Item Drop System - Reference Book {OUTDATED}

Published 18.02.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 664

In-Game Drop System

You can gain Weapon Cases and Weapon Skins as random drops while playing the game.
Drops will be given to random qualified players at the end of the match and can be received both on Official and Community servers.
You can receive 3 weapon cases and 2 weapon skins as a drop each week (maximum, you could get less), timer is reset every Wednesday at 6pm CST.
Link to Official FAQ Link to Weekly Item-Cap Reset Countdown[josh3d.
com] Link to Weekly Item-Cap Reset Countdown (Alternative)[csgo.
eu] You must finish a whole match in order to receive a random drop, they will not be issued if you disconnect mid-game but you can join a match near the end and still receive a drop.
Alternatively, you can join fast-drop idling-servers and AFK until you've gained your maximum amount of drops.
It's not possible to get skin drops while playing on a Local Server (with or without bots), you will also gain no drop for spectating a match.
You can't get higher quality items (such as StatTrak or Knife) as a random drop.
You can get more than one drop at the same time but it's extremely unlikely.
During special events (DreamHack, etc.
), it is possible to receive Souvenier Packages as random drops by watching a sponsored Pro Match.
Contents of packages are based on the map and require no key to open.
Opening them gives you a weapon with Souvenier Quality (Yellow).
Chances of receiving one of them is extremely low due to massive amount of viewers.

Weapon Case Item System

Every time you open a Weapon Case, you will receive a random item from its list with a random exterior.
There's also a chance that you receive a StatTrak variant of said item.
Opening cases (and trading/buying from market) is the only way of acquiring a StatTrak weapon or a knife.
Field-Tested Exterior has the highest probability for being dropped Item quality (sorted from lowest to highest): Low Tier Base Grade Consumer grade Industrial grade Mil-spec Mid Tier Classified Restricted High Tier Contraband Covert Stickers High Grade Remarkable Exotic Exterior Quality (sorted from lowest to highest): Battle-Scarred Well-Worn Field-Tested Minimal Wear Factory New Knives have a very low chance of being unboxed (estimated around <1%)


CSGO has employed a new drop system, therefore this guide has become obsolete (outdated).