MatchMaking Server Picker with Commands

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This Guide will explain how you can select a specific Server Region for MatchMaking, Wingman, Dangerzone and basically every official Valve Server.
I found these Commands through my large experience with Counter Strike Mapping, Modding and General Knowledge.

Can i get Banned for this?

This is NOT bannable and will not result in a VAC Ban It is done by only using commands which DON'T require sv_cheats 1 and are therefore available for everyone to use however they like.


Open your console and type mm_dedicated_search_maxping 350 This Command will allow you to search for MatchMaking Servers where you would have a ping of up to 350ms.
The next Command will allow us to select our own game server net_client_steamdatagram_enable_override 1 If you want to go back to automatic server selection just type net_client_steamdatagram_enable_override 0 Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Selecting the Server

Next up we will select the Server Region we want to play in sdr SDRClient_ForceRelayCluster <server> Instead of <server> you will type in your preferred server region This is a map of all server regions around the world Server Code Location Notes atl Atlanta ams Amsterdam bom Mumbai canm Guangzhou not working outside of china cant Guangzhou not working outside of china canu Guangzhou not working outside of china dxb Dubai eat Seattle Router Cluster not Working properly fra Frankfurt gru Sao Paulo hkg Hong Kong iad Washington jnb Johannesburg lax Los Angeles lhr London lim Lima lux Luxemburg maa Chennai mad Madrid man Manila okc Oklahoma City ord Chicago scl Santiago sea Seattle sgp Singapore sham Shanghai not working outside of china ♥♥♥♥ Shanghai not working outside of china shau Shanghai not working outside of china sto Stockholm sto2 Stockholm syd Sydney tsnm Tianjin not working outside of china tsnt Tianjin not working outside of china tsnu Tianjin not working outside of china tuk Seattle tyo Tokyo vie Vienna waw Warsaw pwg Guangzhou Perfect World pwj Tianjin Perfect World pwt Shanghai Perfect World pwu Hebei Perfect World pww Wuhan Perfect World pwz Jiaxing Perfect World After you know which server you want type it's server code behind the Command.
sdr SDRClient_ForceRelayCluster lux Let's take Luxemburg with the server code "lux" as an example.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Starting a Match

When you start searching for a match you should open your console to check if everything works properly.
You should see this while searching for a game.
If everything worked correctly this should show up in the console as soon as you find a match.
You can see that the client (you) is requesting a session from lux#9.
This means everything worked and we are connecting to a game server in Luxemburg.
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