How to spawn standing still bots

Published 25.02.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 64

The commands

To do this you have to be hosting the server.
Make sure you have enabled developer console.
Start offline game with no bots.
Join CT/T 4.
Open console and type: sv_cheats 1 5.
Type in console: bot_add t (or CT depends on your team, if you're CT choose T) 6.
Type in console: bot_stop 1 (this will make all the bots standing still) 7.
Type in console: bot_place (this will place the bot right in front of you, you can also bind this like so: bind "key" "bot_place") Note: if you want to get on top of the bot use noclip (just type in console noclip and you can fly)

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