Learn how to carry a CSGO competitive game.

Published 16.09.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 101

What does it mean to carry a game?

Often people tend to think that the top frag carried, but won't be the case every time.
In fact I like to think that individual carrying a game is rather rare event.
It's 1 team agains the other almost every single game.
My best example is a game where I was bottom fragging for the team, but still carried the game.
How can I make such a judgement when the statistics are clearly against me? Well, we were winning the game quite hard.
What made that essentially possible? The enemies didn't get too many buy rounds.
So the enemy wasn't properly equipped throughout most of the game.
The thing is, that my team was playing very aggressive t-side, all t-side.
I was worrying about map control.
So in those many enemy eco rounds I wouldn't get to see too much action at all, but when it was the time for the enemy to buy-up, my team would collapse and leave me to clutch the round.
I wasn't able to clutch all of those rounds, just the key ones.
And those rounds, I made the personal judgement of carrying the game.
Let me elaborate: Everyone knows, that when you have a long lose streak 4+ rounds lost in a row, you will be receiving the maximal losing bonus.
If that goes on, the team losing can buy pistol kevlar every other round and full buy every other round.
That is a lot of equipment despite losing all rounds.
If they win a round in between, it resets the losing streak bonus back to that 1400.
So everytime my enemies were able to buy, they were able to counter our offense, and I wasn't able to or even cared to clutch the round, cause by winning the round the streak would be lost, and our team was packing money anyway.
So the next round after that reset, is a key round.
By winning a key round, you will set your team to win the next 2 for free usually.
And then you get to play one round against not so good buy and 1 more free round if you win that too.
By clutching the correct rounds you can control the enemy teams economy.
While you control the enemy teams economy, its very easy to see what is coming.
By winning a key round, you set your team to have a very high possibility to win 4 more rounds after.
Key rounds are not always at same times, it always depends how the game goes and you have to understand to recognize those key rounds.
The round which is after the enemy has won 1.
This is the essential of carrying a solo-queue game.
Setting your team to win easy rounds by clutching the key rounds.
The game can be so easy, that you dont have to do this, or no one has to.
And if you lose a game despite grand effort, it means you weren't good enough to carry that game.
And even if you clutch all key rounds given, you still might lose the game, such is the poker deck of team mates and enemies chosen by the matchmaking algorithm.

So what are the essentials?

There are 2 essential things you need to pull this kind of manipulation to the entire game: Full understanding of the CSGO economy.
Being able to clutch or win a key round.
You have to be able to predict enemy actions, by knowing how much money they have.
And you have to be able to take into calculations the rounds lost in a row + if they got an objective like planting the bomb.

How are you able to practice winning a key round?

First I'm going to tell what does not work: Deathmatch practice.
Especially FFA deathmatch practice.
Why do I say this when almost everyone is telling you to play FFA deathmatc? The thing is, that FFA deathmatch has nothing to do with majority of the ways you set up for a kill in an actual game.
FFA deathmatch will spawn enemies into locations that are impossible in the general matchmaking.
How it is actually harmful for your competitive play: 1.
You over burden your senses resulting into fast declining focus for the rest of the time you play.
You do a lot of mouse movement that is never reproduced outside FFA deathmatch.
You stop caring about corners and run around aimlessly trying to find kills.
I'll elaborate on them a little: 1.
You are used to certain amount of sensory focus and times to relax in between.
FFA deathmatch spawns enemies with incredible fast rate and you will have to respond to each one.
It's very exhaustive since you do not have any of that relaxing time.
Once you are done with the intense practice session, it's very hard to bring that to the next game or multiple games even.
Enemies spawn everywhere around you.
Even locations that you have a map control over.
You never have to look into such place in a real match.
Cause there won't be anyone there.
So what this introduces to you is over burdening your limbs and joints you play with, but it will also mess up with your muscle memory.
You almost never have to do 180 flicks in real game.
You never practice crosshair placement, preaiming corners, properly stopping to check area cause you are running after the kills.
Okay I grant you, some people actualy do this, but it is incredible frustrating to not care when someone spawns behind you and sprays you down.
You start dying 4 times more than you would if you played the mode.

To actual business.

What you need to win a key round? You need to be able to hold a site or retake a site as a CT.
You need to be able to breach a site or defend the bomb as a T.
You need to be able to win 1-5 enemies in a firefight.
So I grant you need some aim practice and there is 1 that I favor cause of fast spawn rate: aim deathmatch.
You can play general aim deathmatch with rifles, or pistol or awp deathmatch.
What all of these have in common is that you can focus to the aiming completely.
You have enemies in 1 direciton so you dont have to go through the constant 180 degree flicking which is unnescessary in the first place.
You have a cover that helps you to practice pre aiming and crosshair placement and even peeking properly.
That + the aiming practice is incredibly efficient tool that has no weaknesses.
And most importantly, the only mode, that is able to teach you how to clutch a round is the retake mod.
You learn to retake site as a ct and you learn to defend a site as a t.
Why is it so important? Well, you have to see it this way.
While T's try to take a site, they have to fight against 1 or 2 enemies as a 5 man unit.
When CT's have to retake a site it can be 5 vs 5, it can be 3 vs 5 or even 1 vs 5.
You have 5 enemies in a single area.
The pace with which you encounter enemies and the angles you are exposed to allow you to get traded increase a lot, which means you have to be able to understand your positioning, the amout of enemies, your possibilities and number of other things you can start realizing when you play retake.
I give you 1 conrectic example you can use when you are in a 1 vs 2 situation on either side.
It's called dividing the enemy.
As a T, imagine you have the bomb and you are in a 1 vs 2 situation.
Your team died trying to take the a-site and both enemies are still on that site.
So to divide your enemies you merely have to remove yourself from the situation.
Enemies with any game sense will realize their other site is open and they will have to split up to increase their response time and take it away from you.
Many maps like mirage offer you 3 main routes, route to a, route to b and route at the middle.
Your best bet is always to choose the middle route, since you can take your time to decide where to go.
As a CT, imagine you are in a 1 vs 2 situation, the enemy has planted the bomb, they are on de_cache site b.
One is in the checkers, one is on the site.
So you come from ct, and some the trench off to create a vision barrier which allows your to go to that site without the checker guy seeing.
That way you can take each of the fights in 1 vs 1 situation.
Divide the enemy, decrease the trading angles, learn to position in such way you can take 1 vs 1's and always relocate yourself after 1 vs 1 to make it harder for the rest of the enemies.
Just for general information, I never warmup and practice only maybe once every 2 weeks any sort of aiming practice.
It doesn't mean you won't have to.
Everyone is an individual that have different working solutions, but at least use the correct ones, aim deathmatch and retake.
There is just one more important thing however.
You can win games just by positioning yourself offensively hearing wise.
Stay out of sight and listen.
If you are able to map out where the enemy is, and how many enemies, you are able to make assesments of what they are going to do.
If you are able to tell your team that the 2 last enemies are coming from de_mirage ct and jungle you remove all the other angles possible as unnescessary to hold and worry about.
You remove the enemies benefit of walking.
They don't know that though, they will walk and waste time cause its important.
But you know, cause you are in offensive position to map out their movements.
1 such example position is de_cahce mid as a CT.
You are able to hear any movements aside of T-spawn.
You can position yourself above the garage door and you are able to hold your fire if T's push mid.
The longer you actually wait and are able to give information the more effective you are.
Trigger discipline.
If you sit there and all 5 enemies walked to mid, you can ask your teammate to rotate.
You can go as far as simply tell your teammates to spam flashes to mid and you can start snapping easy kills.
Information and staying alive can be more important than getting 2 kills.
The further you stay alive, the further the options spread or narrowdown respectively depending which is the games offense/defense status and the more information you are able to provide.
Make it accurate.
Make it count.