MLG Tips: What the enemy can hear and not hear

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Sounds are an important game mechanic in CS:GO, as hearing various sounds in game such as footsteps, weapon pickups and even switching fire modes, can give away your or the enemy's position.
So having headphones on and most importantly having sound on in-game will give you an advantage on knowing where the enemy is and what they are currently doing.
Although you can use sounds to trick the enemy (For example fake defusing or planting).
However in CS:GO doesn't really tell you which sounds the enemy can hear and what sounds ONLY you can hear.
So hopefully this guide can cover pretty much all of the sounds in-game.

Sounds that the enemy can hear

Running on any surface including water Running up a ladder Picking up items while running; such as weapons, bombs, nades, defuse kits.
(Not walking) Reloading your weapon (Although quick switching does help in reducing sounds from being played out and it also makes you look cool and stylish, just like me) It turns out that reloading your gun and quick switching DOES not stop the reloading sound, it will still play out.
However you can use this to fake reload in order to make the enemy rush you, thinking that you have ran out of ammo.
Kinda thanks to the new update that makes a horrible clicking noise (Even on silenced weapons) everytime you shoot when you are low on bullets.
Thanks volvo.
Shooting your weapon Decoy Grenades Scoping/Zooming in a rifle (Such as the AWP, AUG/SG 553, SSG 08, SCAR-20/G3SG1) Switching fire modes on the Glock or the Famas Planting the bomb (Although the initiation sound is played out loud, only you can hear the sounds of typing in the bomb code) Defusing the bomb (Regardless if you have kit or not) Single jumping while standing Still Jumping multiple times while standing still (Only the first jump is played out, other jumps onwards are not) Jumping multiple times while moving Jumping onto a higher plane while running Dropping down from a higher plane Fall damage Taking hostages (Regardless if you have kit or not) Dropping your weapon Swapping your weapon for another weapon that is on the ground

Sounds the enemy cannot hear

Picking up items while walking (Such as weapons, nades, defuse kits, etc.
) Switching weapons (Includes any knife) Pulling nade Pin Throwing nades (They can hear molotov/incendiary grenade being thrown) Walking or crouching on any surface including water Walking or crouching onto a ladder Jumping onto a higher plane while walking or walking in mid-air Inspecting your weapon

Credits and Conclusion

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