Learn to Record a Demo!

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Recording yourself while playing can be very useful! The reasons for recording can be very different: Analyze your own playstyle Capture highlights and saving them for later Gather evidence if someone is suspected to cheat Save clips and upload a frag-movie to YouTube This guide will teach you how recording in CS:GO works and everything you need to know about it!

Setting up the Folder and the Game

The default place where CS:GO saves demos is the csgo folder but since we want to find our demos easily and avoid a messy folder, we're going to create a folder called demos.
C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\demos Now that we have a dedicated folder for our demos, we need to check our in-game settings! First, you need to make sure you have the developer console enabled.
The default key to bring up the console is the Tilde (~) but you can bind it to any key you like.
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Recording your first Demo!

Great, everything is ready to start recording.
Let's hop into a game! To start recording, simply bring up the console, type record demos/YourDemoName and press return.
Now you can close the console and play.
To stop recording, either finish the match and it will stop automatically or bring the console up again, type stop and press return.
This will stop the recording process and show you some information about the demo you just recorded in the console.
Remember to choose a different name for each demo when you start recording! All your demos will be stored in the demos folder we set up earlier.
Demos have a relatively small filesize but make sure to check the folder or your harddrive from time to time to ensure you have enough disk space left for recording.
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Viewing your Demos and becoming famous!

So, you filmed your first demo with the great frags you got that one round.
But what now? If you want to replay your demos, you need to press Shift+F2 while you are in the main menu of CS:GO.
This will bring up the Demo Playback Interface which you can use to watch your demos.
Play a bit with the controls and see what you can figure out.
Especially the slower/faster replay comes in very handy! As you might have noticed, your demo files end in .
This means you can send demo files to friends and they will be able to watch them after putting the file in their csgo/demos folder but obviously, those are not conventional video files! To upload them to a site like YouTube, you will have to use a program like Fraps[www.
com] to record the screen while you play back the demo.
This seems like it's not the most comfortable solution but it's definitely prefered, since recording your game with Fraps live while playing will reduce your FPS (frames per second) and might even cause some lag! Feel free to leave feedback or rate the guide if you think it was helpful.
I also wrote a guide about various tips to help you play better which can be found here: here Cinque Terre