Operation "Turning Tides"

Published 03.05.2019 в 00:00 | Guide rating: 115

New operation cards CS:GO

There are many new maps that Valve can choose for its next operation.
The concept of “Turning Tides” from Miklos includes new maps of Biome and Subzero, as well as Breach, Tangerine, Grind and Alley.
Cinque Terre

Case of operation "Turning Tides"

The concept also presents several possible skins for the case of a new CS: GO operation.
This is what is indicated among them.
Case Weapons MP5-SD Threeton Technology M4A4 Biowar Five-SeveN Threeton Technology P90 Gorilla Warfare Glock-18 Oni Desert Eagle Sunburst SCAR-20 Scipio AWP Venom Strike G3SG1 Black Sand PP-Bizon Bamboo Sawed-Off Retro Strike Galil Darkjungle Five-SeveN Compoundx The operation will also include a knife Tiger Shark The new design of the knife CS GO from Helenek, Old Man and Puffin.
All this can be a worthy addition to the new operation CS: GO.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Two new operations campaings

70 new missions in two operation campaigns Campaigns are comprised of ,missions that vary in difficulty and reward, completing a mission rewards you with xd.
Completing a challenge mission challegnge starts that help upgrade your operation turning tides challenge coin.
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New map of the restricted area

New map of the restricted area Miklos also included in his concept new additions to the Restricted Zone.
Operation "Turning Tides" will include a new map of the danger zone - Insertion 2 from Oskmos.
Along with the campaign, which includes missions for the Forbidden Zone, an ideal operation after the Forbidden Zone would be created.
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New game mode CS: GO - Robbery

The concept of operation “Turning Tides” also includes a new game mode - Robbery.
This 5 by 5 game mode will include teams attempting to rob a bank, blow up a vault and carry money with it.
The new game mode will also include the classic shield of the times of Counter-Strike 1.
6 and a set of heavy armor.
The author shows how deep a new operation can have if the developers of CS: GO decide to perform it.
You can see more Tibor Miklos works on his Behance page.
Cinque Terre

Six new community maps

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