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Published 11.04.2019 в 00:00 | Guide rating: 45

What is the Trustfactor?

The Trustfactor describes a value in Counter Strike Global Offensive that impacts your matchmaking experience.
You are able to improve or make it worse by behaving well/bad ingame.
Take into account that its not just Csgo itself that influences your Trustfactor but also your activity on Steam and in other Valve games.
There are no exact information given by Valve what has an impact on it.
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How does it Work?

The Trustfactor is evaluated if you start a ranked match, like Competitive(5vs5) or Wingman(2vs2).
If your Trustfactor is better than the one of your teammates you will see their Trustfactor in the teamchat.
Its counted on the base of yours.
If the Trustfactor isn´t shown their are two possible reasons.
First: there is no big difference between yours and theirs and it won´t affect your matchmaking experience.
Second one: Your Trustfactor is worse than theirs and it will affect the matchmaking.
If it´s yellow its lower than yours and it will slightly affect you matchmaking experience.
If its red its substantially lower than yours and will significantly affect the experience.
If you queue alone the enemy team and your teammates will have a similar Trustfactor to yours.
People with a green Trustfactor will mainly get matched with experienced, legit and friendly players.
This really improves the matchmaking because you have the chance to tryhard for ranks and are able to reach them if you play enough.
That also means if your Trusfactor is low, you mainly get matched with and against cheaters awell as trolls and boosted beginners because they got such a bad Trustfactor too.
This is annoying for every legit player, who are trying to improve there Rank in CS:GO but get completely destroyed by all the cheaters.
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Change the Trustfactor

If your Trustfactor is acceptional you dont have to worry about worsening it unless you are going to insult others in the Chat or do as much teamdamage as possible before getting kicked.
If you are on the yellow stage, keep playing and be nice.
Don´t provoke getting matchmaking cooldowns.
The hours you grind on steam will slightly increase your trust.
Aswell as on the green stage you shouldn´t behave like a jackass.
Try to avoid getting reported especially by Teammates.
If you are on the red stage you should differentiate it into two parts.
The less worse, is the red part where you are still able to see other Trustfactors.
The worst is the lower part of red.
You can´t see other Trustfactors.
If you are able too see other Trustfactors you should do as said, aswell as trying to boost your steamlevels and playtime in hours.
Buy more games on Steam and play them.
Join groups and start getting more active in Steam.
I got bad news for you if you are on the lower red stage.
I never heard by friends of mine and never witnessed it by myself that someone reached a better trustfactor after beeing there.
I myself got the worst you could ever have.
I tried many things like leveling up on steam, exchange recommendations with other players Ingame, buying skins and keeping my profile as legit and friendly as possible etc.
One of the last things I am able to try is writing this guide.
You could also try buying games developed by Valve and start farming hours in them.
[Edit] Further possibilities to improve your Trustfactor: do Overwatch cases dont report too many other players for no reason upload artworks and screenshots join some discussions and groups use the steammarket trade with other people(literally anything that makes you an active member of the Steam/Csgo community) You can text me if I forgott something to mention.
Keep me informed if there is a possible way about getting out of the lowest part of the Trustfactor.
Help each other in the comment section.
Good luck improving it :) Try playing on Faceit/ESEA/Esportal/ESL or other platforms that got Anticheat.
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