[PRO GUIDE] How to motivate and help your team in CS:GO

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Game start

Well, on the start of the game you need to give your team a warm sentence to build their conviction that the game is already won.
Cinque Terre

Good advice = great results

As a pro player you need to give your team advices and tips.

Don't let your team die!

CS:GO is a tactical 5vs5 game so you can't afford lossing a teammate.
Save their lives! Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Give your teammates many challenges

Everyone play better when they are fighting for something.
You need to give your teammates as many challenges as you can to win the game.
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The position of opponents

When you die in CS:GO important thing is to give accurate informations about enemies.
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You must be unity with your team

As a team you must think as a one person.
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Tactical smokes

Smoke grenade is a important tool to win the round.
You should learn how to smoke clearly and perfectly.
Remember: Good smoke = Easy round Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Do your map objectives

TT map objectives: plant the bomb and defend it CT map objectives: defend the bomb and defuse it Try not to confuse these steps! Cinque Terre


If you followed those steps; congratulations! Your game is saved now.
Well, at least your don't gave a f*ck :D Cinque Terre

The end

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