OP SKINS SCAM! Fake Bots! Fake Steam Admins! Fake Chrome Extensions! Item Checking!?

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OP SKINS IS REAL!:OP Skins is a real website where people buy and sell skins.
Legitimate trading can go on there.
If you do use OP Skins, make sure you use their Frequently Asked Questions[opskins.
com] so that you learn how to use the site safely, properly and with minimal risk to your inventory.
THINGS THAT ARE NOT REAL:Item verification: There is NO SUCH THING as a glitched, illegal, or unmarketable item.
Scammers will claim they were burned in the past when they were traded an unmarketable item that they couldn't sell, or claim they had an account shut down because they received an illegal item.
Anyone who says they need to check your item first is trying to scam you.
End of story.
Browser Extensions: To quote OP Skins here, "Malware browser extensions have become very frequent in the past month, with customers installing extensions on their browsers that claim the extension will “help them get better deals” or “check if the item is safe to trade.
” THESE ARE SCAMS, AND YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR ITEMS IF YOU DOWNLOAD THEM!" Read their blog post on the subject here[blog.
com] .
Some examples of names used by these malware extensions are: OPSHelper Update OPSkins Helper Phishing Inventory Checker External Prices Opskins Inventory Checker Items Guardian Skins Status Helper Item Stolen Checker Steam Admins / Steam Middlemen: Okay, so only half true.
There are such things as steam admins, but no, they don't care about trading and they will not get involved.
They do not offer middleman services and they do not "check" items.
Anyone who tries this is trying to scam you.
See my other guide for more info: Middleman Scams.
THINGS THAT ARE REAL:Duped Items: There are, however, DUPED items.
Duped items are items that were copied by scammers in the past.
Dupes are not illegal or glitched.
They are the exact same as the non-duped variety, but they are slightly less valuable.
Scammers may say they need to check to see if your item is duped.
You can check this while the item is STILL IN YOUR INVENTORY.
You never need to trade your item to CHECK ANYTHING.
For more information, check out McSkillet's video about dupes.
You can search for your items on this database[csgo.
exchange] .


As we previously discussed, item verification is a scam.
Browser extensions that check your items or give you a better deal are a scam.
Fake OP Skins bots are a huge problem.
Below are a few screenshotted conversations to help you recognize scammers and how they operate.
The item owner, aka the innocent person, has their name blurred out.
Scammers names are public for you to see.
Click the images to enlarge.
The OP SKINS browser extension scam: The Fake OP SKINS Bot / OP Skins "Item Checkers":This one was pretty funny.
I have just decided to go along with it and waste as much time as possible.
I will send fake screenshots, pretend to be young, dumb, whatever it takes for them to believe I took the bait.
And here is the trade offer.
I never listed my knives to OP skins, I just lied about it.
This bot is 100% fake.
Another example: Another example: This one was pretty fun.
This one is very common.
They ask for the items to be "checked" on OP Skins.
When you list the items, you get an add request from a fake OP Skins bot.
This one didn't get so far, as I was leading him along.
He was already banned on Steamrep for this practice.
The "Steam Admin" item check: See more about this very common scam on my Middleman Scam guide, linked at the bottom.
Thanks to RULER for permission to post this hilarious exchange.
Please note the (2) next to Business Sloth's name.
When you see this, it means that there is someone else on your friends list with the exact same name.
Some scammers will try to imitate your friends.
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Will I get my stolen items back?No.
According to Steam's Item Restoration Policy: "Steam Support does not restore items that have left accounts for any reason, including trades, market transactions, deletions, or gifting.
" Full policy here.
What can I do?If someone attempts to scam you, screenshot all if it immediately and submit a report on SteamRep[steamrep.
com] Remember to report them on their steam profiles, too.
That is the only way these scammers will get trade banned.
I am also a fan of adding everyone who is online on their friends list and warning them immediately.
To report a player: (From Steam, full guide here) Navigate to the user's Steam Community profile Click on the large "More" button in the upper-right corner of the page Select "Report Violation" Select a category of abuse and enter a brief description of the abuse Oh yeah, one last thing, some guy added me and said he is an admin of a gambling website and he will rig it so I win.
Is this legit?NO.
THAT'S ALL FOLKS!Remember, if an offer seems too good to be true, it is.
Feel free to comment with any questions.
Don't click weird links and eat your vegetables.