Nova Shotgun

Published 10.10.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 35

The Nova

"The Nova's rock-bottom price tag makes it a great ambush weapon for a cash-strapped team.
" ╔►The Nova can be bought on both the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist team and costs $1200.
╠►Shoots 9 bullets in 1 shot (26 damage EACH = 26x9) ╠►$900 per kill ╚►Lowest armor penetration of all shotguns.

How To Use

╔►Dont rush and take your time ╠ *If you do rush and you shoot an enemy, either miss or hit - just wait him out untill he peaks ╠ *If you do want to peak, use A&D to pop in and out of cover - dont just run out ╠ *Be silent, "SHIFT" other people can hear your footsteps and know when you are near! ╠►Aim for the head! ONLY shoot if your aim is on the head - you need that first headshot! ╠ *Body shots will do damage but you want to practice that aim - dont just shoot yolo ╠►Waiting/Camping/Saving/Baiting ╠ *Placement is key, 1 vs 5 can be an easy clutch if you know where to go and where to aim ╠ *Be mindfull of lag and movement speed - let enimies run into your crosshair - best to practice this ╠►Listen ╠ *You want to be able to hear footsteps and noises, this is an ambush weapon! ╠ *If you have loud, speaking differant language, toxic players in your team - mute them instantly ╠ *Take your time - dont just run around like chicken! ╠►Dont try and shoot through boxs/doors ╠ *Nova cannot wallbang.
At all.
╠ *Giving your position away - you need to be "sneaky beaky like" ╠ *Enimy know they can rush you because you only have a nova ╠►The Nova is good at medium/short range.
╠ *Close range is awesome just take your time with your shots - AIM ╠ *Medium range is great accuracy - aim for the bottom of the head! ╠ *Long range not reccomended but can still kill - The Luck Skill :) ╠►Run and gun ╠ *Almost perfect accuracy when running left (A) or right (D) ╠ *Poor accuracy running forward (W) or backward (S) ╚ *Avoid jumpshots - if you do aim for their balls :) AIM FOR THE HEAD! Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


The best rank ive managed to get is MG2 just using just the nova shotgun.
All the kills you see on my nova are from MM.
I only play Dust 2, I like it but haters gona hate.
If you want a few tips ingame, feel free to add me and ill show you my playstyle - but i am not pr0 :) If i have helped you any donations will be awesome, feel free to send a Trade Offer Cinque Terre