How to speak wiz germans ze right way

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Understanding germans

These are phrases germans often say and what they mean.
1) "Halt deine Schnauze/Fresse" -> he wants you to talk to him more often, it seems you are too quiet.
2) "Mach mal kills du Spast" -> He compliments you for your solid performance as a csgo player and tells you that he is disabled.
3) "ich ficke deine Mutter du H.
rensohn" -> He has romantic interest in your mother.
4) "Junge was ist das?" -> He is surprised at his bad gameplay.
5) "Sprech Deutsch du scheiß Ausländer" -> His dream is that german should be a world language and dislikes you because you can't speak german.
6) "Was schimmelt der Zigeuner da in der Ecke rum?" -> He is again surprised that an enemy would not rush him since in his mind, every game is a copy of Call of Duty.
7) "Warum immer ich?" -> At this point, his mental health is broken and he questions his life choices.

German catchphrases

Now some catchphrases you should know when you play with germans.
When a german player plays bad - Dein Zielwasser ist wohl Adelskrone.
Hitler war nicht mal Deutscher und selbst der hat mehr kills.
When a german player plays good - Der Hase läuft bei dir.
When you need a drop- Leg ma ne Waffe When he won't drop you - Drop jetzt ma ne Waffe verdammte Scheiße.
When you want so save - Ich packs einfach nich.
When you clutched a round - JABA JIBI When you want to rush - Rein in die Olga! When you won the game - Ehre, genommen.
Vorhaut, genommen.
Leben, genommen.
When you won an eco round - Das war n Stöß-chen auf die Mös-chen.
When your teammate needs to clutch Bruder, mach jetzt nicht diesen.
When someone in the other team is good - Der hat doch an man!.
When the germans want to kick you - Das ist doch wohl eine Frechheit! When something went wrong - Bruder muss los


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