Inaccuracy in CSGO is just so bad

Published 26.10.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 62

Accuracy of weapons

List of weapons from best accuracy to worst.
Almost 100% accurate AWP scoped Autosnipers AUG scoped SG 553 scoped R8 slow fire High accuracy (misses long range headshots) SSG 08 scoped SG 553 FAMAS burst AUG M4A4/M4A1 silenced M4A1 unsilenced Medium accuracy (under 50% chance to headshot at dust2 long distance) Desert Eagle USP-S silenced P2000 AK-47 USP-S unsilenced Glock-18 Dual Berettas Galil AR MP9 M249 Low accuracy (headshots at long range are pure luck) FAMAS MP7 Five-Seven/P250 Tec-9 Negev CZ75 MAC-10 UMP-45 P90 PP-Bizon Scrub tier accuracy (only efficient at short distance) Glock-18 burst Autosnipers noscope SSG 08 noscope XM1014 Mag-7 Nova Sawed-Off R8 fast fire AWP noscope

2 videos about inaccuracy

DevinDTV's short but detailed video about inaccuracy.
3kliksphilips video Galil vs AK-47 vs SG 553.
(Watch 1:38)

How to be accurate?

Use scoped weapons only and use the scope (SG 556, AUG, AWP, Autosnipers and SSG 08) 2.
Crouch increases accuracy a lot (especially with MP7/MP9) 3.
Don't move or jump or climb ladder (noob) 4.
FAMAS burst (cheap but pretty accurate first shot) 5.
Use R8 slow fire (Deagle, USP and P2000 pretty accurate pistols)


Weapon inaccuracy is very high in this skill and tactic based game.
That is why it's important to know when you can be accurate and when not.
Good aimers should use only accurate weapons such as AUG/SG553 (aka noob guns) to fully take advantage of their personal skill.
Even in pro level many of the accurate guns are unused because of ignorance which is kinda strange.
Anyway I think there is too much inaccuracy in the game and the weapons should be balanced some other way.
One of the most common guns the AK-47 is so unreliable that no skilled player should use it at long range maps such as dust 2 or cobblestone.
Even though the inaccuracy has been in cs since 1.
6 I think it's time to change this.
I think cs should be more about your aim than calculating your chances to hit.
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CS:GO files (scripts folder) "cl_weapon_debug_show_accuracy" and "cl_weapon_debug_print_accuracy" console commands Spreadsheet made BlackRetina, SlothSquadron and 3kliksphilip https://docs.
com/spreadsheets/d/11tDzUNBq9zIX6_9Rel__fdAUezAQzSnh5AVYzCP060c/edit#gid=0 DevinDTV and 3kliksphilips videos linked eralier