Improving In Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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Basics The Counter Terrorist's main job is to defend the plant site.
The Terrorists main job is to gain access to the plant site and plant the bomb.
To win a match as a Terrorist you and your fellow teammates have to gain access to one of the two plant sites the Counter Terrorists are defending and plant the bomb.
To win a match as a Counter Terrorist you and your fellow teammates have to defend each of the two plant sites that the Terrorist's are trying to gain access to.
Cinque Terre

How to Improve

Never Solo Que In Matchmaking ( Play or DO NOT complain ) 2.
Do not worry about ranks as they are just a title and do not mean anything.
People hack, boost and create new accounts.
Use social media to find and add people ( ex: forums, Reddit , Twitch , and Community Counter Strike servers ) 4.
Play in a league with a 5 man team (Know your teammates tendencys) 5.
Go over the demo together after every loss (Talk about mistakes, do not be scared to say something to a teammate) 6.
Be an active member in the community ( Social media / Streams ) 7.
Practice ( Community Deathmatches, Nade training, Game sens, etc.
) 8.
Always expect the unexpected 8.
Do not worry about losing 9.
Watch others.
( Twitch, Youtube, etc.
) 10.
Do NOT DM for longer than needed.
It does not teach game sense, how to hold sites, etc.
Apply what you have learned Cinque Terre

Ranking Does Not Matter

This is a big thing that both new people and Counter Strike veterans need to understand.
Ranks do not matter! This includes the ranking or 128 Tick Clients for example ESEA's RWS.
This also includes Valves Official Matchmaking Ranks! Why Ranks Do Not Matter There are a majority of reasons why ranks do not matter.
Here are a few: Boosting: New Players will have a friend may pay someone to use their account and get them to a higher rank.
Smurfs: This is a common thing people do.
Smurfing is to create a seperate account to rebuy Counter Strike: Global Offensive and queue for Matchmaking with lower ranked players.
Valve has been trying to work on this by making them reach Profile rank 3 before being able to queue for Matchmaking.
Trolls: People join games to troll and joke around.
This may affect your team or the oppisite team.
Your best bet is to mute them.
Cheating: This is self explanatory.
Understand You must understand that ranks are just a "Title".
For true competitive gameplay, Create a Team of 5, and go play League play on one of the 128 Tick clients.
Refer to my later section on 128 Tick Gameplay.
Think Of A "Pool Party".
What is a pool party? It's a party that people hang out and have fun in the pool.
FUN!) Casual = Pool Party (For Fun) Matchmaking = Pool Party (For Fun) Pugging = Pool Party (For Fun) Scrimming = Competitive Team Practice (Not For Fun) Leauge = (Competitive Play / Not For Fun) Now when I say "Pool Party / Fun" I'm not saying to go play Matchmaking and become a troll yourself.
Don't teamkill and ruin the game for everyone.
Matchmaking is something where you can go and chill maybe with friends.
League play is your 5 man team vs another 5 man team who is truly competing.
In Matchmaking you have to remember.
Most of the time you will not be playing with 4 other friends who want to play serious.
But if you had 4 other friends who want to play serious, why queue in Matchmaking? DO NOT! It's completely pointless! Your not playing against another 5 person team who is playing serious.
Fun Fact: Most Professional Players Do Not Have A Matchmaking Rank, Simply Because They Do Not Want To Waste Their Time With It Cinque Terre

Launch Options

Go to Steam Library > Right Click CS:GO > Properties > Set Launch Options > Add: -high -tickrate 128 +rate 128000 -novid -nod3d9ex1 -console -freq 144 -refresh 144 // -freq 120 -refresh 120 // -freq 60 -refresh 60 (144Hz // 120Hz // 60Hz) +exec autoexec (To Enable Your Autoexec.
cfg File) _________ The exact ones I use are: +exec autoexec -novid -console -high -threads 4 -tickrate 128 -full -w 1024 -h 968 -nojoy -nod3d9ex1 +mat_queue_mode 2 -refresh 144 -freq 144 (These may not work for your system, these are just mine!)

How To Create An Autoexec

This Is A Tutorial On How To Create An Autoexec File For CS:GO Step 1: Locate The Folder: "<Steam Install Location>\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg" Step 2: Open A Blank Notepad or Notepad++ Document.
In Notepad go to "File" > "Save As" > Autoexec.
cfg > Make Sure Save As Type: "All Files (*.
And Save It to the folder we located to! (csgo\cfg) Step 3: Locate the notepad file in the folder you put it in (csgo\cfg).
Add These In.
cl_forcepreload "1" cl_interp "0" cl_interp_ratio "1" cl_cmdrate "128" cl_updaterate "128" rate "128000" snd_mixahead "0.
05" snd_headphone_pan_exponent "2" mm_dedicated_search_maxping "50" cl_disablehtmlmotd "1" cl_downloadfilter "nosounds" gameinstructor_enable "0" cl_autohelp "0" cl_showhelp "0" cl_disablefreezecam "1" m_rawinput "1" m_mouseaccel1 "0" m_mouseaccel2 "0" cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt "0" cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt "0" cl_bob_lower_amt "0" cl_bobamt_lat "0" cl_bobamt_vert "0" cl_showloadout "1" cl_bobcycle "1" echo Autoexec echo Has echo Been echo Loaded host_write_config Step 4: "File" > "Save" > Close That Document > Go Back To "csgo\cfg" folder > Right Click The "Autoexec.
cfg" File you created > "Properties" > Make Sure you Check "Read Only" > "Apply" > "Ok".
Step 5: Go To Steam Library > "Properties" > "Launch Options" > Add: +exec Autoexec Step 6: Launch Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Open Developer Console "~" > Make Sure You See The Text " Autoexec Has Been Loaded" Inside the Console.
If so you are all set!


Enable the developer console in game settings.
Open the console using the default key "~" Enter These Commands Into The Console: cl_disablehtmlmotd 1 cl_radar_always_centered 0 cl_radar_scale .
4 mat_monitorgamma 1.
6 fps_max "999" fps_max_menu "999"


64 Tick is used on Valve official servers and some community servers.
128 Tick is used on ESEA, CEVO, FaceIt, and some community servers.
Tickrate is basically how fast the server and your pc connect and recieve the information.
The higher the tickrate, the smoother, it will feel.
128 Tick will feel like your shots will be hitting more often compared to 64 Tick.

What is ESEA, CEVO, FaceIt?

ESEA, CEVO, FaceIt is an external client (In no way bannable unless you are using cheats!) that runs Counter Strike with a few extra commands and in 128 Tick.
(See previous section explaning "Tickrate!") ESEA is the most benificial as is the most popular.
CEVO is another popular one.
FaceIt mainly aims towards EU players.
ESEA has a subscription to do everything.
CEVO is free for PUGGING, yet you will have to pay for leauge play.
FaceIt is free for PUGGING, yet you will have to pay for leauge play.


This is some gear that will definitely help.
But will not turn a bad player into an amazing player overnight.
- Headphones.
- Microphone is pretty esential.
It's the 21st Century.
- Mouse with the ability to customize it (DPI / CPI, Polling Rate, Acceleration etc.
) - Mousepad.
- Comfortable Chair - Keyboard - Comfortable and Clean Personal Place To Game (Desk In Room, etc.
) One of the most important things you will want to get is a 144Hz 1ms monitor.
I would highly reccomend the ASUS VG248QE [www.
com] .
Note this is a reccomendation, I am in no way sponsored by ASUS and this reccomendation is purely my opinion! You will hear the terms 144hz, 120hz, 60hz thrown around from time to time.
What this basically means is: The higher hz the look faster and smoother the game will be.


Terrorists: Commonly reffered to as the Terrorist or T's team on Counter Strike.
(Team Color = Orange).
Counter Terrorists (CT's): Commonly reffered to as the Counter Terrorists or CT team on Counter Strike.
(Team Color = Blue).
T / T Spawn = Reffered to the spawn point of the Terrorists.
CT / CT Spawn = Reffered to as the spawn of the Counter Terrorists.
Molly = Molotov (T) / Incendiary Grenade (CT).
Lo3 = Live on three restarts.
Throw / Throwing = To purposly do bad to allow the opposing team to win.
(Somtimes in pro matches a player bets on the other team and throws the match to earn money.
(This is a bannable offense).
Skins = Counter Strike skins opened with cases and keys, traded, or purchased.
Bhop / Bunny Hop = The act of gaining speed by "Hopping Like A Bunny" in sync.
Gooshed / Dinked = Shooting someone in the head but not killing them (You should hear "DINK").
Eco Round = 'Saving Round' where players buy pistols, grenades, or nothing in an attempt to save.
Anti-Eco = Know enemy team is going eco, so you buy weapons specialized for making money (smgs, shotguns).
Totem = To stand on another player and defend an area.
Counter Flash = Throw flash after enemy flash.
Lit = Damaged.
(Not Killed).
Wall Banging = Shooting a player through a surface that allows bullets to penetrate.
Walling = Hacking and being able to see through walls.
Nade Stacking = When players throw a sequence of grenades in a particular direction.
Stacking = When more players than usual defend or rush a particular bomb site.
ESEA / CEVO / FaceIt = Counter-Strike e-sports.
place for competitive match-making other than the in-game option available on CS:GO.
Strat = Strategy.
Usually called by a team leader in mid-to-high-level play.
Deco = Eco round with deagles.
Save / Save round = Another name for an eco round.
Little to nothing is bought for the purpose of saving money to buy guns in the next round, if possible.
Boost = jumping on a teammates back to get to places where couldn't on your own.
Strat Caller = the guy who calls the strats.
Smurf = Someone playing on an alternate Steam account to play with players of different ranks.
"Need Drop" = Common to say when you cant afford a decent gun, and your teammates have more cash than you.
Ninja Defuse = Defuse the C4 like a ninja.
(Defuse Secretly).
Demo = the replay file of a match.
Mr15 = max rounds 15 (most common competitive game mode).
Lo2 = Lotto (being lucky).
L2P = Learn to play.
PCW = Personal clan war.
GG = Good Game.
"RWS" / Round wins shared = the current "skill" stat used by ESEA.
Frag = More common term reffering to a kill.
(Not to be confused by a "Frag Grenade").
"Bottom Frag / Top Frag" = Lowest amount of kills / highest amount of kills.
Live = match has started and is on-going.
TK = Team Kill / Team Killer.
FF = Friendly Fire.
PUG = Pick Up Game.
GH = Good Half.
WP = Well Played.
GLHF = Good luck, Have Fun.
Buy Out = To buy as many things as possible because It's the last round of the half or game.
Usually used as a command, e.
"Last round of the half, guys.
Buy out!" Drop a "X" Bomb = To get at least a certain number of kills in a single game.
X is usually 30, but sometimes 20.
Some people say X for every 10 kills, others for every kill.
"He dropped a 3 bomb last game" or "He dropped a 30 bomb last game" could both describe someone getting 30+ kills.
KD = Kill to Death ratio.
5 KD or 2.
0 KD.
Pick, Get a Pick = Used to describe a kill when both the T and CT are staying in fairly static defensive positions and taking pot shots at each other.
Rotate = For a player to leave the area he's defending or attacking and go to another area.
Prefire = shooting where you expect someone to be before actually seeing them (you heard them/etc.
), sometimes through the wall.
NS = Nice Shot.
Tilt / On Tilt = Is a term used to describe a negative emotional state that clouds a person's judgement and leads them to continue to make mistakes, often growing in magnitude as the player's frustration mounts.

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Use This If AdBlockPlus Isn't Available On Your Browser.
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Do Manual Scans!) [/url] https://toolslib.
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YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU'RE OWN ACTIONS! NOT ANYBODY ELSE! If you do decide to bet, Check the legal age where you live! It may be illegal for you to bet!

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