Bind Key P to toggle flying And another hint on the toggle flying key.
If it ever happens that you are stuck in a building or the ground (happens sometimes) .
don't panic .
just press your toggle key again and fly to another position, preferably open space and you'll be fine ;) Official Maps Names to load with the console Defuse Maps de_mirage de_overpass de_inferno de_nuke de_cache de_aztec de_vertigo de_canals de_train de_dust de_dust2 Hostage Maps cs_office cs_italy cs_agency and so on .
just use Google for more Map names and console commands ;) You are welcome! ;) :) Please comment, leave a thumb and/or add it to your favourites if you liked this guide and found it helpful, so it can be spread and be helpful for other people too.
Also you show your appreciation for the Authors work ;) Thank You :)