Operation ClearSky

Published 17.05.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 32

New operation cards CS:GO

There are many new maps that Valve can choose for its next operation.
The concept of “ClearSky Concept” from Miklos includes new maps of Gellert and Tuscan, as well as Abbey, Tangerine, Studio and Icarus.
Cinque Terre

Case of operation "ClearSky"

The concept also presents several possible skins for the case of a new CS: GO operation.
This is what is indicated among them.
Case Weapons AK-47 Nibbler FAMAS God of war Tec-9 Fever Dream Glock-18 Fire dracon M4A1-S Grimalkin Mac-10 The star PP-Bizon Road warrior AUG Wolf's bane Dual Berettas Cerakote XM1024 Marauder-II USP-S Chromatic II SSG08 Viper Negev Native The operation will also include a knife Snakebite Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Two new operation campaigns

62 new missions in two operation campaigns Campaings are comprised of missions that vary in difficulty and, completing a mission rewards you with xp.
Completing a challenge mission rewards chellenge stars that help upgrade your operation clearsky challenge coin.
Cinque Terre

New game modes

Tibor Miklos wants to offer a new Gamemode in CS: GO.
These are the modes in which you will play and get points Cinque Terre

New tactical granade

Tibor Miklos wants to add tactical grenades.
If you throw a grenade in a smo, then the smok will disappear, if you throw this grenade in a hammer it will also disappear.
This grenade will be the most expensive in CS:GO Cinque Terre

Introducing battale points

Tibor Miklos also wants to add exclusive CS: GO coins.
For them you can get exclusive skins, stickers and graffiti.
Cinque Terre

Owerwathch update

Tibor Miklos wants to lead an exclusive drop for what you watch Owerwathch in CS:GO and make the right verdicts.
This will push the players to watch more patrols.
The author shows how deep a new operation can have if the developers of CS: GO decide to perform it.
You can see more Tibor Miklos works on his Behance page.
Cinque Terre

Six new community maps

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Operation Turning Tides

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