MrLuigi's Easy Doppler Knife Guide.

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The Guide.

As you can see on the picture above there are a total of 7 official color patterns.
I'll be just using the flip knife since the blade itself is less big then the other knives so it's more clear to see the different patterns.
The pictures above is what the thumbnails should look like in the steam inventory.
It might still be hard to recognize the different patterns so I'll give a quick description of them all.
Note: I won't give any pricechecks within the guide itself.
Leave a comment if you want me to check your knife.
Phase 1: Red/black with black as the predominant color.
Phase 2: Also red/black but with red as the predominant color.
Phase 3: Blue/black/green with black as the predominant color.
Phase 4: Blue/black with blue as the predominant color.
Ruby: Completely red-colored.
Sapphire: Completely Blue-colored.
Black Pearl: Mostly black with a white/purple tint.
Now, as you can see I've added yellow arrows in the middle of the picture, pointing at different Phases.
In these arrows I wrote the names of special patterns which aren't official listed by a specific thumbnail.
The names I used are the ones the community tends to use for them.
I'll also describe them briefly so you're able to recognize them.
Phase 1 & 4: They can both look like Black Pearls, but there's always something off about it.
For example; Only 1 side = Black Pearl look-alike.
Or there's a little red or blue that's normally NOT on a Black Pearl.
Nonetheless, "Fake Black Pearls" are worth more than regular Phase 1 & 4's.
Phase 2: When a Phase 2 has NO black on atleast 1 of its sides (preferably the playside) and it has a brighter red-pinkish glow, then the community names it a "Doppler Pink Galaxy".
This special pattern worth considerably more then a normal Phase 2.
Phase 3: These can be very rare if one of the sides is completely green.
I've yet to see a perfect one tho.
These are called "Fake Emeralds".
They aren't very good looking in my opinion but that doesn't mean they aren't valuable! They are the rarest of these non-official pattern afterall.
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Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading & I hope you've learned some more about these unique skins! Note: I'm not native English, so if you find any BIG mistakes, feel free to comment it.
;) .